Exclusive Private Pre-Sale Offering Utility XAI Tokens (Stage 1).

Note: US – and Chinese citizens are excluded from this Stage 1 Private Pre-Sale Offering.



By entering this Offering you acknowledge that you’ve read and understood our Whitepaper and accept our Disclaimers, Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

Reserve here your XAI tokens with the best discount.

  1. Invest in our platform. Best Discount at our Private Pre-Sale for the Early Bird Investors.
  2. Invest in our platform. During this Exclusive Private Pre-Sale we offer Early Bird Investors the opportunity to buy XAI Utility Tokens (Stage 1 Offering) with the best discounts.
  3. Owners of these tokens may trade these tokens for our S-XAI Security Tokens or trade it on exchanges at the end of the ICO.
  4. Early Bird Investors will be granted first access to our S-XAI Security Tokens Offering (Stage 2, expected Q2/Q3 2019) with the best discounts.
  5. Owners of the S-XAI tokens will be granted fractional ownership of the company.
  6. Go to https://bounty.aixeus.ai. Login or Register First. Follow the instructions.
  7. Note 1: US Citizens are excluded from this offering.
  8. Note 2: We use the Stellar platform. In order to receive our tokens you need to create a Stellar account first. For instructions see below.


Create Stellar Account:
Go to https://www.stellar.org/laboratory/#account-creator?network=public

Hit the button “Generate Keypair”. It will create your Public and Secret Keys. Copy and save these keys in a safe place. You only need the Public Key for our Airdrop Tool when asked.

Your bought XAI tokens will be transferred to your new Stellar account and “frozen” till the end of the ICO. After the end of the ICO your tokens will be released and you have the choice to trade it on exchanges or trade it for the new S-XAI Security Tokens during our STO.

Supported Tokens

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