How a genius hacker made $350,000 exploiting DeFi

A smart trader has exploited various protocols in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space to net a whopping $350,000 in profits. As Decrypt reported yesterday, a clever set of instructions—all executed in one big transaction—enabled someone to leverage current weaknesses in the DeFi ecosystem for their own gain.

Can All Of Bitcoin Be Hacked?

Call it the singularity. One day, maybe a decade from now, a message flashes across the internet: “Elliptic curves cracked!” Elliptic curve cryptography, or ECC, is the foundation beneath bitcoin. Wouldn’t the discovery of a hole in this code destroy the currency—and take down any coin exchange?

Blow To Bitcoin As ‘Significant’ U.S. Crypto Crackdown Suddenly Revealed

The U.S. bitcoin and cryptocurrency community has had a rough week—and its future is looking bleak. This week, Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin warned “significant” new bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulations are on their way, Minneapolis Federal Reserve president Neel Kashkari branded cryptocurrencies “a giant garbage dumpster,” and the Department of Justice called bitcoin mixing “a crime.”

A Vision of the Future Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, defined as intelligence exhibited by machines, is on everybody’s lips nowadays. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made many changes in our day to day life and has touched every industry, business, consumer and household in a meaningful way. Let’s take a look at the technological advancements where AI will be able to assist us

A brief history of artificial intelligence

In the early days of artificial intelligence, computer scientists attempted to recreate aspects of the human mind in the computer. This is the type of intelligence that is the stuff of science fiction—machines that think, more or less, like us. This type of intelligence is called, unsurprisingly, intelligibility. A computer with intelligibility can be used

AI helps predict heart attacks and stroke

Using AI technology to analyze CMR scans, researchers were able to precisely quantify the blood flow to the heart muscles of patients. Comparing the AI-generated blood flow results with health outcomes, the team found those with reduced blood flow were at increased risk of stroke, heart attacks, and heart failure. The machine-learning algorithm was able

Iranian hackers have been hacking VPN servers to plant backdoors in companies around the world

2019 will be remembered as the year when major security bugs were disclosed in a large number of enterprise VPN servers, such as those sold by Pulse Secure, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and Citrix.

Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses

Last month, the cryptographer and coder known as Moxie Marlinspike was getting settled on an airplane when his seatmate, a midwestern-looking man in his 60s, asked for help. He couldn’t figure out how to enable airplane mode on his aging Android phone. But when Marlinspike saw the screen, he wondered for a moment if he

IOTA cryptocurrency shuts down entire network after wallet hack

IOTA Foundation, the nonprofit organization behind the IOTA cryptocurrency, has shut down its entire network this week after hackers exploited a vulnerability in the official IOTA wallet app to steal user funds.

This Crypto is a “Sleeping Giant” That Could Soon See a Face Ripping Rally

Although the crypto markets have faced some turbulence this morning, it is important to note that altcoins have been caught within firm uptrends over the past several days and weeks, with this momentum being emblematic of the prophesized “alteseason” that investors have been anticipating.

Bitcoin Crashes Back

The bitcoin price has crashed back under $10,000 per bitcoin after a roller-coaster few weeks that’s seen it rally almost 50%. The bitcoin price has had a phenomenal start to the year, boosted by rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran and stock market turmoil due to the spreading coronavirus.

Bitcoin Price Drop Nets Bitfinex ‘Whale’ $10 Million in 5 Minutes

Late Saturday night on Feb. 15, Bitcoin (BTC) price briefly reclaimed the $10K mark after a tumultuous day of trading that saw the price drop 5.35% to $9,853. The possibility of a downside break was enhanced by Bitcoin’s failure to hold above $10,330 and for the past 4 days $10,450 to $10,500 served as a

Why Bill Gates thinks gene editing and artificial intelligence could save the world

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been working to improve the state of global health through his nonprofit foundation for 20 years, and today he told the nation’s premier scientific gathering that advances in artificial intelligence and gene editing could accelerate those improvements exponentially in the years ahead.

Deep Neural Network AI Reconstructs Mysterious Image Hidden in Picasso Painting

As artificial intelligence continues to develop apace, it’s clear that AI will in all likelihood make huge gains in a wide range of fields, extending from making medical diagnoses and financial predictions, to automated fact-checking. What’s less apparent is what kind of role AI will play in more creative industries, as it’s recently done in

IIT Madras guys invented a technology that can convert Brain Signals into English Language

A breakthrough in technology was noticed with the recent use of artificial intelligence (AI) by a research team in Madras. Researchers at IIT Madras developed a technology with use of artificial intelligence to convert brain signals in impaired people into understandable human speech on Monday, 3 February 2020.

An artificial intelligence predicts the future

This publication draws on a wide range of expertise to illuminate the year ahead. Even so, all our contributors have one thing in common: they are human. But advances in technology mean it is now possible to ask an artificial intelligence (AI) for its views on the coming year.

