Scientists Crack Longest, Most Complex Encryption Key Ever

Scientists in France have cracked the most complex cryptography algorithm attempted to date. The algorithm they solved is still much, much weaker than the practical cryptography used in real security, but to solve even this smaller algorithm is a big accomplishment in computing. The scientists used a bunch of computers working simultaneously around the world

HEX Project: Why it’s a Good Idea to Stay Away By Cryptovest

The HEX project, previously known as Bitcoin HEX, launched this December 2, and quickly raised skepticism among the crypto community. The HEX token, envisioned by Richard Heart, started with an airdrop, and allows for the creation of more tokens in exchange for Ethereum (ETH).

The IRS has a new tax form out and wants to know about your cryptocurrency

Tax season is still months away, but the IRS will want to know about your cryptocurrency holdings. The IRS just released a new Schedule 1 for the 2019 tax season, spelling out the details on above-the-line deductions, including the tax break for student loan interest and health savings account contributions.

Trump Scolds World Bank Over Low-Interest Loans to China

President Donald Trump added to the criticism of the World Bank’s plan for low-interest loans to China. “Why is the World Bank loaning money to China?” Trump said in a Twitter post on Friday night. “Can this be possible? China has plenty of money, and if they don’t, they create it. STOP!” His tweet came

Invest in Crypto Stocks Instead of Actual Cryptocurrency

Just a few short years ago, buying up cryptocurrency was all the rage. In theory, you could spend a little on Bitcoin or one of the other popular cryptocurrencies, and cash out with an astonishing rate of return. But as you might have noticed, Bitcoin and some of its contemporaries are now in the post-hype

VA establishes new National Artificial Intelligence Institute

NAII will work with veterans and partners across federal agencies, the private sector and academia to prioritize AI research and development for better health. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has launched the National Artificial Intelligence Institute, with the aim of boosting the health and wellness of veterans through advanced AI and machine learning technologies.

Robots in Finance Could Wipe Out Some of Its Highest-Paying Jobs

Robots have replaced thousands of routine jobs on Wall Street. Now, they’re coming for higher-ups. That’s the contention of Marcos Lopez de Prado, a Cornell University professor and the former head of machine learning at AQR Capital Management LLC, who testified in Washington on Friday about the impact of artificial intelligence on capital markets and

If Bitcoin Looks Like It Isn’t Trading, It’s Because It Isn’t

On Dec. 17, 2017, bitcoin hit its highest level ever—$19,783. It was a stunning move for an asset that traded under $1,000 at the beginning of the year. The manic rally enticed everyone from high-tech disciples to grandparents. In the last week of November, with bitcoin trading at around $7,000, …

Thai Police Arrest 24 Chinese Nationals for Alleged Bitcoin Scam

Thai immigration officials have arrested 24 Chinese nationals who were running an alleged cryptocurrency scam call center in the Rama III neighborhood of Bangkok. According to an official announcement on Dec. 2, the Immigration Bureau of the Royal Thai Police arrested 24 individuals, seized 61 laptops, 424 mobile phones and several routers.

Here is the worrying truth behind China’s digital currency

New details have been revealed on China’s upcoming digital currency, which appear to confirm speculation that it will be fully centralized. According to local reports, the digital currency will offer speeds of 220,000 transactions per second, quite a distance from Bitcoin’s seven.

AI Can Now Make Medical Predictions from Raw Data. But Can Deep Learning Be Trusted?

In clinics around the world, a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning is starting to supplement or replace humans in common tasks such as analyzing medical images. Already, at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, “every one of the 50,000 screening mammograms we do every year is processed through our deep learning model, and that

10 Health Care Predictions for 2020

As we near the end of 2019, it is time for us to look ahead and share what we believe 2020 has in store for the health care ecosystem. But first, let’s look back and assess how we did with our 2019 predictions. Overall, we got about half correct (five or six out of 10

The Internet Of All Things

Ericsson has put out the 5 Internet of Things (IoT) trends that will drive change in 2020. Writing on the official blog, Ericsson’s Head of IoT Kiva Allgood while detailing the IoT trends of 2020 has said 2020 will see even more telecom operators partnering with Cloud providers, IoT platforms being deployed, AI and ML

8 Signs You’re Truly Entrepreneurial

I define “entrepreneurial” as being creative, positive, resilient and resourceful. True entrepreneurs are focused and diligent, not scatty and impulsive. They aren’t dodgy dealer, Del Boy-type people. They aren’t those with a million domain names and a different project on the go each week. You won’t see them haggling over a tenner because they think

These Are the Top Skills Leaders and Their Teams Are Learning Online, According to LinkedIn

Learning isn’t supposed to be something you pick at once in a while like string cheese–it’s meant to be a lifelong quest that constantly evolves and improves you. And it’s not just those at the top who understand this, with new research revealing that access to employer-paid education is one of the most popular perks

Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit: Henrik Von Scheel on moving beyond the hype of Industry 4.0

Henrik Von Scheel, the originator of Industry 4.0, explains why the globally transformative shift matters and – more importantly – how manufacturers can start applying the tools and techniques within their own operations. The epicentre of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is manufacturing, a shift that has reshaped the way things are made and it is

Amazon Web Services Launches Quantum Computing-as-a-Service

Getting an early start on what many will feel will eventually become a huge industry, Amazon Web Services has launched a fully-managed quantum computing service, called Braket. The service will acts as a marketplace for a number of different quantum computing hardware vendors, initially three. It is named after Bra-ket notation, which is commonly used to

141 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020

Serial cybersecurity entrepreneur Shlomo Kramer said in a 2005 interview that cybersecurity is “a bit like Alice in Wonderland” where you run as fast as you can only to stay in place. In 2020, to paraphrase the second part of the Red Queen’s observation (actually from Through the Looking Glass), if you wish to stay

Predictions 2020: Edge computing makes the leap

The emerging category of edge computing has been steadily rising in importance and maturity, and 2020 will be the most interesting year yet for vendors and users in this exciting space. Fifty-seven percent of mobility decision-makers surveyed in the Forrester Analytics Global Business Technographics Mobility Survey, 2019, said they have edge computing on their roadmap

Andrew Yang Is Right – The US Is Losing The AI Arms Race

On November 20, 2019, Andrew Yang, during a Democratic Candidates debate, stated that the US is losing the AI arms race to China.  A little over a year ago, I argued the same thing.  Yang is right (after Yang’s comment, Pete Buttigieg agreed).  A couple of other candidates on the stage also wanted to chime in about AI,

California’s Fintech Startups Are Invading New York

hen two Irish brothers started Stripe Inc. together in 2010, there was little question about where they should put their headquarters. It had to be San Francisco. Now, though, Stripe is leaving the metropolitan tech mecca, awash in tech talent and investor cash, and is in the process of moving its main office about 10 miles to

Vitalik Buterin Supports Petition to Free Arrested Blockchain Dev

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin has declared his solidarity with Virgil Griffith, the American citizen arrested for his blockchain educational activities in North Korea. In a tweet posted on Dec. 1, Vitalik shared a link to a blog post penned by blockchain firm CEO Enrico Talin, which had appealed directly to the Ethereum co-founder to

Bitcoin Is Facing Major Crossroad as Sell-Off Proves Relentless

Bitcoin is nearing a critical juncture as its recent sell-off shows few signs of abating. The largest digital token is nearing a crucial inflection point as its price inches closer to the lower band limit of the Trading Envelope Indicator. The gauge smooths moving averages to map out higher and lower limits, with a break

‘Crypto Is Unstoppable’—Is Bitcoin Really On The Cusp Of A Huge Santa Rally?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have been trapped in a downward trend for months, but with just a few weeks until Christmas and bitcoin bulls still upbeat, could we be in for (another) Santa rally? The bitcoin price is around half its year-to-date highs, with most altcoins (but not all) struggling to keep pace with bitcoin

OKCoin exchange’s operator to invest $140M in China for blockchain adoption

OK Group, the operator of cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin, is set to invest $140 million in China to facilitate blockchain adoption. The group will set up an “Asia Pacific Innovation Center” in the Hainan province of China with the investment, according to an announcement shared with The Block on Sunday. OK Group plans to work with

As Bitcoin Suddenly Bounces, A New Central Bank Crypto Rival Could End ‘Evil’ Bitcoin

The threat of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were mostly laughed off by central bankers before this year but social media giant Facebook’s libra project changed that. The bitcoin price has doubled since the beginning of this year due to interest in bitcoin and crypto from the world’s biggest technology companies but its recovery stalled after Facebook’s

4 Things to Know About Tencent’s New Growth Engine

Tencent is often known as the world’s top video game publisher and the owner of WeChat, the most popular messaging app in China. Yet Tencent’s gaming and advertising units both struggled in recent quarters due to tighter regulations on games, competition from other game publishers, and the Chinese economy’s slowdown choking sales of digital ads.

SoFi founder Mike Cagney’s already well-funded new startup is raising another $100 million

Figure Technologies, a nearly two-year-old, San Francisco-based fintech cofounded by Mike Cagney, the founder of the more established fintech company SoFi, is raising a whole lot of money — again.

China launches mandatory face scans for mobile users

A new rule requiring face scans of customers signing up for new mobile plans in China came into effect Sunday (Dec. 1), amid widespread adoption of facial-recognition technology across the country. In September, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the change (link in Chinese) in a notice to telecom operators, saying it would

The Convergence of Technology and Medicine – The Ancient Art of Collaboration

We can’t look at the latest news items without seeing that a think-tank or an edgy platform speaker is talking about the coming convergence of medicine and technology, spotlighting the latest idea from the engineer’s bench that’s moved into the doctor’s examination room. Many who are just opening their eyes to the possibilities of digital/health,

How an exec at Amazon Prime turned into a quantum computing pioneer at IonQ

How does a guy go from being the engineering director for Amazon Prime to serving as the CEO of a quantum computer company? It’s a classical move for Peter Chapman, the president and CEO of IonQ, which provides the firepower for Microsoft’s recently announced Azure Quantum cloud computing platform.

Nvidia uses federated learning to enable AI in hospitals

Nvidia Corp. wants to make artificial intelligence a staple of the healthcare industry with a new distributed learning technique announced today that can train machine learning models while protecting patient privacy. AI holds great promise, but for industries such as healthcare where data privacy is of paramount importance, tapping into that potential is a big

What will cyber security look like in 2020?

