How do I get access to the Private Pre-Sale and ICO-Crowdsale?

You can access the Private Pre- and ICO-Crowdsale at https://aixeus.ai which will go live when the Airdop-, Bounty- and ICO Private Pre-sale opens at December 28,2018 at 6 am UTC. It will offer step-by-step instructions.

When will the XAI Token Private Pre-Sale take place?

The AIXEUS’s token Private Pre-sale will take place at December 28, 2018 at 6 am UTC.

What are the soft- and hard caps for the XAI Tokens?

The Soft Cap for the AIXEUS Token Sale is $ 10 Million USD. For the distribution of tokens we use the Dynamic Batch Distribution. During the Private Pre-Sale, Pre-Sale and ICO we sell batches with a certain value. The minimum deposit is $500 and the max is $ 2,500,000 worth of tokens, per participant, per batch at a certain token value. With Dynamic Batch Distribution we can maximize the quality of the ecosystem and the value and quantity of the tokens. The cap of $ 2,500,000 discourages “whales” from consuming the entire XAI allocation at a low price. The value of the AIXEUS (XAI) tokens will increase in value proportionally to the number of active users on the platform and by the revenues generated by our business model. Once we’ve reached the “critical mass” the ICO ends and the tokens will be brought to the markets. The “critical mass” is the point where all of a sudden the magic of chain reaction kicks in; virality. With this in mind the Hard Cap can be reached when approx. 40-50% (or less) of the max. allocated XAI tokens have been sold. The maximum supply of XAI tokens is set at 8,888,888,888 XAI-tokens.

The AIXEUS project is a long-term project for serious investors. We are going to operate and disrupt in multi-trillion dollar markets by building sophisticated high-tech products – based on Artificial Intelligence and the latest Blockchain technologies – that will serve many high-tech and financial industries and disruptive future projects. A project that will generate many other (sub-) projects and new business- and career opportunities in the future. Our aim is to be accessible to everyone thereby creating a robust and vital AIXEUS network. We’re also planning to back the tokens by commodities to create more value and to compensate for market fluctuations.

What is the minimum contribution?

The minimum contribution is $ 500 USD or its equivalent in ETH or BTC.

Why do you have a maximum contribution of $ 2,500,000?

To accelerate the mass adaption of our platform and tokens we believe that we have to focus on community building and quality. We want to grow the community by creating awesome products and services of real value for every user on this planet and by distributing the tokens into the community who support the growth of our platform. With Dynamic Batch Distribution we can maximize the quality of the community and the value and quantity of the tokens by selling batches with a certain value. The cap of $ 2,500,000 also discourages “whales” from consuming the entire XAI allocation at a low price and leaving the rest for the small investors.

Why do participants have to Whitelist?

Securities regulators and FinCen (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) have outlined that participants have to register first in our whitelist before the token sales takes place; therefore we will institute the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) requirements. Only successful whitelist participants can participate in the token sale.

Who can participate in the Token Sale?

The Token Sale is limited to international participants / non-US Citizens only.

What is the rate of exchange between XAI and USD used to calculate the total dollars contributed?

We use the exchange rate from CoinMarketCap, and the value is refreshed every 15 seconds.

Do you offer bonus periods?

Yes. During the private pre-sale we offer 40% bonus on the purchase. For the pre-sale we offer 30% bonus. And during the crowdsale 20% bonus for the first 2 weeks, which will decrease progressively to 0% in the upcoming weeks.

When will the XAI Token be listed on an exchange?

AIXEUS is founded by an independent out-of-the-box thinker and entrepreneur, supported by a team of experienced professionals who share the vision of the founder. We are going to build our own exchange that will serve many cryptocurrencies, with very competing fees. There is no exact timeline for XAI to become listed. The listing on the exchange will likely start when the development of the AIXEUS platform has been completed and when approx. 40-50% (or less) of the max. allocated XAI tokens have been sold. This could take even longer due to unforeseen events during the software development. To avoid market manipulation and the so-called “pumping-and-dumping” strategies, we will distribute the tokens to the public after the software development has been completed. Depending on the size of the network, the global market-, industry-, and financial indicators, we strive to list at our exchange after 18 months from the start of the ICO crowdsale.

When do you start with the Security Token Offering of S-XAI Security Tokens?

After the end of the ICO Crowdsale token users have the right to trade our XAI tokens on crypto-exchanges or convert it to S-XAI Equity Tokens which will be sold during a separate Security Token Offering. The Security Token Offering will take place at Q4-2019 / Q1-2020 and is no part of this ICO Crowdsale (!).

‘Bad actors’ may lose their XAI tokens.

Holders of XAI-tokens who are deemed to be ‘bad actors’ under Swiss Law or the framework of AIXEUS may lose some or all of their XAI-tokens.

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Date: June 16, 2018.

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