7 business areas ripe for an artificial intelligence boost

Artificial intelligence has captured everyone’s imagination, but what can we expect from the technology? A recent survey of more than 550 executives from IBM finds plenty of support from the top — everyone wants to plunge full-force into AI to increase the speed and capabilities of their businesses. At the same time, AI is still very

Biologists rush to re-create the China coronavirus from its DNA code

The world is watching with alarm as China struggles to contain a dangerous new virus, now being called SARS-CoV-2. It has quarantined entire cities, and the US has put a blanket ban on travellers who’ve been there. Health officials are scrambling to understand how the virus is transmitted and how to treat patients.

Fake news detecting technology developed by DarwinAI

Artificial intelligence technology developed by a Waterloo-based company is being used to combat fake news. Researchers at the University of Waterloo are finding strong results in detecting misinformation with the tech.

The CIA-owned company that helped it spy on the world

This in-depth report tells the story of Crypto AG, a Switzerland-based company that achieved success for its code-making machines during World War II. The company eventually became a popular manufacturer of encryption machines for countries around the world in the decades that followed.

Treasury to Roll Out Cryptocurrency Rules

The Trump administration plans to introduce regulations for cryptocurrencies that are intended to crack down on their use in facilitating money laundering and other illicit activities, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Wednesday.

Ethereum and Tron are winning the dapp war

Ethereum’s decentralized application (dapp) ecosystem had a strong start in 2020, according to the latest Dappradar’s report. Its Games and Marketplaces category takes the lead in terms of daily unique active wallets growth, showing an increase of 163% over the last year.

Bitcoin recently topped $10,000 but don’t expect a run to record highs

Bitcoin is back around $10,000. But don’t be fooled into thinking that means the cryptocurrency is destined to revisit previous highs twice this level. I’m not saying this means a collapse. For better or worse, bitcoin is here to stay. But that doesn’t mean that investors should consider it a wise or safe investment now.

XRP is About to See an Insane Parabolic Rally After Breaking a Multi-Year Resistance

The crypto markets are currently caught within an intense uptrend that echoes the feeling of the early stages of the 2017 rally, with altcoins like XRP and others following Bitcoin’s lead and posting massive gains on a daily basis. XRP, which was one of the worst performing major altcoins in 2019, is now shaping up

US finds Huawei has backdoor access to mobile networks globally, report says

Chinese tech giant Huawei can reportedly access the networks it helped build that are being used by mobile phones around the world. It’s been using backdoors intended for law enforcement for over a decade, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing US officials. The details were disclosed to the UK and Germany at the end

Quantum entanglement over 30 miles of fiber has brought super secure internet closer

Albert Einstein wanted nothing to do with it: he mocked the strange concept of quantum entanglement as “spooky action at a distance.” But a hundred years on, Einstein’s bugbear could help create an ultra-secure internet network, thanks to the most reliable technique yet for entangling nodes along miles of fiber-optic cable.

North Korea appears to have expanded its crypto-mining operation

State-sponsored crypto-crime: The report by Recorded Future, a US company that analyzes cybersecurity threats, details the efforts of Kim Jong-un’s regime to use cybercrime and cryptocurrency to get around sanctions meant to curb the nation’s nuclear weapons program.

Indicator That Preceded 1,000% Rally Ripple’s XRP Just Flashed Again

Over the past day or two, the crypto market — from Bitcoin to Ripple’s XRP — has begun to slow. The prices of the leading digital assets have finally taken a breather after days and days of uptrend without too much of retracement.

Ethereum Price (ETH) Has Surged 92% in 2020 With Targets Set on $300

For the second time in two weeks, Ether price (ETH) has notched a new 2020 high. This time the surge from $217.83 to $253.79 occurred as Bitcoin’s (BTC) price reversed course from $9,700s and rallied to a new high at $10,346.83.

JPMorgan Dipping its Toes into the Ethereum Ecosystem Could Be Bullish for ETH

Banking giant JPMorgan has offered mixed signals when it comes to their thoughts on cryptocurrencies, with the bank’s CEO frequently bashing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, despite offering their own intra-bank digital asset dubbed JPM Coin that is built upon the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

Fintech has finally cracked the US banking sector

Varo Money is poised to become a full-fledged bank, making it the first of a new wave of fintech upstarts to win that approval in the US. The company’s long and expensive journey through a thick barrier of regulation is a reason why America’s banks have repelled the tech disruption sweeping through other industries.

Deep Learning Meets the Internet of Things: How New Frameworks Will Drive the Next Generation of Mobile Apps

As mobile devices take over the world, researchers now study how to build deep learning networks that can keep up. One collaboration between academia and industry has analyzed a number of related deep learning frameworks, and the results look promising. When Facebook suggests new friends, Netflix recommends movies, Spotify recognizes a song, or Uber accurately

Federated machine learning: The road to decentralised data collaboration

Big data projects and state-of-the-art data science models are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive innovation across financial services, healthcare, government and other sectors. Take the healthcare industry for example, which is expected to spend roughly $23 billion globally on big data analytics by 2023, according to P&S Intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence Might Save Time

Teachers: Could you use an extra 13 hours in your work week, or for your personal life? That might be possible in the future, according to a report published last month by McKinsey & Company: “How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact K-12 Teachers.”