It’s true; the future of cyber security is AI. It’s advancing daily, and eventually, all antivirus and general security protection will be provided by AI-enabled analysis. But we’re some way off this yet, and despite advances, AI is only one element in building our security defences against future cyber threats.  It is important to take

The democratic benefits of digital banking

If you look at the numbers alone, you’d be logical to think the retail banking sector is in crisis. For one, the number of branches and people employed in the financial services sector is drastically declining. At least a third of British bank branches have closed in the past five years. And the UK now

The 20 fastest-rising and sharpest-declining tech skills of the past 5 years

Indeed Hiring Lab released a report on Tuesday identifying the fastest-growing and sharpest-declining tech skills of the past five years. Docker, an open-source utility tool, topped the list of fastest-growing skills, with a 4162% increase from 2014 to 2019, and the programming language Clojure had the sharpest decline, with an 80% drop in the same

5 Technologies That Will Change Everything

Sometimes a technology comes along and changes the way we live forever. It often starts quietly. The tech might have to pass through a few iterations before its value becomes clear. The first cars needed three operators, including one to walk in front of the vehicle while waving a red flag. Thomas J. Watson, former

AI is Coming Closer to Deciphering Lost Languages

Since the invention of writing several thousands of years ago, humans have come up with myriad scripts that turn the phonetic sounds of spoken languages into something visual. Most of these written languages have already been deciphered, from Egyptian hieroglyphics to Maya inscriptions to ancient Chinese writing. In some cases, linguists have simply gotten lucky when

The Artificial Intelligence Industry and Global Challenges

Whoever controls the strongest artificial intelligences controls the world. Artificial intelligence is the most important technology of the 21st century. It is therefore important to understand global ambitions and movements. In this article I examine the global artificial intelligence industry and in this context consider the aspects of politics, data, economy, start-ups, financing, research and

How robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the fashion industry and warehousing sector

The fashion industry is investing huge amounts of money in artificial intelligence systems that can provide what is called “sentiment analysis”, which is similar to customer feedback, except that it’s indirectly acquired. Typically, sentiment analytics systems can gather information from social media pages as well as through natural language processing, perhaps through listening to customer

Shell’s Companywide AI Effort Shows Early Returns

Energy giant has 280 AI projects in various stages, using the technology to prevent malfunctions and find new sources of oil and gas, among other things Royal Dutch Shell PLC’s two-year-old strategy to embed artificial intelligence across its operations is helping the oil giant lower costs and avoid …

IBM’s AI debated itself on whether AI is good or evil, and it could help human learning

Last week, IBM’s artificially intelligent debating machine faced off against experts at Cambridge University’s hallowed Union chambers – but that was “just the beginning”, according to one of its creators, Dr Noam Slonim. In an attempt to fully demonstrate its deductive powers, Project Debater took…

AI will now watch for fraudsters on the world’s largest stock exchange

The Nasdaq stock market is an attractive target for fraudsters. As the world’s largest stock exchange by volume, it must be constantly monitored for attempts to illicitly beat the system. These can include manipulations to inflate a stock’s closing price; churning (rapidly buying and selling stocks) to give the false impression of a lot of

These AI-powered swim goggles are the wave of the future

The pool swimmer’s routine is one of monotony and repetition: You bounce back and forth, from wall to wall, completing laps. The view doesn’t change, and it’s easy to lose track of how long you’ve been at it. But AI-powered wearable technology can help make the endeavour more interesting and track your laps for you.

The Quantum Era Is Coming, But It’s Not Here Yet

There’s been a lot of interesting discussion around quantum computing, especially after the recent article from Google in Nature about its 53-qubit quantum computer delivering “quantum supremacy” for a specific problem. The definition of quantum supremacy, as proposed by John Preskill in 2012, was to describe the point where quantum computers can compute something that

DeepMind Unveils MuZero, a New Agent that Mastered Chess, Shogi, Atari and Go Without Knowing the Rules

Games have become one of most efficient vehicles for evaluating artificial intelligence(AI) algorithms. For decades, games have built complex competition, collaboration, planning and strategic dynamics that are a reflection of the most sophisticated tasks that AI agents face in the real world. From Chess, to Go to StarCraft, games have become a great lab to

Edward Snowden on the Dangers of Mass Surveillance and Artificial General Intelligence

Getting its world premiere in Frontlight, Tonje Hessen Schei’s gripping AI doc “iHuman” drew an audience of more than 700 to a 10 a.m. Sunday screening at the incongruously old-school Pathé Tuschinski cinema. Many had their curiosity piqued by the film’s timely subject matter—the erosion of privacy in the age of new media, and the

Crypto Market’s Overreaction to Xi’s Blockchain Remark Prompts Tougher Crackdown

Call it a self-defeating prophecy. When President Xi Jinping praised blockchain technology as an opportunity that China should pounce on last month, many took it as an auspicious sign for the cryptocurrency market in the world’s second-largest economy. This rosy interpretation led to the return of speculative fever surrounding not just major cryptocurrencies but also

Why China’s Blockchain Plan Is Winning And The U.S. Should Pay Attention

Last month Chinese leader Xi Jinping gave a speech where he encouraged Chinese enterprises to ‘seize the opportunity’ in using and accelerating the development of blockchain technology. This was a significant event in China’s perspective of the technology and cemented several previous public statements regarding blockchain. It took the markets by surprise as the shares

The computing power needed to train AI is now rising seven times faster than ever before

In 2018, OpenAI found that the amount of computational power used to train the largest AI models had doubled every 3.4 months since 2012. The San Francisco-based for-profit AI research lab has now added new data to its analysis. This shows how the post-2012 doubling compares with the historic doubling time since the beginning of

A giant, superfast AI chip is being used to find better cancer drugs

At Argonne National Laboratory, roughly 30 miles from downtown Chicago, scientists try to understand the origin and evolution of the universe, create longer-lasting batteries, and develop precision cancer drugs. All these different problems have one thing in common: they are tough because of their sheer scale. In drug discovery, it’s estimated that there could be

Can We Force AIs to Be Fair Towards People? Scientists Just Invented a Way

Artificial intelligence, it seems, can figure out how to do just about anything. It can simulate the Universe, learn to solve a Rubik’s Cube with just one hand, and even find ghosts hidden in our past. All these kinds of advancements are meant to be for our own good. But what about when they’re not?

America’s F-35 Stealth Fighters and B-2 Bombers Are Powerful, But AI Will Make Them Truly Unstoppable

In the near future, F-35 pilots will be able to leverage AI to control a small group of drones flying nearby from the aircraft cockpit in the air. Fighter jets will control attack drones from the cockpit, bombers will avert air defenses and real-time intelligence data will be available to attacking forces more quickly —

Internet companies prepare to fight the ‘Deepfake’ future

SAN FRANCISCO — Several months ago, Google hired dozens of actors to sit at a table, stand in a hallway and walk down a street while talking into a video camera. Then the company’s researchers, using a new kind of artificial intelligence software, swapped the faces of the actors.

Artificially Conscious Machines

What is consciousness? Is it the same as having the ability to think? Or is it like having a soul? Are plants conscious? These are some general questions which arise after reading the title. Defining consciousness in words is difficult although according to Dr Harry H. Porter III, there are roughly three meanings of consciousness[1]:

Why you should keep your crypto away from exchanges

This week, Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB, was linked to the loss of customer funds—worth some $450 million—from the now-shuttered WEX cryptocurrency exchange. And on November 15, the Shanghai Internet Finance Rectification Agency announced it was cracking down on domestic crypto-exchanges, according to Asia Times. 

Not Your Keys: 92% of Institutional Investors Keep Crypto on Exchanges

Cryptocurrency institutional investors overwhelmingly keep their wealth on exchanges despite the inherent security risks, new data claims. Compiled by cryptocurrency exchange Binance on Nov. 22, a survey asked 76 institutional investors who used its platform about their trading habits.

JPMorgan’s Blockchain Products, Explained by Ex-JPM Tech Leads

JPMorgan Chase — whose CEO, Jamie Dimon, once notably expressed skepticism over cryptocurrency — was actually one of the first financial institutions to “learn to love the blockchain.” In 2015, the bank created a division dedicated to exploring emerging technology such as blockchain.

Much-hyped cryptocurrency website goes bust, revealing ties to binary options

The Israeli company behind the cryptocurrency exchange DX.Exchange is going through bankruptcy proceedings after 78 of its former and present employees petitioned an Israeli court to wind it up. The petition, which was filed on October 24, contained several surprising claims and revelations linking the once highly publicized cryptocurrency exchange, promoted by the likes of

Bitcoin Drops Below $7,000 as China Euphoria Fades

When Chinese leader Xi Jinping touted blockchain technology in October, the price of bitcoin surged, searches for “blockchain” on one of China’s biggest search engines soared and shares of related companies jumped.

Cryptoqueen: How this woman scammed the world, then vanished

Ruja Ignatova called herself the Cryptoqueen. She told people she had invented a cryptocurrency to rival Bitcoin, and persuaded them to invest billions. Then, two years ago, she disappeared. Jamie Bartlett spent months investigating how she did it for the Missing Cryptoqueen podcast, and trying to figure out where she’s hiding.

From Bitcoin To No Coin, Crypto World Under Pressure As Governments React

Things are stirring in the cryptocurrency world. There is a burgeoning debate about central bank issued digital currencies, and in the past month bitcoin has fallen by over twenty percent. In its short life as a trading asset, bitcoin has appeared to move in sync with equities, so this recent move may spark some concern.

Bitcoin’s Macro Outlook is Insanely Bullish, But BTC May First Visit Sub-$5,000

Bitcoin has been facing intense volatility over the past month, which first began when it incurred an explosive rally that sent it from $7,300 to highs of $10,600. In the time since this occurred, BTC’s bears have been firmly in control, erasing nearly all of the gains that were produced in this rally. In the

4 VCs talk innovations and trends to watch in payments – Business Insider

We spoke to investors at Andreessen Horowitz, Bain Capital Ventures, Citi Ventures, and Insight Partners to learn where they see the next innovations and opportunities in payments tech. Mostly, they’re looking out for ways that payments companies can do more than just process transactions. That may be through add-on services, or even machine-initiated payments.

Fintech: The Fourth Platform – Part Two

This is part two of a two-part essay diving into the future of fintech. Read part one. In part one of this essay, I discussed how fintech was moving from being a business model unto itself, to being an ingredient used in other technology businesses. This is what we refer to as the “fourth platform,” joining

An AI Bot Just Beat Poker Pros In Six-Player Texas Hold’em

The best poker players in the world can cash in on millions of dollars in a game. Played in casinos, poker clubs, private homes and on the internet, the game demands skill and strategy. Now scientists have created an artificial intelligence (AI) bot that can best even the top human players. And this new AI

Robot debates humans about the dangers of artificial intelligence | New Scientist

An artificial intelligence has debated with humans about the the dangers of AI – narrowly convincing audience members that AI will do more good than harm. Project Debater, a robot developed by IBM, debated on both sides of the argument, with two human team mates for each side helping it out. Speaking in a female

An artificial intelligence predicts the future

This publication draws on a wide range of expertise to illuminate the year ahead. Even so, all our contributors have one thing in common: they are human. But advances in technology mean it is now possible to ask an artificial intelligence (AI) for its views on the coming year. We asked an AI called GPT-2,

AI Is Learning Quantum Mechanics to Design New Molecules

A new machine learning algorithm could probe the quantum behavior of molecules, giving chemists a better ability to design new compounds from scratch. The AI system, with the ridiculous-sounding name “SchNOrb,” can look deeper into the structure and behavior of molecules than previous chemist-assisting algorithms, Inverse reports. Though SchNOrb — “SchNet for Orbitals” — hasn’t

Text-Savvy AI Is Here to Write Fiction

A few years ago this month, Portland, Oregon artist Darius Kazemi watched a flood of tweets from would-be novelists. November is National Novel Writing Month, a time when people hunker down to churn out 50,000 words in a span of weeks. To Kazemi, a computational artist whose preferred medium is the Twitter bot, the idea

What the future of work looks like today

Projections of job changes from automation reach decades into the future, but the early shoots of these changes are visible already. Why it matters: Today’s workplace, with its social inequities and imbalanced power dynamics, will define the future of jobs. Driving the news: A report out this week from New America is built on 40 in-depth interviews

Influencer Fatigue: Paid Influencers Are Out and Brand Communities Are In

Consumers, especially younger ones, are losing trust in paid influencers and looking instead to organic grassroots communities where their like-minded peers are sharing content and commentary about brands and products they actually love. Savvy retailers and brands are evolving their influencer marketing to meet consumers’ changing expectations and looking for more authentic engagement models that

Four Uses of Machine Learning and AI in Email Marketing

Content Selection, Data-Segmentation, Send-Time Automation, and Delivery Optimization are Helping Thousands of Businesses Save Time and Money. Marketers strive to personalize emails in the quest for relevance. This is not new to seasoned marketers, who have been using marketing automation platforms to create customer journeys or leveraging segmentation and/or personas.

As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, And Litecoin Lose Billions, This One Small Coin Has More Than Doubled

The bitcoin and cryptocurrency market has lost a combined $170 billion since its year-to-date high set in June, with major tokens ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, and litecoin all falling steeply. The bitcoin price has almost halved, dropping from almost $14,000 to trade at around $7,600 today (though some heavyweight crypto investors remain upbeat).