Meet Ella: New Zealand Police unveil first artificial intelligence officer

The police have unveiled their first AI officer, with hopes she’ll soon be smiling and blinking out of screens in stations all around New Zealand. Ella, the artificial intelligence cop at the centre of the police’s new digital services, was revealed at the police national headquarters in Wellington this morning.

VB Special Issue: AI and Security

Both AI and cybersecurity are nearly omnipresent in our daily lives, and the intersection of the two is of increasing importance as our world becomes more connected, more “intelligent,” and more reliant on online or automated systems. AI technology can impact existing problems in cybersecurity.

How an investor evaluates the technology of an AI startup

The key is not just to use AI, but to use it intelligently for problems that require it. Many tasks that one may feel like applying deep learning to can be carried out effectively using rules and basic automation. For a problem like helping a company close its books faster, automation is enough, because the

Bitcoin Suddenly Pumps $400 To Back Above $10,000, Hitting A Fresh 2020 High

Bitcoin has suddenly soared back above $10,000 after a volatile few days that saw it breach the psychological barrier for the first time this year. The bitcoin price, which was earlier today seen trading at under $9,700, surged to $10,380 on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange—part of a broader rally that some have

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin dips just enough to fill gap in futures market’

We closed the day, February 10 2020, at a price of $9,856. That’s a notable 2.55 percent decline in 24 hours, or -$258.94. It was the lowest closing price in two days. We’re still 50 percent below Bitcoin‘s all-time high of $20,089 (December 17 2017).

Bitcoin’s Selloff Could Turn into a Bloodbath if it Breaks This Key Level

Bitcoin (BTC) has been experiencing some intense turbulence over the past several days and weeks, with the cryptocurrency’s recent rally to highs of $10,200 leading to an intense overnight rejection that subsequently sent the crypto reeling back into the $9,000 region.

North Korean Internet Use Spikes 300% as Regime Turns to Cryptocurrencies

North Korea’s internet use saw a 300% surge over the past three years, as the country’s regime has continued to rely on cryptocurrencies for various activities. Exploitation of crypto and blockchain technology is among the primary tactics for the country to generate revenue as well as transfer and use illicitly obtained funds, a new study

Cryptocurrency crime losses more than double to $4.5 billion in 2019, report finds

Losses from cryptocurrency crime surged to $4.52 billion last year, as insider theft soared even as hacking losses declined, according to a report from blockchain forensics company CipherTrace seen by Reuters.

New Pentagon budget request invests in 4 advanced technologies

The Pentagon wants to focus its 2021 investments on four critical emerging technology areas that will increase the United States’ comparative advantage against near peer adversaries.

How AI is changing both cybersecurity and cyberattacks

Artificial intelligence is sweeping through almost every industry, layering a new level of intelligence on the software used for things like delivering better cybersecurity. McAfee, one of the big players in the industry, is adding AI capabilities to its own suite of tools that protect users from increasingly automated attacks.

Think 5G is exciting? Just wait for 6G

The wireless industry has revolutionized the way we work and play, so it’s no wonder why 5G has grabbed everyone’s attention. Already in some cities, and soon across the world, fiberoptic transmission speeds will invisibly reach into all of our pockets, bringing television, 3D imagery and new applications we never dreamed of to our mobile

The Four Pillars of an SSI Network

Building an operating network takes more than protocols or even code. It requires aligning the efforts of people to get a hard thing done. We created the Sovrin Foundation to foster a thriving ecosystem for an identity metasystem.

China using ‘AI-powered thermal cameras’ to detect coronavirus victims

China is using a network of cameras powered by artificial intelligence to find the latest victims of coronavirus. The Chinese Ministry of Industry has urged AI firms to help combat the virus outbreak by using the technology to detect anyone with a fever.

Clinicians’ ‘Number-One Wish’ for Artificial Intelligence

Eric J. Topol, MD: Hello. This is Eric Topol, for “Medicine and the Machine” on Medscape. I’m so delighted to have a chance to have an extended conversation with Fei-Fei Li, who is a professor at Stanford University. She runs the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI). She’s had an enormous influence on the

Cryptocurrency Scams Took in More Than $4 Billion in 2019

Seo Jin-ho, a travel-agency operator in South Korea, wasn’t interested in exotic investments when a colleague first introduced him to PlusToken, a platform that traded bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But the colleague was persistent.

Mysterious ‘Binance Cloud’ Launching in 10 Days, CEO CZ Confirms

In a wide-ranging ask-me-anything (AMA) on Feb. 7, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced big plans for the cryptocurrency exchange in 2020. One of the most imminent and least explained was the hinted arrival of a new product called Binance Cloud, which will reportedly be unveiled in the next 10 days.

Crypto Exchange Kraken Reveals Serious Bitcoin Wallet Flaw

Bitcoin hardware wallets are thought to be one of the most secure ways people can store their bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies—but they aren’t perfect. The bitcoin price is fast climbing towards $10,000, hitting fresh year-to-date highs of $9,900 over the last 24-hour trading period, and bitcoin buyers are keen to keep their bitcoin as safe

Goldman Sachs considers building cloud service to sell to other finance firms

US bank Goldman Sachs is considering converting its cloud investments into a non-financial services product line by creating a cloud-based core technology platform that could be sold as a service to other financial services companies.

4 Things to Know About the Middle East Fintech Industry

Fintech came to the Gulf region wholly only in 2017, when regulators began implementing policies to encourage the growth of the sector, and even though the region has been slower on the uptake of financial technology compared to others in the world, the sector is growing rapidly, and more importantly, sustainably.

Coronavirus Checks China’s Blockchain Ambitions

It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of non-reciprocal trade. American nuts are to be sold en masse to the Chinese as part of the extra $200 billion worth of extra U.S. goods that the mainland promised to purchase – $40 billion of that from U.S. agricultural producers. 

Bitcoin Breaks Through $10,000 To Set Fresh 2020 High

Bitcoin prices surpassed $10,000 today, rising above this key, psychological level and climbing to their highest since October. The digital currency had risen to as much as $10,007.56 at the time of this writing, CoinDesk data shows.

Your provider might be throttling your internet. Here’s how to check

There’s little more infuriating than a Netflix show stuttering and stopping right at the climax thanks to bad Wi-Fi. The collective groans, the held breath as loading stalls at 99%, the children crying for Moana to come back: all of these could be avoided if the internet just stayed steady. But alas, steady internet is

Elon Musk tells Twitter followers to #DeleteFacebook

Tesla founder Elon Musk told his Twitter followers to “#DeleteFacebook” in a Saturday morning tweet. The tweet came in response to a post by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen highlighting Facebook’s alleged monopolistic behavior and calling on the government to take control of the social media giant out of billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s hands.

Christopher Allen – Ideology & Architecture of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Odyssey Connect opening keynote of internet cryptography pioneer Christopher Allen about essential insights and reflections around cultural, technological and ethical aspects of Self-Sovereign Identity on the 5th of February, The Hague (The Netherlands). Christopher is an entrepreneur and technologist who specializes in collaboration, security, and trust. As a pioneer in internet cryptography, he’s initiated cross-industry

An Introduction to The Spatial Web

As we bear witness to the Digital Transformation of our world and cross the threshold into the Web 3.0 era, we face some extraordinary choices with serious and wide-ranging implications. Our technologies, from the first use of fire to the future of facial recognition, appear to be neutral by their very nature. Their appearance obscures

This fintech startup is using AI to make bitcoin trades

London-based fintech startup AiX has implemented the very first Bitcoin-USD trade via artificial intelligence (AI). The firm’s system—which plans to replace interdealer brokers with a fully automated AI—went live February 4, proving that time may well be up for human intermediaries.

How Is Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Used In Engineering?

Just like with many other industries, artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing engineering. Even though these technologies are now seemingly “everywhere,” we shouldn’t overlook how truly incredible they are and the remarkable things they enable us to do today and will allow us to do tomorrow.

Can AI ever rival human creativity? Here’s what the science says

The European Patent Office recently turned down an application for a patent that described a food container. This was not because the invention was not novel or useful, but because it was created by artificial intelligence. By law, inventors need to be actual people. This isn’t the first invention by AI–machines have produced innovations ranging

AI in the adult industry: porn may soon feature people who don’t exist

A professional headshot of a man with his face carefully poised in a neutral expression, the kind that might be used in an acting portfolio. A teenage girl with red hair and glasses, pouting at the camera against an outdoor backdrop.

3 privacy issues to consider before bringing an Amazon Echo into your house

Amazon Echo and the Alexa voice assistant have had widely publicized issues with privacy. Whether it is the amount of data they collect or the fact that they reportedly pay employees and, at times, external contractors from all over the world to listen to recordings to improve accuracy, the potential is there for sensitive personal

AI, 5G, and medical IoT can help deliver the promise of precision medicine

When my son was a toddler, he went to his pediatrician for a routine CAT scan. Easy stuff. Just a little shot to subdue him for a few minutes. He’d be awake and finished in a jiffy. Except my son didn’t wake up. He lay there on the clinic table, unresponsive, his vitals slowly falling.