A Guide to What’s Happening in the Fintech Revolution

Few industry combinations are as alluring to investors as finance and technology. For the past decade fintech startups have offered new ways to help people handle money. As startups face more competition from tech giants and deep-pocketed banks, investors are turning their attention to fintech in new markets. Here’s a look at some of the

Is Machine Learning Really AI?

One of the downsides to the recent revival and popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that we see a lot of vendors, professional services firms, and end users jumping on the AI bandwagon labeling their technologies, products, service offerings, and projects as AI products, projects, or offerings without necessarily being the case. On the other

Google’s new AI tool could help decode the mysterious algorithms that decide everything

While most people come across algorithms every day, not that many can claim that they really understand how AI actually works. A new tool unveiled by Google, however, hopes to help common humans grasp the complexities of machine learning. Dubbed “Explainable AI”, the feature promises to do exactly what its name describes: to explain to

Bill Gates: Artificial Intelligence Benefits From Open Research

Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates discussed protectionism in technological research around topics like artificial intelligence. Gates argued that open systems will inevitably win out over closed ones. He speaks with John Micklethwait at Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum in Beijing.

China quantum research team uses AI to crack processing time in supercomputer race

Artificial intelligence is set to transform quantum research with a huge boost in processing speed that could ultimately pave the way for a supercomputer a billion – or even a trillion – times faster than existing technology. According to a new study by scientists in China – which has established some of the world’s largest

Why DNA Might Be the Data Storage Solution of the Future

In the late 1990s, geneticists began studying extinct species’ DNA, analyzing hair and bone preserved in frozen tundra. At that time, most computers stored data on floppy disks that held just 1.44 megabytes of memory — smaller than the average selfie. Today, those disks might as well be Ice Age artifacts, too. Not only is

Workers in Large Cities Will Most Likely Be Impacted by AI

Reports have predicted that about a quarter of jobs in the United States will be affected by automation, with positions involving routine tasks being most at risk. Contrary to popular belief, the people most exposed to changes brought about by automation are highly skilled workers living in concentrated urban areas, according to a new report

The making of the HoloLens 2: How advanced AI built Microsoft’s vision for ubiquitous computing

The first time people don the new HoloLens 2 on their heads, the device automatically gets to know them: It measures everything from the precise shape of their hands to the exact distance between their eyes. The artificial intelligence research and development that enabled those capabilities “was astonishingly complicated” but essential to making the experience

AI will disrupt white-collar workers the most, predicts a new report

A surprise finding: Conventional wisdom says robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation will radically alter work for blue-collar truckers and factory workers. In fact, white-collar jobs will be affected more, according to a new analysis by the Brookings Institution. The analysis: Researchers looked at the text of AI patent and job descriptions, and quantified the overlap

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Solve America’s Impending Mental Health Crisis

Five years from now, the U.S.’ already overburdened mental health system may be short as many as 15,600 psychiatrists as the growth in demand for their services outpaces supply, according to a 2017 report from the National Council for Behavioral Health. But some proponents say that, by then, an unlikely tool—artificial intelligence—may be ready to

Vanished Ex-Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Returns to Tech Scene With a Surprise Venture

Yahoo’s former CEO Marissa Mayer, the youngest chief executive in the company’s history, was once one of the most high-profile figures in the tech industry. But after a tumultuous five-year tenure at Yahoo, she vanished from the spotlight completely in 2017 after the tech media company sold its core business to Verizon for $4.5 billion.

ProtonMail Reveals It’s Been ‘HODLing’ Its Bitcoin Payments for Years

Swiss-based email service, ProtonMail, has revealed on Nov. 16 that it hasn’t cashed in any of the Bitcoin (BTC) it has accepted as payment for its premium service in years. The tweet was in response to a customer who complained that he felt guilty for spending Bitcoin ion a ProtonMail invoice instead of holding or

What Is Deep Transfer Learning and Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

As we already know, large and effective deep learning models are data-hungry. They require training with thousands or even millions of data points before making a plausible prediction. Training is very expensive, both in time and resources. For example, the popular language representation model BERT, developed by Google, has been trained on 16 Cloud TPUs

Quantum Computing, CRISPR, Drones, Are Put on Chinese Kids’ Reading List

Chinese students should learn about quantum computing, drones, military equipment, artificial intelligence and even gene editing, based on a new national list of book recommendations for elementary, middle and high school libraries issued by the Ministry of Education. A quarter of the 422-page list of 7,000 books focuses on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)

Quantum Leap for Computing Is a Small Step for Computers

In a landmark paper published in 1950, the mathematician Alan Turing proposed the eponymous Turing Test to decide whether a computer can demonstrate human-like intelligence. To pass the test, the computer must fool a human judge into believing it’s a person after a five-minute conversation conducted via text. Turing predicted that by the year 2000,

Cambridge Quantum Computing Announces New Release of Updated Software Stack t|ket⟩™

CAMBRIDGE, England, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cambridge Quantum Computing (“CQC”) today announced the release of pytket 0.4 – a major upgrade of the python version of their already best in class software stack and quantum compiler framework t|ket⟩. CQC’s t|ket⟩ offers a flexible workflow to develop quantum chemistry and quantum machine learning applications. t|ket⟩ is a

Bristol professor’s secretive quantum computing start-up raises £179m

A secretive US start-up founded ­using technology developed at the University of Bristol has raised $230m (£179m) as it seeks to beat Google and IBM in the race to develop a working quantum computer. PsiQuantum, founded by former Bristol professor Jeremy O’Brien, has secured the funds from investors ­including a venture capital fund started by

The 6 Career – Defining Tech Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Prepare for Now

Our workplaces are changing thanks to new technologies that are being deployed. These technologies, including natural language processing, robotics, chatbots, and more, promise the opportunity to enhance the customer experience, create efficiencies, and reduce costs. They are also altering the tasks humans will complete, how work gets done, and creating new jobs and responsibilities for

10 questions, you always wanted to ask an AI disruptor, but never did!

Professor Alexiei Dingli has been working in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the past two decades. In this first part of this two-part interview, Ms Rachel Falzon, a People Performance Consultant, asks him what those disrupted by technology may have always wanted to ask, but probably never had the courage or opportunity to do so. In

Google reportedly manipulates its search results way more than it wants you to believe

As an antitrust investigation led by state attorneys general expands from advertising to take a closer look at Google’s search practices, which we told you about on Thursday, the results of a newspaper investigation published on Friday may add even more fuel to that fire. Specifically, it’s a report that probes all the ways the

Microsoft sends a new kind of AI processor into the cloud

Microsoft rose to dominance during the ’80s and ’90s thanks to the success of its Windows operating system running on Intel’s processors, a cosy relationship nicknamed “Wintel”. Now Microsoft hopes that another another hardware–software combo will help it recapture that success—and catch rivals Amazon and Google in the race to provide cutting-edge artificial intelligence through

To Understand The Future of AI, Study Its Past

A schism lies at the heart of the field of artificial intelligence. Since its inception, the field has been defined by an intellectual tug-of-war between two opposing philosophies: connectionism and symbolism. These two camps have deeply divergent visions as to how to “solve” intelligence, with differing research agendas and sometimes bitter relations.

Legal Tech: Do AI Lawyers Dream of Digital Contracts?

For decades, classic novels, television shows, and films had glorified the legal profession, presenting it as a glamorous occupation that provided ample opportunities for making a positive impact on the world while also cashing in nicely. Most of these starry-eyed representations, however, tend to ignore the boring and tedious aspects of legal work—running around in

Expert: Bitcoin May ‘Crash to Zero’ Because of Institutional Adoption

Bitcoin (BTC) price could “crash to zero” in the event of mass adoption by institutions, an industry expert has warned. Speaking at Cointelegraph’s ongoing BlockShow conference on Nov. 14, Dr. Pavel Kravchenko, CEO and co-founder at Distributed Lab and author of “Blockchain and Decentralized Systems,” revealed a rare bearish stance on the increasing institutional interest

This Invisible Company Powers Almost The Entire Finance Industry

The days of going to a bank are coming to an end. In the past 10 years, 15,000 bank branches have shut their doors for good. And foot traffic to banks has fallen by 50%. Bank branches are shutting down left and right for a simple reason… They’re useless! These days, you can deposit a

Blow To Bitcoin As Former ECB Boss Makes Dire Warning Over Crypto’s Future

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have attracted strong criticism from the world’s central bankers this year–sparked, perhaps, by Facebook’s plans for its own bitcoin rival. The bitcoin price soared in the first six-months of this year only to stall amid concerns lawmakers and regulators could be poised to crackdown on the nascent bitcoin and crypto industry.

The Three Types Of AI Companies

Companies using data science are rapidly eating the market shares of their competitors. This shift can be observed across many industries. The root cause is that advanced analytics offers pronounced decision-making leverage. This effect is stronger in a digitized economy where a correct decision can quickly propagate through networks of businesses and consumers. Resources are

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning for Medical Diagnosis

So, how do I see the future of healthcare using AI? Well, let’s just face it. AI is heading to transform medicine and somewhere even replace real-medicine workers. Every year we observe the appearance of new and more advanced solutions. This, by the way, provides a whole slew of advantages, one of the most important

China selling deadly AI ‘Blowfish’ drones that decide who lives and who dies to Middle East war zones

CHINA is selling deadly ‘Blowfish’ drones which can decide who lives and who dies to armies in the war-torn Middle East, say reports. The unmanned war machines are capable of launching autonomous strikes with their arsenal of mortar shells, grenade launchers and machine guns.

Did Ukraine Really Create a Missile That Can’t Be Shot Down?

A new missile under development by Ukrainian defense contractor Yuzhnoye is virtually unstoppable, flying so fast it cannot be intercepted by enemy defenses. That’s the claim made in Dnipro Panorama, which says the new Bliskavka (“Lightning”) missile could be used against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. While the missile certainly looks fast–on paper anyway–and could be

‘Impossible to defend’: China goes rogue with new weapon

The idea of killer robots is terrible enough. But what happens when their cold lethality is added to the volatile political and religious mix of the Middle East? It’s a massacre in the making. The art of war is changing, fast. Hypersonic weapons can be upon you in less than a blink of an eye.

Why We’re Scared of Cryptocurrencies, and How It Can be Fixed

Since the emergence of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, many people have raised concerns about this technology. Unlike its parent technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies have caused many to seek its alienation, if not outright ban. Financial sectors and governments across the globe are at the frontier in the fight against these digital currencies. In fact, some banks and other financial institutions have

Aussie ‘E-Crime Squad’ arrests crypto exchange owner, seizing his Bitcoin ATM

Australian detectives have arrested a 38-year-old man as part of an investigation into an unregistered cryptocurrency exchange. The man, a resident in Cairnlea — a Melbourne suburb — was arrested at home, where police seized “a substantial amount of cash and false identification documents.” Authorities also seized a cryptocurrency ATM from a shopping mall in nearby Braybrook, which according to Google Maps is approximately 8 kilometres away from Cairnlea.

Bitcoin hailed as ‘success’ by China in dramatic shift in attitude

A state-run newspaper in China has published a front-page story hailing bitcoin as the first successful application of blockchain technology. The praise marks a significant shift in Beijing’s stance towards the cryptocurrency and comes as the country prepares to launch its own digital currency. Monday’s edition of Xinhua went into detail about how bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology works, describing it as “one

Amazon of China goes big on Bitcoin

One of the world’s most successful retailers, Alibaba, has unexpectedly entered the world of crypto, partnering with bitcoin rewards app Lolli. Alibaba—a China-based retailer who counts multinational behemoth Amazon among its closest rivals—has entered into a partnership allowing customers to earn 5 percent in bitcoin for every purchase.

A ‘quantum internet’ may be on the horizon

It’s no secret that the internet has a security problem. But researchers now believe they might have found a solution in the form of a “quantum internet” that would not only be able to better handle security issues in a communication network but could also solve problems classical computers could never fathom.