Crypto Goes IPO — Ripple Could Lead the Blockchain Industry’s Charge

2020 could be the year that crypto companies step forward and take the plunge into going public. As the biggest players in the industry cautiously watch for opportunities to gain regulatory approval, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse used the prestigious Davos World Economic Forum summit to announce that the firm was considering an initial public offering

Facebook’s “radioactive data” tracks the images used to train an AI

A team from Facebook AI Research has developed a way to track exactly which images in a dataset were used to train a machine-learning model. By making imperceptible tweaks to images, creating a kind of watermark, they were able to make tiny corresponding changes to the way an image classifier trained on those images works,

Facebook Has Sent Facial Recognition Startup ‘Clearview AI’ Cease And Desist Letters

Facial recognition software startup Clearview AI has been under fire over revelations it’s been training its machine learning algorithm on billions of publicly available photos, including public personal images scraped from social media without permission. Now Facebook has become the latest tech giant to tell the controversial company to quit it.  

Defense researchers developing software agents that can read people’s thoughts

When researchers funded by DARPA, the pentagon’s grant-funding arm for cutting edge tech, start talking about machine social intelligence, I, for one, get nervous. Needless to say, it’s been a restless week. Led by Carnegie Mellon University, which is a robotics and AI powerhouse, a team of researchers is working to build artificially intelligent agents

10 Disruptive Trends for 2020

Twenty years ago, when I started advising startups and Fortune 500 companies on their innovation strategies, a “2020 vision” served as a key staple in most business planning efforts. The future is finally here. Emerging technologies catalyze disruption. But 2020 promises to be especially extra turbulent. Election year dynamics, coupled with an increase in grassroots business

Litecoin Closing Above This Level Could Mean 100% Surge Will Take Place

There was a time when Litecoin was trading alongside the crypto market’s foremost leaders, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. But over the past few years, since the previous market bubble, the prominent altcoin has suffered. As of the time of writing this article, LTC is now the seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization — not bad by

Three Catalysts that Could Send Bitcoin Price Higher in February

It is February 1 and bitcoin is up by a modest 0.52 percent. The benchmark cryptocurrency left an impressive month behind in January, returning 30.27 percent in profits against an otherwise gloomy global market outlook. The wild move upside marked bitcoin’s best January close in seven years, convincing traders that the gains could grow further

Ripple Unlocks Half Billion Tokens From Escrow as XRP Price Up 26% YTD

XRP price growth remains lackluster as February begins, despite blockchain payment network Ripple releasing 500 million tokens from its escrow. Data from the XRP blockchain noted by monitoring resource Whale Alert on Feb. 1 confirmed a single transaction of 500,000,000 tokens worth $119.5 million left Ripple’s escrow the same day.

Why Africa is the new crucible of crypto

Just like the explorers of a bygone age, Jack Dorsey came away entranced when he visited Africa for the first time last year. The Twitter and Square CEO is a big Bitcoin fan and investor—and during his visit, he declared that the continent was the future of Bitcoin.

The Human-Powered Companies That Make AI Work

The hidden secret of artificial intelligence is that much of it is actually powered by humans. Well, to be specific, the supervised learning algorithms that have gained much of the attention recently are dependent on humans to provide well-labeled training data that can be used to train machine learning algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence won’t replace your doctors, but it could make them better

Artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine is here, and it’s advancing at an unprecedented pace. (Raise a bionic hand if you’re imagining a robot scooting in to conduct your next checkup.) In reality, AI is becoming a seamless, behind-the-scenes part of health care, undetected by the patients it serves. Instead, consumers will notice its downstream benefits:

Artificial intelligence requires trusted data, and a healthy DataOps ecosystem

Lately, we’ve seen many “x-Ops” management practices appear on the scene, all derivatives from DevOps, which seeks to coordinate the output of developers and operations teams into a smooth, consistent and rapid flow of software releases. Another emerging practice, DataOps, seeks to achieve a similarly smooth, consistent and rapid flow of data through enterprises. Like

Why we’re failing to regulate the most powerful tech we’ve ever faced

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said artificial intelligence is “more profound than fire or electricity.” Author and historian Yuval Noah Harari said, “If you have enough data about me, enough computing power and biological knowledge, you can hack my body, my brain, my life, and you can understand me better than I understand myself.”

These AI Home Gadgets Are Improving Our Lives

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic right now. From facial recognition to chatbots to cars to the health industry, it’s difficult to open the news and not see something about AI. Many of us think of AI and think science fiction, but AI is being used in more daily applications than ever. And we’re pretty

It’s pretty weird that smelling this particular flower can give your brain a boost

What if you could enhance your ability to learn and retain information with something as simple as a specific odor? Apparently, that’s a very real possibility, and a new research paper published in Scientific Reports reveals that the smell of a rose holds some curious powers. In the study, the scientists experimented with over 50

Mathematicians Solve an Enduring ’42’ Problem Using Planetary Supercomputer

Mathematicians have finally figured out the three cubed numbers that add up to 42. This has settled a problem that has been pondered for 65 years: namely, can each of the natural numbers below 100 be expressed as the sum of three cubes? The problem, set in 1954, is exactly what it sounds like: x3+y3+z3=k.