Cryptographers, quantum computers and the war for information

In this glimpse into our technological future, cryptographer Craig Costello discusses the world-altering potential of quantum computers, which could shatter the limits set by today’s machines — and give code breakers a master key to the digital world. See how Costello and his fellow cryptographers are racing to reinvent encryption and secure the internet.In this

China still lagging behind US in race to develop quantum computing technology, says Tencent researcher

Despite a significant breakthrough by Google in achieving quantum supremacy last month, commercial applications for the technology are still a distant reality, according to Tencent Quantum Lab director Zhang Shengyu.

This unusual new ransomware is going after servers

An unconventional form of ransomware is being deployed in targeted attacks against enterprise servers – and it appears to have links to some of the most notorious cyber-criminal groups around. The previously undetected server-encrypting malware has been detailed in research by cybersecurity analysts at Intezer and IBM X-Force, who’ve named it PureLocker because it’s written in the

Predictions 2020: This time, cyberattacks get personal

In 2020 and beyond, security and risk professionals will discover that cybersecurity decisions have broader societal implications than ever before. Our lives increasingly depend on technology to work, learn, and socialize. And that dependence also makes technology a target.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops 7%, Hits Lowest Since Last December

With the recent dip in Bitcoin prices, the mining difficulty of the original cryptocurrency has hit the lowest point since December 2018. The mining difficulty of Bitcoin dropped by 7 percent on Monday, and according to Alistair Milne, the chief investment officer at Altana Digital Currency Fund, the miners can break even at an average price of

How to Keep the Internet of Things Out of Spooks’ Hands

If the U.S. government plans on using the Internet of things to spy on people, there are still steps companies and consumers can take to stop it. As part of testimony submitted to the Senate’s Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, James Clapper, the U.S. director of national intelligence, wrote, “In the future, intelligence services might use the (Internet

Facebook caught actively using iPhone cameras while users scroll feeds

iPhone owners, beware. It appears Facebook might be actively using your camera without your knowledge while you’re scrolling your feed. The issue has come to light after a user going by the name Joshua Maddux took to Twitter to report the unusual behavior, which occurs in the Facebook app for iOS. In footage he shared,

C++ creator hates that Bitcoin was written in the language he made

C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup doesn’t like that Bitcoin was written in his programming language, at all. In a recent podcast interview, Stroustrup took a moment to explain how he felt about programmers using C++ for such wide variety of applications.

BnkToTheFuture CEO: 50 Percent of Funding Will Be Through Security Tokens in 2020

Online investment platform BnkToTheFuture will expand its security token offering (STOs) business to the U.S with an investment in a Securities and Exchange Commission-licensed broker dealer. Announced in a Nov. 7 statement to investors, BnkToTheFuture acquired an undisclosed stake in BMI Capital International’s holding company, which enables the lending platform to offer STOs to the

Alan Greenspan says there’s ‘no point’ for central banks to issue digital currency

BEIJING — Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Tuesday that there is no need for central banks to issue digital currency. “There’s no point for them to do it,” Greenspan said at Chinese finance magazine Caijing’s annual economic outlook conference. He pointed out that national currencies are backed up by sovereign credit, something

Did A Manipulator Drive Bitcoin’s $20,000 Peak? Plus, Why Bitcoin Trumps Gold.

Researchers have cast fresh doubt over whether bitcoin’s epic bull run happened organically, suggesting it may have been caused by a single, large player manipulating the bitcoin market. According to a new report, an unidentified Bitfinex account used tether to manipulate the bitcoin price between March 2017 and March 2018 by creating unprecedented demand for the digital token. Over that period, the

A Chinese digital currency is the real threat, not Facebook’s Libra

The Facebook chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, was at least half right when he recently told Congress that there was no US monopoly on regulation of next-generation payments technology. You may not like Facebook’s proposed Libra (pseudo) cryptocurrency, Zuckerberg implied, but a state-run Chinese digital currency with global ambitions is perhaps just a few months away,

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Founder of China’s first Bitcoin exchange predicts $500K BTC in 9 years’

Bitcoin Price We closed the day, November 10 2019, at a price of $9,055. That’s a respectable 2.75 percent increase in 24 hours, or $243. It was the highest closing price in two days. We’re still 54 percent below Bitcoin‘s all-time high of $20,089 (December 17 2017). Bitcoin market cap Bitcoin’s market cap ended the

AI can predict if you’ll die soon – but we’ve no idea how it works

Artificial intelligence can predict a person’s chances of dying within a year by looking at heart test results – even when they look normal to doctors. How it does so is a mystery. Brandon Fornwalt at healthcare provider Geisinger in Pennsylvania, US and colleagues tasked an AI with examining 1.77 million electrocardiogram (ECG) results from

The post-exponential era of AI and Moore’s Law

My MacBook Pro is three years old, and for the first time in my life, a three-year-old primary computer doesn’t feel like a crisis which must be resolved immediately. True, this is partly because I’m waiting for Apple to fix their keyboard debacle, and partly because I still cannot stomach the Touch Bar. But it

The computing power needed to train AI is now rising seven times faster than ever before

In 2018, OpenAI found that the amount of computational power used to train the largest AI models had doubled every 3.4 months since 2012. The San Francisco-based for-profit AI research lab has now added new data to its analysis. This shows how the post-2012 doubling compares to the historic doubling time since the beginning of

AI and automation will disrupt our world — but only Andrew Yang is warning about it

Disruption of the job market and the economy from automation and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the primary ideas animating Andrew Yang’s surprising campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Alone among the candidates, Yang is directly engaging with one of the central forces that will shape our futures.

The Quantum Computing Threat to American Security

Google announced last month that it had achieved “quantum supremacy,” demonstrating the potential of a new kind of computer that can perform certain tasks many orders of magnitude faster than the most advanced supercomputers. It’s a crucial moment for America’s national security, which depends on winning the race to do what quantum computers will do

IBM vs. Google and the race to quantum supremacy

Google’s quantum supremacy claim has now been disputed by its close competitor IBM. Not because Google’s Sycamore quantum computer’s calculations are wrong, but because Google had underestimated what IBM’s Summit, the most powerful supercomputer in the world, could do. Meanwhile, Google’s paper, which had accidentally been leaked by a NASA researcher, has now been published

AI could be a disaster for humanity. A top computer scientist thinks he has the solution.

Stuart Russell is a leading AI researcher who literally wrote (well, co-authored) the top textbook on the topic. He has also, for the last several years, been warning that his field has the potential to go catastrophically wrong. In a new book, Human Compatible, he explains how. AI systems, he notes, are evaluated by how

Key Technical Indicator Signals Bitcoin May Soon Revisit $7,300

Bitcoin’s price has been able to stabilize after incurring a significant influx of selling pressure yesterday that sent it plummeting below its previous range lows at $9,000, and it appears that bulls have formed $8,800 as a level of support that could bolster BTC’s price in the near-term. It is important to note that despite

Are Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Back in a Bear Market After Latest Drop?

On Nov. 8, Bitcoin corrected from $9,200 to $8,650, causing the market sentiment to shift from greed to fear once more. The correction came after one of the biggest surges in the history of Bitcoin (BTC), which makes the sentiment shift curious. Let’s take a look at the market overview and analyze the charts.

Inside the hunt for a cryptocurrency fraudster who vanished without a trace

The cryptocurrency party queen who’s on the run with £3.5BILLION: Inside the hunt for One Coin fraudster Dr Ruja Ignatova who convinced people to hand over their life savings… then vanished without a trace..

Hackers Unlock Any Phone Using Photographed Fingerprints In Just 20 Minutes

Hackers working for Chinese security company Tencent claim that they have developed a method to photograph a fingerprint on any glass surface and use it to unlock any smartphone, no matter their fingerprint reader technology — in just 20 minutes. According to the Chinese blog Abacus, Tencent’s X-Lab team showed how this technique works at

IRS Says ‘Dozens’ of New Crypto, Cybercriminals Are Identified

The IRS’s criminal division identified “dozens” of potential cryptocurrency tax evaders or cybercriminals after a meeting this week with tax authorities from four other countries. Officials from the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and the Netherlands — known as the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement — shared data, tools and tax enforcement strategies to find

The race for cybersecurity: Protecting the connected car in the era of new regulation

In the past, what happened in your car typically stayed in your car. That is no longer the case. The influx of digital innovations, from infotainment connectivity to over-the-air (OTA) software updates, is turning cars into information clearinghouses. While delivering significant customer value, these changes also expose vehicles to the seamier side of the digital

What it really takes to scale artificial intelligence

June 18, 2019It’s an exciting time for leaders. Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are on the precipice of revolutionizing the way we work, reshaping businesses, industries, economies, the labor force, and our everyday lives. We estimate AI-powered applications will add $13 trillion in value to the global economy in the coming decade, and leaders are energizing

The AI in the Pixel 4 Was Enhanced by Photogs Selling Secrets to Google

Whether you like it or not, computational photography is changing the face of photography as we know it. Right now, this breakthrough in technology and machine learning is limited to smartphones because, without it, the results from the cameras in the phones wouldn’t be impressive. Still, with their AI algorithms, we know that phones like

For faster quantum computing, Microsoft builds a better qubit

Google just announced quantum supremacy, a milestone in which the radically different nature of a quantum computer lets it vastly outpace a traditional machine. But Microsoft expects progress of its own by redesigning the core element of quantum computing, the qubit. Microsoft has been working on a qubit technology called a topological qubit that it

HPE researcher explains why the company gave up on quantum computing

For about seven years, HP conducted research in quantum computing, a completely new type of computing that is exponentially more powerful than any computer today and can solve difficult problems like predicting the stock market, drug discovery, and even fighting climate change.

Danger of escalating US-China conflict is heightened by advances in AI and quantum computing

A quite discernible trend in many parts of the world in recent months is the growing fear, anger and even hatred of China. It is especially noticeable in the United States, Europe and Japan. In the US, antipathy towards China recently grew as a product of the trade dispute. The Democratic Party, the mainstream media

This Neural Network Quickly Solves a Major Astronomical Problem

When three celestial bodies — for instance the Earth, Moon, and Sun — orbit each other, their gravitational pulls produce a peculiar and seemingly unpredictable system. Figuring out how to predict where each mass will be in space and time at any one point is a problem that’s been puzzling astronomers ever since Sir Isaac Newton

The Most Dangerous Data Science Problem that We Aren’t Talking About

Interviewer: Haebichan Jung, Project Lead at Data Scientist at Recurly, SF. Interviewee: Dr. Jeannette Wing, Director of the Data Science Institute and Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University (2017-). Former Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Research (2013–2017). Former Head of the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University (Twice).

Quantum Computing Holds Promise for Banks, Executives Say

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—When quantum computing hits the market, the financial-services industry could be the first to benefit, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive said at a quantum-computing panel event. “In the universe of industries where there is a potential quantum advantage, you could argue that finance has got the shortest path to impact,” said Jeremy Glick,

A new quantum data classification protocol brings us nearer to a future ‘quantum internet’

Quantum-based communication and computation technologies promise unprecedented applications, such as unconditionally secure communications, ultra-precise sensors, and quantum computers capable of solving specific problems with a level of efficiency impossible to reach by classical computers. In recent times, quantum computers are also envisioned as nodes in a network of quantum devices, where connections are established via

The ‘Bitcoin time-traveler’ Reddit post has been edited, but nobody knows who did it

A mystery is playing out on the Bitcoin: the infamous ‘Bitcoin time traveller’ post has been edited, and nobody knows who did it. In 2013, a Reddit user appeared to present a bleak outlook of the year 2025, where rampant inequality and parabolic Bitcoin value has pushed the world to the brink of collapse.

These Chinese Companies Are Building Xinjiang’s Surveillance State. You Can Buy Their Cameras On Amazon.

HONG KONG — Amazon, Apple, Google, and other technology giants are distributing physical goods and apps from Chinese companies that the US government has accused of abetting human rights violations, BuzzFeed News has found.

Five things we’ve learned since Voyager 2 left the solar system

One year ago, NASA’s Voyager 2 probe became just the second human-made object in history to exit the solar system and officially enter interstellar space. Voyager 2 was launched on August 20, 1977—16 days before its twin, Voyager 1, which exited the solar system’s northern hemisphere in 2012 . Voyager 2 was sent on a

A.I. Cracks Infernally Hard ‘Three-Body Problem’ Hundreds of Times Faster Than Ever Before

The mind-bending calculations required to predict how three heavenly bodies orbit each other have baffled physicists since the time of Sir Isaac Newton. Now artificial intelligence (A.I.) has shown that it can solve the problem in a fraction of the time required by previous approaches.

12 Impactful Ways To Incorporate Machine Learning Into Business Intelligence

Business intelligence—the strategies and tech companies use to collect, interpret and utilize data—plays a primary role in informing the strategies, functions and efficiency of a company. However, as essential to a company’s success as BI is, many businesses don’t take advantage of the tools that can improve their BI efforts.

A California teacher wore blackface in class to rap about AI

A white California high school teacher showed up for classes in blackface last week as part of his Halloween costume. Social media footage of the teacher’s costume, and what appears to be an impromptu performance of him rapping about artificial intelligence and technology, has since gone viral and the teacher has reportedly been suspended. Ironically,

Stellar Burns Over 55 Billion Tokens Worth $4.7 Billion USD

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) announced a new mandate today for its network’s development, stating that it has burned over 55 billion Stellar Lumens (XLM) tokens. According to a Medium post on Nov. 4, the development foundation drastically reduced the number of tokens in existence as part of an effort to become more efficient as

Bitcoin Signal That Preceded 42% Price Jump to $10,500 Flashes Again

A custom technical signal that has predicted Bitcoin’s price trends to a tee over the past six weeks is printing a buy, implying that BTC may soon mount higher. The indicator doesn’t show where Bitcoin is headed, but there are some analysts expecting the cryptocurrency to reenter the $10,000 range in coming trading sessions.

No, a lone whale didn’t cause Bitcoin’s 2017 rise

Earlier today, Bloomberg reported on what it dubbed a “striking new claim” pertaining to Bitcoin’s rapid price rise in late 2017. According to an updated report, a single whale (a rich investor) caused the pump. Yet many people in the crypto community were shocked to hear it, precisely because it didn’t seem to match up

How this young entrepreneur turned her hobby into a fintech startup powered by blockchain

Making money is hard but managing it is not as tough, says 23-year-old Smriti Tomar, who started InvestoAsia, a fintech startup based on blockchain technology this year. Gurugram- and Hong Kong-based InvestoAsia aims to help retail investors to easily invest in international markets, especially in China and South Korea, which Smriti feels is currently a

Fintech BondEvalue makes bond trading accessible through blockchain,

IN THE near future, investors may just need to fork out US$1,000 to invest in wholesale bonds, compared with the hefty minimum of US$200,000 currently. This will take place through Singapore-based fintech firm BondEvalue’s blockchain-based fractional bond trading platform…

A Peek Into Uber’s Fintech Strategy: A Conversation With Peter Hazlehurst, Head Of Uber Money

At the recent Money 20/20 conference, Uber announced Uber Money, a new division within the ride-hailing firm. Afterwards, I sat down with Peter Hazlehurst, Head of Uber Money, to discuss the new features and improvements which include: Real-time earnings. Uber announced that drivers and couriers will have immediate access to their earnings after every trip

Big Data Is Big Trouble For Science

You may have heard that Big Data is all the rage these days. Big Data this, Big Data that. Let’s acquire as much information as possible and try to wrestle with it to gain insights into everything from stock market performance to consumer preferences to health outcomes. And it’s great, I have no problem at

This AI Decodes Your Brainwaves and Draws What You’re Looking at

Researchers have created an AI that draws what a person in looking at in real time just by reading and decoding their brain waves. Perhaps most impressive of all, the technique is noninvasive, with all the brainwave information gathered through a cyberpunk-looking, electrode-covered electroencephalography (EEG) headset. “Researchers used to think that studying brain processes via EEG

Bitcoin Price Will See $16,000 ‘Soon-Ish,’ Predicts Binance CEO CZ

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, says a price of $16,000 per Bitcoin will happen “soon-ish,” in a tweet sent on Nov. 1. Zhao explains that price predictions are easy, but getting the timing right is hard.  

As Bitcoin Price Consolidates, Litecoin Looks Ripe for Massive Gains

Bitcoin price (BTC) failed to ignite much interest as October closed.  There are approximately 194 days left until the next Bitcoin halving, which probably feels like an eternity away for those involved with the crypto space. This week there was also a surplus of negative news events like the Bitmex email leak and the Coinbase

Lone Bitcoin Whale Likely Fueled 2017 Price Surge, Study Says

A Texas academic created a stir last year by alleging that Bitcoin’s astronomical surge in 2017 was probably triggered by manipulation. He’s now doubling down with a striking new claim: a single market whale was likely behind the misconduct.

The Future of Law – How AI Is Reshaping Legal Services

According to a business database, CrunchBase, global investment in legal tech in 2018 took a massive leap forward, increasing over 700 percent and soaring past the US$1 billion mark.

SEC Ushers in New Era By Allowing Blockchain-Based Stock Settlement

In the 1970s, U.S. stock brokers produced such a glut of paper records that exchanges had to close one day a week to keep pace. In response, the financial industry introduced a centralized electronic clearing system that could confirm trades within five days—a process that has since been narrowed to two days. Now, a new

China state paper urges calm after blockchain stocks, bitcoin soar

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese state media urged investors to remain rational and not take Beijing’s support for blockchain as a boost for virtual currencies, after comments by Chinese President Xi Jinping drove up shares in blockchain-related firms and the price of bitcoin.

Top Bitcoin Miner Engulfed in Power Clash as Co-Founder Ousted

Bitmain Technologies Ltd.’s billionaire founder Wu Jihan announced Tuesday the resignation of his co-founder, a surprise ouster that appeared to resolve a struggle for control of the world’s largest crypto-mining startup.

Chinese Bank Invests in Bitcoin Wallet After President Xi’s Remarks: Report

On Friday, China’s leader, President Xi Jinping, absolutely floored the Bitcoin community. Speaking at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, Xi called for the adoption of blockchain “as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies.”

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Chinese congress passes ‘crypto law’ after president’s endorsement of blockchain’

Bitcoin Price We closed the day, October 26 2019, at a price of $9,244. That’s a decent 6.66 percent increase in 24 hours, or $577. It was the highest closing price in thirty-two days. We’re still 53 percent below Bitcoin‘s all-time high of $20,089 (December 17 2017).

Emerging markets need to crack down on illegal flows via digital currency – Chinese official

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Emerging markets should crack down on illegal cross-border capital flows done with digital currencies, the chief accountant for China’s foreign exchange regulator said on Monday. Financial technology, or fintech, potentially increases the risks of illegal cross-border transactions, and global regulators need to coordinate their efforts to counter illegitimate transactions, Sun Tianqi told

China Seizes the Blockchain Opportunity. How Should the US Respond?

The Chinese government is not in the habit of making speculative “what if” announcements. Typically, before anything about its plans goes public, a significant amount of preparation and thought has gone into it. So, although Xi Jinping’s passing statement about China needing to “seize the opportunity” posed by blockchain technology was thin on details, it’s unwise to

China Roundup: Xi’s power on bitcoin, the rise of Alibaba’s new rival

Alibaba’s new rival is shaking up China’s internet landscape. This week, four-year-old e-commerce upstart Pinduoduo  displaced to be the fourth-most valuable internet company in the country. Its market capitalization of $47.6 billion on Friday put it just behind e-commerce leader Alibaba, social networking behemoth Tencent and food delivery titan Meituan in China. Baidu, the search equivalent of Google

Asia’s open banking advantage

Open banking is one of the most significant innovation forces happening in consumer financial services around the world. It’s increasing the connectivity between banks, fintechs, and other players to improve competition within the industry and customer access to a wider marketplace of financial products and services.

AI could be a disaster for humanity. A top computer scientist thinks he has the solution.

Stuart Russell is a leading AI researcher who literally wrote (well, co-authored) the top textbook on the topic. He has also, for the last several years, been warning that his field has the potential to go catastrophically wrong. In a new book, Human Compatible, he explains how. AI systems, he notes, are evaluated by how

China Passes First-Ever ‘Crypto Law’ Going Into Effect January 2020

The Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress in China has passed a new law regulating cryptography on Oct. 26 that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020, reports local news outlet CCTV. Per the report, the new regulatory framework aims to set standards for the application of cryptography and the management of passwords.

Ethereum Targets Dec. 4 for Istanbul Mainnet Activation

Ethereum’s next system-wide upgrade, Istanbul, is scheduled to arrive on mainnet the week of Dec. 4. The decision was made during an ethereum core developer call on Oct. 25. Later on Friday, Danno Ferrin, blockchain protocol engineer at ethereum venture studio ConsenSys, proposed activating Istanbul at block number 9,056,000 in accordance with the targeted date

Forget China—Is This The Real Reason Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, And Ripple’s XRP Bounced?

Bitcoin has swung wildly this week, as many had expected it to, with it losing $1,000 per bitcoin a few days ago before suddenly shooting back up earlier today. The bitcoin price is now at over $9,000 per bitcoin after dropping to lows of almost $7,000 on Thursday–and heading fast towards the psychological $10,000 mark,

Google knows a whole lot about you. Here’s how to make it forget

Google collects a ton of information about you — maybe even more than you realize. Google remembers every search you perform and every YouTube video you watch. Whether you have an iPhone (See deal) or Android phone, Google Maps logs everywhere you go, the route you take to get there, when you arrive and what

How To Pitch An Idea In 40 Seconds, From Three Entrepreneurs Who Took The Ultimate Elevator Ride

Mars Mundy’s car broke down shortly after he graduated from law school. And, like many people, he had a frustrating experience with repair shops. Mundy channeled his frustration into building a startup to transform the auto repair industry. He never did practice law. This week Mundy’s startup, CarServ, received $250,000 in funding from Salesforce Ventures.

Fintech unicorn Kabbage ends Q3 with nearly $100 million in revenue amid loan growth

Financial technology unicorn Kabbage finished the third quarter with just shy of $100 million in revenue as the company continued to grow its small-business lending platform. The decade-old company told MarketWatch that it generated $99.4 million in third-quarter revenue as loan originations ticked up 43% on a year-over-year basis. The company said it extended $715

3 Likely Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Crashed — And What’s Next for BTC?

The moment many traders have anxiously anticipated arrived this morning as Bitcoin price (BTC) plunged below $7,800 and eventually settled near $7,400. It’s possible that the bleeding isn’t over yet and investors will likely wait for the 4-hour and daily close before making any strong moves.

IBM is working on an alternative to AIOps

The phenomenon of AIOps, a software movement that combines artificial intelligence with IT management tasks, is less than it appears, according to IBM, and the company intends to fill the void with a future product offering. “AIOps is an interesting catchphrase, but there’s not a lot of reality to it today,” said Rob Thomas, who

AI, machine learning to dominate CXO agenda over next 5 years

Gartner’s outlook for the next five years revolves around the idea that artificial intelligence will augment human decisions, emotions and relationships. The big question is whether Gartner’s prognostications will play out in the next five years. At the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo, analyst Daryl Plummer outlined the trends to expect in the years ahead. Here’s a

Quantum Computing Explained (in Mere Minutes!)

On Wednesday, Google said its researchers had performed a calculation that the largest supercomputers could not complete in under 10,000 years. And they had done it in 3 minutes 20 seconds. With that calculation, the company said, its research lab in Santa Barbara, Calif., achieved a milestone that scientists had been working toward since the

Galileo, the ‘best-kept secret in fintech,’ nabs $77 million Series A

While most startups are racing to raise as much venture capital as possible, as quickly as possible, one Salt Lake City startup has opted for a slower, steadier, more tortoiselike approach. Galileo, a payments-infrastructure-software startup, was bootstrapped by founder and CEO Clay Wilkes since its …

Are Fintech Startups More Ethical Than Banks?