Burn, drown, or smash your phone: Forensics can extract data anyway

Damaged mobile phones are still filled with plenty of useful data, according to researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. NIST published the results of a recent study on forensic methods for getting data from mobile damaged mobile phones. It tested the tools

Tesla releases new video of what Autopilot can see, Cybertruck simulation and more

Tesla has released a new video of what Autopilot’s neural net can see, as well as new images of other systems powering Autopilot, including a simulator with a Tesla Cybertruck in it and more. If we are to believe Elon Musk, 2020 is going to be the year Tesla releases its full self-driving system built

Huawei needs Google more than Google needs Huawei

Huawei makes some incredible phones. My somewhat limited exposure to the brand as a U.S. resident reinforces what everyone who has one tells me: they are one of the best phones you can buy. When any brand gets this kind of praise, it has to be pretty darn good products.

Uber Suspends 240 Mexican Accounts to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Uber Technologies Inc. has suspended 240 user accounts in Mexico to contain the potential spread of coronavirus. The users suspended had ridden with two drivers who came into contact with a possible coronavirus case, according to a statement posted to the company’s Mexican Twitter account. To date, there have been no confirmed cases of the

Want to Own a Ferrari? Now You Can Through a New Digital Token

Always dreamed of owning a Ferrari but can’t afford it? Well, this may sound vaguely familiar: The blockchain has a solution for you. CurioInvest, an investment platform, and MERJ Exchange Ltd., a Seychelles-based digital asset exchange, are partnering to offer tokens backed by collectible cars. The companies say tokenizing the luxury assets as an investment

Two types of cryptocurrency are now dominating the market

Two types of cryptocurrency tokens are outperforming the rest of the market, according to data from Longhash. Over the last year, native exchange tokens and tokens used for cryptocurrency lending—in DeFi platforms—had the greatest returns on investment (ROI).

The ‘Billion-Dollar’ Plan To Kick Facebook While It’s Down

To some it might appear as though Facebook’s power has peaked. The social media giant controlled by chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg has lurched from scandal to crisis over the last few years.

Lead singer of Moist has created an artificial intelligence named Ophelia

The lead singer of the Canadian rock group Moist and four-time Juno winner David Usher was a in Winnipeg Thursday, but not for his music. The rocker is also a tech entrepreneur in the area of artificial intelligence and he was showing off his new “artificial being.” “I was born six months ago. I’m a

3 industries that won’t exist in 20 years

The insurance, transportation, and retail industries will either not exist in 20 years or will have changed completely due to artificial intelligence (AI), innovation, and other factors, according to Dave Jordan, global head, consulting and services integration at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Artificial intelligence-created medicine to be used on humans for first time

A drug molecule “invented” by artificial intelligence (AI) will be used in human trials in a world first for machine learning in medicine. It was created by British start-up Exscientia and Japanese pharmaceutical firm Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma. The drug will be used to treat patients who have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

UN suffered a serious hack — and then tried to cover it up

The United Nations suffered a critical breach in its networks last year — which it subsequently tried to cover up. The attack, which was likely orchestrated by state-sponsored actors, began in July, according to reports from The New Humanitarian and the Associated Press. A leaked internal document, obtained by The New Humanitarian and reviewed by

New Website Tracks Corona virus Outbreak in Real Time

You’d have to be living under a very isolated rock to be unaware of the dangerous coronavirus outbreak centered on the city of Wuhan in China. The disease has infected several thousand people, and more than 100 have died. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created a new tool to track and visualize the outbreak.

Bitcoin Price Climbs to $9,500 After Third Higher High in One Week

For the second time this week, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls have protested against any attempts to push the digital asset below the $9K mark. Earlier today, the price dropped slightly below $9,200 but the pullback stopped right at the Jan. 19 high at $9,198 before reversing to surge higher on a high volume spike.

itcoin Ain’t What It Used To Be, Pioneer Investor Says

A millionaire by age 18, early Bitcoin (BTC) investor Erik Finman said the environment around Bitcoin has significantly changed since 2011 — and not for the better. “It just ain’t what it used to be,” Finman told Cointelegraph in a message on Jan. 26, 2020.

Andrew Yang Just Mentioned Crypto, Again. He Says Bitcoin Can’t be Stopped

Andrew Yang has been deemed one of the most tech-focused presidential candidates. Unsurprisingly, he’s discussed Bitcoin and crypto assets on occasion, specifically in regards to the potential they have to aid the American economy.

Stablecoins dominate the Ethereum blockchain

Ether, the native cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain, is no longer the most popular cryptocurrency on the platform: Stablecoins are, according to new analysis by Messari.