There’s a misguided notion permeating the banking industry: That fintech startups are somehow more ethical than legacy banks, or that there is a fintech “ethos” that distinguishes fintechs from banks (and somehow makes fintechs morally superior).  

Bitcoin plummets to lowest level since June as cryptocurrencies come under fire from Congress

Bitcoin nosedived Wednesday as Congress members highlighted the downsides of cryptocurrency on Capitol Hill. The world’s largest digital currency fell as much as 9% to a low of $7,435.26 Wednesday. That marked bitcoin’s lowest level since June.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on achieving quantum supremacy

In a paper today in Nature, and a company blog post, Google researchers claim to have attained “quantum supremacy” for the first time. Their 53-bit quantum computer, named Sycamore, took 200 seconds to perform a calculation that, according to Google, would have taken the world’s fastest supercomputer 10,000 years. (A draft of the paper was

7 Impacts Of The Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial intelligence is a much more important technology than you know. Every business needs to apply it in their website design, app development, and marketing process. To put it in other words, every business needs to work with AI developers. For example, developers of game apps and gaming consoles are very vast in artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Enters Its Golden Age

Look at the latest Gartner Hype Cycle for artificial intelligence, and you will see most AI elements are rounding the hype curve, and have yet to take their stomach-churning plunge into the trough of disillusionment. Talk to business leaders these days, and no one appears disappointed, yet.

These Startups Are Building Tools to Keep an Eye on AI

In January, Liz O’Sullivan wrote a letter to her boss at artificial intelligence startup Clarifai, asking him to set ethical limits on its Pentagon contracts. WIRED had previously revealed that the company worked on a controversial project processing drone imagery.

The 5 Kinds of Blockchain Projects (and Which to Watch Out For)

Blockchain burst on the tech scene ten years ago with the launch of Bitcoin. That first introduction led many business leaders to see blockchain and cryptocurrencies as synonymous. In fact, blockchain’s value proposition is far broader. At its most basic it allows two or more people, businesses, or computers to exchange value in digital environments

SIM-Jackers Can Empty Your Bank Account with a Single Phone Call

Technology has been a real godsend for fraudsters. Used to be you had to painstakingly recreate a valuable painting, or convince hopeless marks to sign up to your pyramid scheme, or physically grow a moustache to fool a bank teller into opening a fraudulent bank account for you.

Finding Genius: Keith Rabois, Founders Fund

Keith Rabois is known for early investments and executive roles at PayPal, LinkedIn, Square, Yelp, and Zoom. Rabois is considered a member of the PayPal Mafia with Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, and Max Levchin, and is currently a General Partner with Founders Fund in San Francisco. In our chat for Finding Genius, Rabois shared many

I study blockchain. It shouldn’t be used to secure our elections

A developing technology called blockchain has gotten attention from election officials, startups, and even Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang as a potential way to boost voter turnout and public trust in election results. I study blockchain technology and its potential use in fighting fraud, strengthening cybersecurity, and securing voting.

HTC Launches Exodus 1S, First Phone That Can Run a Full BTC Node

Taiwanese electronics giant HTC has launched its new smartphone Exodus 1s, enabling users to run a full Bitcoin (BTC) node on mobile. First smartphone to support full Bitcoin node In line with an announcement in May 2019, HTC launched the Exodus 1s at the Lightning Conference in Berlin on Oct. 19 and started selling the

Why Central Bankers Got Serious About Digital Cash

What central banks once sneered at, they’re now scrambling to master. Back when Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, was seen as the province of anarchists and drug dealers, it was easy for the world’s central bankers to keep their distance. That’s changed in a hurry because of Facebook Inc.’s proposal to create its own digital

Google Maps Just Introduced a Controversial New Feature That Drivers Will Probably Love (But Police Will Utterly Hate)

On long drives, I often find myself running two real-time mapping programs on my phone at once: Google Maps, and Waze. The reason is that Google Maps seems to be a better, faster-loading map program that shows alternate routes on long trips more quickly.

Tech firm tests whether social media companies are eavesdropping on consumers

Yvette Shapiro was recently on a family vacation in Virginia, discussing with her husband how comfortable their mattress was. Soon after, ads for mattresses appeared on her Facebook feed. “I said to my husband, ‘our phone is listening to us,” Shapiro said. “I find that a little invasive, a bit creepy and certainly unwelcome.”  

Bitcoin Price “Death Cross” 10 Days Out as BTC Stagnates at $8,000

While mere days ago analysts were calling for Bitcoin (BTC) to correct higher to $9,000 and potentially even higher, this bullish scenario has not panned out. On the contrary, in fact. Since the weekend, the leading cryptocurrency has returned to $8,000 and has even started to flirt with the $7,000s once again.

Fidelity Investments Fully Rolls Out Crypto Custody Service, Exec Says

American financial services company Fidelity Investments has fully launched its cryptocurrency custody service. Abigail Johnson, CEO of Fidelity Investments, revealed the development in an interview with the Financial Times published on Oct. 18. Johnson said that the company is ready to roll out its crypto custody business following a year-long preparation and accumulation of clients.

Bitcoin Has Already Reached 40% of Average Fiat Currency Lifespan

As Bitcoin statistician and commentator Willy Woo noted on Oct. 18, the largest cryptocurrency has been around 40% as long as the average government-issued currency. Woo was referencing a 2018 study by DollarDaze. Out of 775 fiat currencies past and present, researchers concluded the average lifespan is just 27 years.

Billionaire Investor Peter Thiel Is Doubling Down On Bitcoin—Here’s Why

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors have been struggling this year to both justify past crypto investments and make new ones. The bitcoin price, under pressure from the likes of Facebook’s libra project and the ever-present threat of a regulatory crackdown, soared in the first six months of the year only to fall back again.

Quantum computer processor made entirely of lasers offers ‘extreme’ scale

A quantum computer with a processor made entirely out of laser lights offers “extreme scalability,” its creators claim. The prototype design, 10 years in the making, could offer a more promising approach forward than existing small-scale projects. These early experiments with quantum computing are relatively tiny and prone to errors, but a light-based approach could solve

STOs a Major Focus at London Summit 2019

London Summit 2019 is just around the corner with final preparations underway. Held on November 12-13 at Old Billingsgate, more than 60 speakers have already signed up for the event, including experts and professionals from leading firms in the FX and crypto industries.

Kakao’s Klaytn Welcomes 8 New Blockchain Application Partners

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Klaytn, the leading blockchain project led by the South Korean Internet giant Kakao, today announced that 8 new blockchain projects have joined Klaytn as service partners to further developments in bringing mass blockchain adoption globally.

Blockchain Startup Backed By Big Banks Ushers In New Era Of Banking

Fnality, a London-based company is banking on blockchain technology to usher in an era of digital financial markets. They are betting that the financial markets are going to tokenize. Fnality intends to be there when that happens. In fact, they intend to spur the transformation.

In 1981, this was Steve Jobs’ vision for the office of the future

Over the past few decades, computers have changed the way pretty much every workplace does business. But in the early 1980s, that wasn’t quite the case, as you were still far more likely to see an office full of typewriters than a computer on every desk. At the time, Apple and its co-founder, Steve Jobs,

Data-labelling startups want to help improve corporate AI

Corporate boards are besotted with artificial intelligence. Worldwide spending on ai is expected to rise from $38bn this year to $98bn by 2023, estimates idc, a research firm. So far, though, only one in five companies aware of the technology’s potential has incorporated machine learning into its core business.

Traditional banks are struggling to stave off the fintech revolution

Traditional banks are haunted by financial technology – fintech – firms. Challengers such as mobile-first banks Chime in the US, Monzo in the UK and Germany’s N26 have been around for a number of years now, but big global and regional banks are still struggling to deal with the competition. While fintechs experience a goldrush

Five hurdles blockchain faces to revolutionise banking

Blockchain is touted as the next step in the digital revolution, a technology that will change every industry from music to waste. When it comes to money, it goes well beyond bitcoin. Academics have claimed it will “do to the financial system what the internet did to media”. There are many versions of public blockchains

How to Use Data to Grow Your Business

Data is the foundation of today’s business world. Each day, organizations get to interact with data concerning customers, vendors, security, and even employees. Sadly, 73% of it goes to waste. Even worse, the remaining 27% of data which is analyzed doesn’t always result in quality insights. A good chunk of companies still struggles in identifying

U.S., South Korea Bust Giant Child Porn Site by Following a Bitcoin Trail

U.S. and Korean authorities say they broke up one of the world’s largest markets for child pornography, a crime that is proliferating at a furious pace with the rise of cryptocurrency and encrypted online content. The bust was revealed Wednesday as the U.S. unsealed an indictment against Jong Woo Son, 23, who prosecutors say operated

Sodinokibi ransomware earns hacker $287K worth of Bitcoin in 3 days

Criminals who distributed the Sodinokibi ransomware threat earned a huge payday from victims who paid the requested Bitcoin ransom. According to researchers at McAfee, who tracked down several posts published on underground forums, one particular distributor made the equivalent of $287,499 in Bitcoin in just 72 hours.    

Dr. Doom: Crypto is “a big, fake thing.”

Nouriel Roubini and Roger Ver square off for a cantankerous debate in London. The crowd was boisterous. LONDON—Following a much-anticipated discussion today between crypto advocate Roger Ver and economics professor/crypto hater Nouriel Roubini, Ver told Decrypt that his adversary had “clearly lost the debate.”  

Next Bitcoin Halving Could Squeeze out Retail Miners, But Jury’s Split on Price

Is the next halving going to send bitcoin to the moon? Well, maybe not that fast. As the programmed reduction of the miners’ reward is approaching (expected to happen in May next year), people are disagreeing about its probable effects. Bitcoin has gone through the halving two times before, in November 2012 and July 2016, and both

Texas Bitcoin Mining Startup Gets $50 Million From Peter Thiel to Steal China’s Crypto Crown

When it comes to producing Bitcoin, China is the pre-eminent power in the world. The People’s Republic boasts the largest mining companies, and dominates the manufacture of chips and other equipment used to mine Bitcoin. A U.S. startup wants to change all that with a bold plan to make Texas the global hub of Bitcoin

Bitcoin ‘Sextortion’ Malware Is Even Worse Than Thought

Bitcoin’s massive price increase of the last few years–the price is still up over 10-fold since early 2017 despite last year’s sell-off–has caused hackers and criminals to target bitcoin holders. Wild swings in the bitcoin price, which remains highly volatile, have failed to put off hackers, who are betting bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies will

Powerful computer vision algorithms are now small enough to run on your phone

Researchers have shrunk state-of-the-art computer vision models to run on low-power devices. Growing pains: Visual recognition is deep learning’s strongest skill. Computer vision algorithms are analyzing medical images, enabling self-driving cars, and powering face recognition. But training models to recognize actions in videos has grown increasingly expensive. This has fueled concerns about the technology’s carbon

Bank/Fintech Partnerships: The Fad Is Over

As the finance industry grapples with what the next generation of banks and payment systems will look like, it’s clear that partnerships are a linchpin for riding the wave of change successfully.”

The SEC Really Doesn’t Like ICOs

The way I like to explain initial coin offerings is that “they’re like if the Wright Brothers sold air miles to finance inventing the airplane.” There are two parts to that explanation. One part is the idea of the currency: There is some good or service that will be offered at some point on some platform, and some currency—some

ING says bank-owned digital currencies are coming — and we’re all doomed

Whether you like it or not, central bank digital currencies are coming. We just don’t know when exactly. According to Dutch bank ING’s financial and banking experts, a “fully-fledged central bank digital currency is coming.”

The 7 Biggest Technology Trends That Will Transform Telecoms In 2020

As we prepare to enter the next decade, telecoms are being transformed by technology in a variety of ways. From artificial intelligence (AI) to the threat of cyberattack, here are the 7 biggest technology trends that will transform telecoms in 2020.