Swiss Company Gets Green Light to Incorporate for a Blockchain IPO

In what’s being called a first for Switzerland, a company has been allowed to incorporate for an IPO offering of tokenized shares on a blockchain. In a press release Wednesday, the firm’s adviser Andriotto Financial Services said that Coldrerio, Switzerland-based Overfuture SA’s articles of incorporation directly reference “the digital nature of the shares (tokens) and

Fintechs divided on screen scraping ban

Founding director of The Regtech Association and Verifier CEO, Lisa Schutz, has urged for the Australian government to follow in the footsteps of the European Union (EU) and cease screen scraping. “I believe passionately that screen scraping should be prohibited as it is in the EU,” she told the Senate Committee of Financial Technology and

How humans and AI can work together to create better businesses

Here’s a paradox: as companies try to streamline their businesses by using artificial intelligence to make critical decisions, they may inadvertently make themselves less efficient. Business technologist Sylvain Duranton advocates for a “Human plus AI” approach — using AI systems alongside humans, not instead of them — and shares the specific formula companies can adopt

Microsoft takes the wraps off $40 million, five-year ‘AI for Health’ initiative

Microsoft has added a new program to its “AI for Good” line-up. Its new “AI for Health” initiative joins its existing AI for Earth; AI for Accessibility; AI for Humanitarian Action; and AI for Cultural Heritage projects. Microsoft is funding the AI for Health project at $40 million over four years.

AI spots unusual ‘square structure’ on surface of dwarf planet Ceres

There’s an internet subculture dedicated to closely examining Nasa pictures of Mars and boldly claiming that a weirdly-shaped rock is actually the relic of an alien civilisation. But it turns out that computers make the same sort of mistakes as humans when they’re scouring the universe for traces of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Changing roles: Find out if your IT job is about to become obsolete

The workforce is about to undergo a technological revolution: Over the next 10 years, 1.2 billion employees worldwide will be impacted by automation and artificial intelligence (AI), with 50% of jobs being changed by the technology and 5% being eliminated, according to the World Economic Forum.

Google claims its new chatbot Meena is better than OpenAI’s GPT-2

When was the last time you had a “conversation” with Siri or Alexa that was satisfactory? Maybe never. The primary reason is that while these assistants or bots have improved a lot, their conversational ability is still quite limited. But Google claims its new chatbot, called Meena, is the hot shit …

China Is Arresting People For “Spreading Rumors” Online About The Coronavirus

As reports of coronavirus cases spread across China, the country’s popular WeChat messaging app has been filled with rumors, hoaxes, and videos filled with unconfirmed information that have rattled ordinary people — and proven difficult for the Chinese government to stamp out.

CalTech wins $1.1 billion jury verdict in patent case against Apple, Broadcom

The California Institute of Technology said on Wednesday that it won a $1.1 billion jury verdict in a patent case against Apple (AAPL.O) and Broadcom (AVGO.O). In a case filed in federal court in Los Angeles in 2016, the Pasadena, California-based research university alleged that Broadcom wi-fi chips used in hundreds of millions of Apple

Bitcoin Technicals Suggest Monster Rally Went Too Far, Too Fast

Bitcoin’s trading around $9,000 once again but technical indicators show it may have gone up too far, too fast. Based on the GTI Vera Band Indicator, which tracks upward and downward trends, Bitcoin’s last price is far above the upper-band limit, signaling the coin is in an positive trend. However, similar instances in the past

UK’s high court orders crypto exchange Bitfinex to dox recipients of $860K in Bitcoin

The UK’s high court has reportedly ordered cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex to freeze $860,000 worth of Bitcoin that had flowed through its platform en route to ransomware hackers. The funds were part of $1.2 million paid by a Canadian insurance company that had fallen victim to a malware strain known as BitPaymer, which locks computer systems and

Bitcoin Price Parabola Reaches 90 Degrees, Sizable Correction To Follow

As the phrase goes, “what goes up, must come down.” And this is even more true for anything that goes up a little too fast – something Bitcoin price is known for. The cryptocurrency’s latest rally has now gone parabolic, and according to “the stick method” it has reached a 90-degree angle, potentially signaling a

Bitcoin’s next halving in May could send the currency to new all-time high

Something to look forward to:While crypto enthusiasts are no doubt interested to see the effects of Bitcoin’s ‘halving’ slated for later this year, it looks like others are joining the fray. The question on everyone’s mind is whether 2020 is the year Bitcoin reaches new heights, and the increase in awareness might well send its

2019 saw more cryptocurrency hacks than any other year

In 2019, hackers have successfully breached 11 major cryptocurrency exchanges and have stolen more than $283 million worth of cryptocurrency, according to blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis.

Tone Vays: Bitcoin Must Hold $9K for 2-3 Days to Secure Bull Market By

Bitcoin (BTC) rising above $9,000 has turned heads amid fresh uncertainty in China but has yet to convince one of its best-known traders. In the latest episode of his Trading Bitcoin YouTube series on Jan. 28, Tone Vays said that despite the past week’s upward price momentum, he was not yet bullish on Bitcoin.