Google exploited homeless black people to develop the Pixel 4’s facial recognition AI

The US city of Atlanta, Georgia alleged last week that contractors working on behalf of Google used confusing, aggressive tactics to exploit black people in order to obtain their likeness for facial recognition AI research. Now Google‘s responded, saying the contractors were conducting work related to the Pixel 4’s face unlock feature, and that it’s suspended

California makes deepfakes illegal to curb revenge porn and doctored political videos

Revenge porn isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but with advancements in AI, “deepfakes” — an AI-based technology used to digitally produce or alter realistic looking video content — are becoming increasingly harder to distinguish from real videos. This technology has also been used to doctor political videos, such as the clip that sounded, and looked

Crypto industry shrugs off latest Bitcoin ETF rejection

In the Bitcoin story, the approval of a Bitcoin ETF is supposed to be a seminal event. An ETF is supposed to throw open the floodgates of retail investment into the cryptocurrency by allowing investors to profit from its price volatility by tracking it, instead of owning it directly.  

Why Marketers Use AI for Audience Targeting – eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics

There are many ways that marketers can use artificial intelligence (AI), but so far, targeting and audience segmenting are among the most common uses for the emerging technology. In a May 2018 survey of 400 digital advertising professionals worldwide conducted by Econsultancy and MediaMath, just one-fifth of respondents said that they don’t plan to use

Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin ETF Denied, Libra Loses Visa & eBay, SEC Crackdown on Telegram’s Blockchain

This week, Bitcoin traded within a relatively wide range — $8,200 to $8,900 — but is closing at a very similar level to last week.  Analysts are currently divided over what this consolidation means for the cryptocurrency market’s short-term future. Price action (or lack thereof) aside, this week was hectic for the cryptocurrency industry at

The Shift From Fiat Finance To Blockchain: The Era Of Trustless Lending

The financial market has been going through significant changes in the last couple of years due to blockchain becoming more involved in the industry. So many financial firms have turned to cryptocurrency for the sake of providing a better service to their customers.

Warnings Issued For Millions Of Microsoft Windows 10 Users

Dear Windows 10 users, please brace yourselves yet again. Microsoft’s shoddy upgrade practices may have been exposed by a whistleblower, but the tide of frustrating, limiting, chaotic and quite bizarre updates continue. And now there are new warnings every Windows 10 user needs to know about.  

Gartner: Corporate Blockchain Won’t Take Off for Another Decade – Bitcoin News

For years, all sorts of companies have flooded the media with reports of using blockchain technology for everything from tracking vegetables to fake luxury handbags. These claims mostly involved tests that were done only for the sake of publicity, riding the coattails of cryptocurrency, and almost never about actual products. A new report from Gartner

Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency coalition is falling apart as eBay, Visa, Mastercard and Stripe jump ship

EBay, Stripe, Mastercard and Visa are all dropping out of Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency project, the companies announced Friday. The news comes one week after PayPal announced its withdrawal as government regulators continue to scrutinize the plans.

EU Warns of 5G Risks Amid Scrutiny of Huawei

LONDON—The European Union has identified a series of specific security threats posed by foreign vendors of telecommunications equipment, significantly heightening the bloc’s scrutiny of suppliers like Huawei Technologies Co., according to officials familiar with the matter and a privately circulated risk assessment prepared by European governments.

IRS Issues New Guidance On The Tax Treatment Of Cryptocurrency

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued new guidance for taxpayers who engage in transactions involving virtual currency, including cryptocurrency. The new guidance, which is intended to help taxpayers better understand reporting obligations for specific transactions involving virtual currency can be found at Revenue Ruling 2019-24 (downloads as a PDF) and the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the IRS

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘SEC rejects another Bitcoin ETF proposal’

Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what’s been going on with Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. As Nietzsche used to say: Time is money!

Apple’s smart glasses will arrive in the first half of 2020, top analyst says

A Wednesday note from TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple is planning a bunch of new hardware for the first half of 2020, including new augmented reality glasses that Apple will build with third-party brands.

Bitcoin And Ethereum Suddenly Soar Despite SEC Blow

Bitcoin and ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies by market value, suddenly soared yesterday despite the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejecting the latest attempt at creating a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Artificial intelligence: Why one expert says it’s a waste of money

TechRepublic’s Karen Roby talks with an AI expert who believes we need to rethink our approach and focus more on cost benefit tradeoffs and resourcing. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Artificial Intelligence Could Be a $14 Trillion Boon to the Global Economy—If It Can Overcome These Obstacles

Global growth is stalling. Trade wars are hammering manufacturers, from Shanghai to Stuttgart to Seattle. But, awful as today’s economic outlook appears, Industry 4.0 is alive and well, its most ardent backers say. Industry 4.0 is the catch-all term for the implementation by businesses of big data, improved robotics and artificial intelligence systems. And it’s

How deepfakes evolved so rapidly in just a few years

You probably saw that recent report about how 96% of online deepfake videos are pornographic. That’s sure to change in the coming years—veering into political manipulation and propaganda—says the head of Deep Trace Labs, the company behind the study.

Why SoftBank Vision Fund is one of the most complex private equity funds ever raised

SoftBank Vision Fund isn’t just the largest private equity fund ever raised, at $100 billion. It’s also one of the most complicated. How it works: All outside limited partners are promised a 7% annual coupon on their invested capital, which through June had come out to $1.6 billion.

3 E’s of AI: Creating explainable AI – IoT Agenda

I have a belief that’s unorthodox in the data science world: explainability first, predictive power second, a notion that is more important than ever for companies implementing AI. Why? Because AI is the hottest technology on the planet…

Chinese AI project is under review at MIT after US blacklists company

SAN FRANCISCO (BLOOMBERG) – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said it would review the school’s relationship with SenseTime Group, an artificial-intelligence start-up that was among eight Chinese companies blacklisted by the United States this week over alleged human rights violations.

2 Bitcoin Developers Explain How The Cryptocurrency Could Still Fail

In a few months, it will have been eleven years since the Bitcoin network was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto. The fact that the digital cash system has simply existed for this long is a grand achievement, but this is still an experimental project that could fail.

Hacking victim who paid Bitcoin ransom goes on to hack the hackers

A ransomware victim that paid Bitcoin to unlock his files has enacted sweet vengeance on his attackers, by hacking them right back. As part of his retaliation, German programmer Tobias Frömel (aka “battleck”) released almost 3,000 decryption keys to assist others hit by the Muhstik ransomware, alongside free decryption software, BleepingComputer reports.

‘Scam’ or Iteration? At Devcon, Ethereum Diehards Still Believe in 2.0

For ethereum’s critics in the bitcoin community, last month brought a “gotcha” moment. Joseph Lubin, co-founder of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, acknowledged onstage at Ethereal Tel Aviv that the network, in its original form, wasn’t built for mass adoption. “We knew it wasn’t going to be scalable for sure,” the ConsenSys CEO said.

The U.S. Government Tried To Shut Down Bitcoin

Bitcoin conspiracy theorists have long suspected the U.S. government, among others, would like to shut down bitcoin. Bitcoin’s first decade has seen its price explode, making early adopters overnight millionaires, and prompting some of the world’s biggest technology companies to create their own versions of bitcoin.

SNB and Swiss Stock Exchange Team Up on Digital Currency

The Swiss National Bank and stock exchange SIX will jointly explore how to make central bank digital money available for the trading and settlement among financial market players.

$6 Billion United Nations Agency Launches Bitcoin, Ethereum Crypto Fund

UNICEF is now accepting bitcoin and ethereum donations as part of a larger effort to re-invest the funds into startups using blockchain to solve a wide range of problems.

Gartner says blockchain is sliding into ‘the trough of disillusionment’

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but according to Gartner‘s Hype Cycle, blockchain is “sliding into the trough of disillusionment,” meaning the technology is struggling to live up to the hype. In the firm’s own words, the “trough of disillusionment” means that “interest [in the technology] …

Senators Caution Mastercard, Visa, Stripe on Libra Membership

Two Senate Democrats are urging three payment processing companies to reconsider their involvement with the Libra cryptocurrency project envisioned by Facebook Inc. and a coalition of other groups.

Byron Deeter on investing in 14 different billion dollar companies

Byron Deeter entered venture capital the hard way–by gaining a lot of empathy (and entrepreneurial scar tissue) after founding Trigo Technologies, an early cloud business back in the first wave of SaaS. After selling Trigo to IBM in 2004, he joined Bessemer as a partner. Since then he has led more cloud companies through IPOs

Meet the former prosecutor asked to investigate bitcoin who became the face of crypto VC investing

Seven years ago, bitcoin was a foreign language to federal prosecutor Katie Haun. That changed when her boss at the U.S. attorney’s office asked her to look into shutting it down.  

“AI Sells, Data Delivers!”

The world is advancing at a faster pace and new technologies are coming up to reshape the business world and society. One of these emerging technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence has gained momentum in the world like other technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, 3D printing, Robotics etc.

France Watchdog Continues Crackdown on Binary Options Brokers

Several European countries, including France, have permanently banned the sale of binary options to retail customers. France’s financial markets regulator, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), today shed light on several unregulated ‎binary options brokers representing their offering under several brands.

AI isn’t ready to take fund manager jobs yet

How good is artificial intelligence at managing money? To judge by the recent performance of some AI-driven strategies, it doesn’t look like the robots are going to take over from the humans anytime soon.

Prepare for the Deepfake Era of Web Video

It has always been good advice to take what you see on the internet with a pinch of salt, but online video has lately become even less trustworthy. Deepfakes, clips altered or fabricated with an artificial intelligence technique called machine learning, make alternative realities easier to create and disseminate.

Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future

Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future. Its failure to achieve adoption to date is because systems built on trust, norms, and institutions inherently function better than the type of no-need-for-trusted-parties systems blockchain envisions. That’s permanent: no matter how much blockchain improves it is still headed in the wrong

Do Crypto Payment Restrictions Undermine Blockchain’s Core Values?

The power of cryptocurrency payment service providers is under the spotlight after a $100,000 donation to an Amazon rainforest charity was blocked last month. American cryptocurrency payment service provider BitPay reportedly blocked a Bitcoin payment from charity organization Amazon Watch because it had failed the internal processes of the payment platform.

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Top 1000 Bitcoin addresses own 34% of the total supply’

Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what’s been going on with Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. As Habermass used to say: There’s only one way to go from here! Bitcoin Price We closed the day, September 21 2019, at a price of $10,019. That’s a minor 1.60

Bitcoin ‘Messiah’ Goes To War With The ‘Deep State’

One of bitcoin and crypto’s oldest proponents, the founder and former chief executive of U.S. online retailer Overstock, Patrick Byrne, is going all-in on gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. The “Mad King,” as he was labelled by Forbes in a recent profile, wants to protect his dwindling resources so he can “go to war” with the “Deep State”

Bitcoin Flatlines While Ether, XRP Surge; Bitcoin ETF Imminent?

IS THE WORLD READY FOR A BITCOIN ETF? The SEC has published a detailed presentation shared by Bitwise, the venture backed-cryptocurrency index and fund provider, arguing why the world is ready for its first bitcoin ETF on a major exchange. Bitwise thinks the crypto market can support a fund based on spot market efficiency, institutional-grade custody of crypto assets

This Picasso painting had never been seen before. Until a neural network painted it.

The Old Guitarist is probably the most famous painting from Picasso’s Blue Period. It dates from 1903-1904, when the young artist was living in poverty in Paris. Picasso used the color blue to represent the emotional pain and desolation he was experiencing at the time.  

AI is here — should we trust it?

Rapid adoption of any new technology product is essential to those who sell it. The faster the adoption curve, the faster companies can make a profit on the technology. Generally speaking, consumer embracement of new technology starts slowly and gradually gains momentum until it becomes mainstream, and this process can be opaque and often can

Scientists create robot which can mimic human movement and CHOOSES people

Scientists have created autonomous AI robots which have free will and the ability to mimic humans. Sony’s Pendulus is an interactive robotic pendulum which sits inside an orb shaped cage and detects human presence with the help of multiple sensors placed around a room.

Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Classification

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women and men worldwide. In 2012, it represented about 12 percent of all new cancer cases and 25 percent of all cancers in women. Breast cancer starts when cells in the breast begin to grow out of control. These cells usually form a tumor that can

Merging with AI: How to Make a Brain-Computer Interface to Communicate with Google using Keras and OpenBCI

Eon Musk and Neuralink want to build a Brain-Computer Interface that can act as the third layer of the brain, allowing humans to form a symbiotic relationship with Artificial Intelligence. But what if you can already do that? In a (very) limited form, you actually can.

An AI app that turns you into a movie star has risked the privacy of millions

ZAO, a viral Chinese app that uses AI to face-swap users and famous actors, is now embroiled in a major privacy controversy. The news: On Friday, a new app released by Momo, a social-media developer, instantly went viral on Chinese social media. It allows users to upload a single portrait and, within seconds, see their

Facebook has leaked 419 million phone numbers

The news: A security researcher discovered a database pulled from Facebook that contained over 419 million phone numbers. The data included Facebook IDs and in some cases names, genders, and countries. Because the server hosting the database wasn’t password-protected, anyone could find and access it, according to Sanyam Jain, the researcher who passed his discovery

How merging AI with Blockchains can lead to Decentralized Finance and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Since a few years a new technology named Blockchain promised more transparency, security, speed and efficiency. The first Blockchain entered the public after the financial crisis of 2008 and produced the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. A new “economy” was born; the crypto-economy. More than 10 years later, we see almost 1,500 new cryptocurrency projects and platforms pretending

Moonday Mornings: North Korea denies earning $2B by hacking cryptocurrency exchanges and banks

If you’re reading this, that means we successfully lured you into clicking our Bitcoin-related headline. Sucked in. What it really means, though, is that you and I have now entered into a (rather loose) social contract. It demands you are provided with enough interesting cryptocurrency tidbits so that you don’t complain to us on Twitter about

Biohackers are pirating a cheap version of a million-dollar gene therapy

A group of independent biologists say they plan to copy a costly gene therapy. Are they medicine’s Robin Hood or a threat to safety? Citing the tremendous cost of new drugs, an international group of biohackers say they are creating a knockoff of a million-dollar gene therapy. The drug being copied is Glybera, a gene

An AI system identified a potential new drug in just 46 days

The approach is based on two popular AI techniques: generative adversarial networks and reinforcement learning. The news: A team from AI pharma startup Insilico Medicine, working with researchers at the University of Toronto, took 21 days to create 30,000 designs for molecules that target a protein linked with fibrosis (tissue scarring). They synthesized six of these

SEC Charges ICO Research and Rating Provider With Failing to Disclose It Was Paid to Tout Digital Assets

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that Russian entity ICO Rating has agreed to pay $268,998 to settle charges that it failed to disclose payments received from issuers for publicizing their digital asset securities offerings.

Artificial intelligence is taking an increased role in diagnosing and treating cancer

Doctors hope the future of cancer treatment is personal: Using genetics, they’ll be able to match patients with precisely the drug or treatment option that will fight their tumors. However, information on tumor genetics often isn’t linked with data on how well patients with those tumors did on particular treatments.  

The Military Secretly Built An “Artificial Brain” Called Sentient

Since 2010, American intelligence agencies have been developing a top-secret “artificial brain” military AI system that they named — seriously — “Sentient.” Newly released confidential and classified documents first reported by The Verge describe the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)’s Sentient Program as a fully-integrated intelligence system that can coordinate satellite positions and may soon be used to

The great AI swindle

It was a scandal. Third-party contractors, many working from places where data protection legislation is lax (or even non-existent), were listening and transcribing recordings of conversations from people who unwittingly believed robots were doing all the work. Conversations about work, finance, and romance were snooped upon, analyzed, and then typed up.      

How tech is transforming the intelligence industry

At a conference on the future challenges of intelligence organizations held in 2018, former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats argued that he transformation of the American intelligence community must be a revolution rather than an evolution. The community must be innovative and flexible, capable of rapidly adopting innovative technologies wherever they may arise.  

To Be Ethical, AI Must Become Explainable. How Do We Get There?

As over-hyped as artificial intelligence is—everyone’s talking about it, few fully understand it, it might leave us all unemployed but also solve all the world’s problems—its list of accomplishments is growing. AI can now write realistic-sounding text, give debating champs a run for their money, diagnose illnesses, and generate fake human faces—among much more.    

North Korea Stole $2 Billion in Crypto and Fiat to Fund Weapons Program

The hackers of the country were suspected many times for involvement in crypto exchange hacks. North Korea has raised around $2 billion from stealing cryptocurrencies and fiats to fund its weapons of mass destruction, a confidential United Nations’ report revealed. “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea cyber actors, many operating under the direction of the Reconnaissance

Global Data Regulators Jointly Raises Concerns Over Libra

The regulators asked for more in-depth information on the company’s plans with data and design of the network. Multiple global data and privacy watchdogs have issued a joint statement, raising concerns on Facebook’s upcoming digital currency Libra. Published on Monday by the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the statement was additionally signed by representatives of

Protecting The Internet From Government Censorship Is Key To The Future Of Global Trade

As the U.S. and China wrestle over tariffs, public attention naturally focuses on manufacturing. But for years manufacturing’s share of global trade has been shrinking, while trade in services has been growing. The economy of the future will be leveraged on the exchange of knowledge and intellectual property. This should make commercial services sold via the internet

New Data Reveals Serious Bitcoin Warning

Bitcoin has been rallying hard so far this year but the latest bull run, which has seen the bitcoin price soar by around 200% in just six months, could be coming to an end. The bitcoin price, which is now hovering just under $10,000 per bitcoin, has climbed so far this year mostly due to

Big Bitcoin Corrections Expected and Normal, Could BTC Drop to $8k Soon?

The doom merchants immediately start rejoicing as soon as Bitcoin begins to dump but in reality this is simply a normal and expected component of the market cycle. At the moment BTC is down just over 30 percent from its 2019 high but it could drop even further.  

Brain-Machine Interfaces Are Getting Better and Better—and Neuralink’s New Brain Implant Pushes the Pace

Elon Musk grabbed a lot of attention with his July 16 announcement that his company Neuralink plans to implant electrodes into the brains of people with paralysis by next year. Their first goal is to create assistive technology to help people who can’t move or are unable to communicate.

What Tokenization is Doing To Real World Assets

The tokenization principle brought about by blockchain technology is a fundamental element in the much talked about revolution that this technology portrays. The knowledge that previously unsplittable entities can now be broken down into smaller units and made more accessible is a mind-changing philosophy.  

Microsoft Invests $1 Billion in OpenAI’s Mission to Build Artificial General Intelligence

Since its inception in 2015, OpenAI has been chasing the lofty goal of developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) for the benefit of all. But it turns out that doesn’t come cheap, so now Microsoft will pump $1 billion into OpenAI’s effort. As smart as today’s best AI is, it still doesn’t have the kind of

Sound waves let quantum systems ‘talk’ to one another

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory have invented an innovative way for different types of quantum technology to “talk” to each other using sound. The study, published Feb. 11 in Nature Physics, is an important step in bringing quantum technology closer to reality. Researchers are eyeing quantum systems, which tap the

MIT Fellow Says Facebook ‘Lifted’ His Ideas for Libra Cryptocurrency

Avid students of the literature on monetary innovation might feel deja vu when reading Facebook’s Libra white paper. Several aspects of the social network’s much-ballyhooed global cryptocurrency project uncannily resemble the vision laid out in a paper published last year in the Royal Society’s Open Science publication.  

IRS Says It’s Sending Warning Letters to US Cryptocurrency Owners

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced Friday that it has begun sending letters to taxpayers who own cryptocurrency, advising them to pay any back taxes they may owe or to file amended tax returns regarding their holdings. In a news bulletin, the agency said that it began mailing what it called “educational letters” last

A Stark Prediction For The Future Of Bitcoin, Ether, XRP And Litecoin

Bitcoin, ETH, XRP and LTC prices, will be on a roller coaster for a long time. Traders and investors will make and lose fortunes in record time, betting on them. In the end, say some analysts, these cryptocurrencies will either die on their own, or be killed by the ‘establishment’ — big governments and big

Microsoft Bets $1 Billion On The Holy Grail Of AI

Microsoft is back to its winning ways. And with its surging profits, the company is looking for ways to marshal its enormous resources to keep up the momentum. Perhaps one of the most important recent deals is a $1 billion investment in OpenAI. The goal is to build a next-generation AI platform that is not

DeepMind’s AI learns to generate realistic videos by watching YouTube clips

Perhaps you’ve heard of FaceApp, the mobile app that taps AI to transform selfies, or This Person Does Not Exist, which surfaces computer-generated photos of fictional people. But what about an algorithm whose videos are wholly novel? One of the newest papers from Google parent company Alphabet’s DeepMind (“Efficient Video Generation on Complex Datasets”) details

Ethereum’s faltering hashrate makes it susceptible to attack

Ethereum’s hashrate is down 42% from its all-time high in August 2018 suggesting mining interest is waning. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap has struggled with its mining hashrate in 2019, according to hash analytics site, Long Hash. The hashrate remains 42 percent below what was seen during Ethereum’s high of 295 GH/s back in

Desktop Crypto Mining Malware Is Disappearing but Cloud Computing Exploits Are Growing

A new report from Skybox Security suggests that desktop crypto mining malware popularity has fallen considerably this year but that cloud computing attacks – essentially attacks that create hundreds of infected computing containers online – has risen drastically in 2019. “Use of malicious cryptominers — cybercriminals’ overwhelming tool of choice in 2018 — has declined

Machine learning builds a breast cancer ‘atlas’

Scientists at the University of Zurich have used artificial technology to help analyse millions of cells from breast cancer tissue of 140 tumours, to create what they describe as an ‘atlas’ of machine learning to analyse millions of cells from breast cancer tissue, which it’s hoped could provide a more detailed roadmap to new therapy

Mystery Surrounds Cancelation of $4.5 Million Warren Buffett Lunch With Chinese Crypto Founder

Warren Buffett was supposed to sit down at a steakhouse this month and hear about cryptocurrency from a Chinese entrepreneur and seven of his friends. But now the lunch—which is the prize in an annual charity auction held by the Oracle of Omaha—may be off indefinitely amid reports the entrepreneur, Justin Sun, is being detained

Elon Musk’s brain-interface company is promising big news. Here’s what it could be.

We think Neuralink, which develops brain-machine interfaces, is recording from the neurons of monkeys as a stepping stone toward humans. Neuralink, the secretive company bankrolled by Elon Musk to develop brain-computer interfaces, will provide its first public update later today in an event streamed over the internet.

You’re very easy to track down, even when your data has been anonymized

A new study shows you can be easily re-identified from almost any database, even when your personal details have been stripped out. The data trail we leave behind us grows all the time. Most of it isn’t that interesting—the takeout meal you ordered, that shower head you bought online—but some of it is deeply personal:

Real-Time Data Streaming with Kafka and TensorFlow

The flux of data is increasing exponentially in this age of Digital awakening. Data has become so important to major industries and sectors around the globe that it can literally be referred to as digital gold! From simple company centric applications to major platforms interweaving people from all around the world, data has started to

The Important Difference Between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Now that there’s rapid growth in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), there is increased confusion about the differences between the technologies. While all are immersive technologies (technology that integrates virtual and real-world elements) and have similarities, there are differences. Here I outline the differences between virtual reality, augmented reality, and

What is bias in AI really, and why can’t AI neutralize it?

Selection algorithms everywhere are exhibiting traits that appear to be racist, sexist, and otherwise discriminatory. Have neural networks already developed their own neuropathy? Or are people somehow the problem? Suppose a CCTV camera were to spot your face in a crowd outside a sports stadium. In a data center somewhere on the planet, an artificial

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