A Massive 500 Bitcoin Sell Order Hits Binance For First Time in a While, Here’s What It Means

Bitcoin’s recent movement up towards its 2020 highs at $9,200 caught some bears by surprise, as it appeared to elucidate a significant amount of strength amongst BTC’s bulls. Bears are currently fighting back, however, as one whale just put up a 500 BTC market sell on cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which could be one of the

RealityEngines launches its autonomous AI service

RealityEngines.AI, an AI and machine learning startup founded by a number of former Google executives and engineers, is coming out of stealth today and announcing its first set of products. When the company first announced its $5.25 million seed round last year, CEO Bindu Reddy wasn’t quite ready to disclose RealityEngines’ mission beyond saying that

Cognitive Computing In The Next Decade Of AI

The year 2020 is upon us, and I am hearing across the news that this will be the next big decade in major technology advancement for artificial intelligence (AI). For example, HealthData Management reports that 93% of respondents are expecting an augmented workforce, with people, robots and AI…

Leaving cancer diagnosis to the computers

Recent reports of artificial intelligence (AI)-based diagnosis of brain cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, and others profess greater accuracy and faster diagnosis in patients than human specialists, giving prominence to the potential of using deep learning AI tools to improve cancer diagnoses. According to Cancer Research UK, 27·5 million new cancer cases could

FDA clears algorithms that detect heart murmurs and AFib

The FDA just granted clearance to a suite of algorithms that could help healthcare providers in the US more accurately screen for heart conditions during routine physical exams. The algorithms, developed by Eko, can help detect both heart murmurs, indicative of valvular or structural heart disease, and atrial fibrillation, or AFib, which can lead to

Saudi smartness: AI hackers gather in the Kingdom

Quiz time: list your top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) world hubs? Possible answers: Silicon Valley (obviously), Bangalore & Bengaluru (same place),

Aussie AI company receives patent for machine learning tec

Flamingo AI, an Australian based AI company with operations also in the United States, has received a patent for its machine learning technology. The company provides a machine learning based intelligent knowledge assistant and service desk, utilised by enterprises to gain operational efficiency and increase internal customer experience.

A Harvard super chemist has been arrested over lying about secret China payments

Charles Lieber, one the world’s top nanotechnology experts and the chairman of Harvard University’s chemistry department, was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with lying about payments he’d taken from the Thousand Talents Program, a Chinese effort to lure top research minds.

Two old satellites could collide over the US on Wednesday

Two satellites currently orbiting Earth might very well crash into each other on Wednesday, just above the city of Pittsburgh. What’s going on: Space tracking company LeoLabs found that on January 29, at around 6:39 p.m. local time, the two objects will pass by one another with only about 50 to 100 feet of separation,

Best drawing and art apps of 2020

Whether you use the iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, the Galaxy Note and its S Pen or a third-party stylus with your existing device, tablets and phones can be used to create real art. But it’s not just about the hardware — it’s the apps you’ll use with it.

Use These Antivirus and Anti-Malware Apps Instead of Avast

If something is free—especially if it’s a complicated something, or something you’d probably have to pay for otherwise—the familiar saying is often true: You’re the product. It’s one of the reasons you’re always being advertised to across the web. Search engines, email services, messaging platforms, or other apps and services you fancy cost money, and

9 Expert Tips For Managing a Remote Team

The workplace is changing. The water cooler where you shared the latest celebrity gossip and ranted about that last season of Game of Thrones? That’s a Slack channel now. The meeting room where you gathered your team to brainstorm strategy on the office whiteboard? Now just a video chat with a screen sharing option.

CEOs are deleting their social media accounts to protect against hackers

Cyber attacks are the are the biggest risk to businesses, with the prospect of falling victim hacking and other cyber crime the threats which the majority of CEOs are most worried about, according to a new report on the views from the boardroom.

How to make it into the 1pc of millionaire millennials

At age 27, Will Hatton was £50,000 in debt. By 29, he was making six figures a month. From living on a shoestring as he travelled the world, he went on to set up a travel blog that is visited by more than one million people each month. Now, at age 30, the Brighton-born entrepreneur

Bitcoin Pops Over $9,000 After Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Makes Bold Bet

Bitcoin adoption has stalled and crypto trading volume has crashed—but that’s not stopping Twitter’s chief executive Jack Dorsey who’s convinced bitcoin is the future. The bitcoin price, still half its all-time high, has struggled to regain the levels it reached in late 2017, though climbed through last year after a disastrous 2018.

Billionaire Investor Tim Draper: If You’re a Millennial, Buy Bitcoin B

Billionaire investor Tim Draper recommended millennials buy Bitcoin (BTC) during an interview with FOX Business published on Jan. 22. Per the report, Draper believes that Bitcoin is of particular importance to millennials that are looking to set aside enough capital for retirement.

4 Ways to Smartly Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Investing in cryptocurrency is one of many options for investing your money today. In fact, it’s pretty hard to avoid hearing about the crypto market and its opportunities. Still, all this buzz doesn’t mean it’s the safest way to invest your money; it’s just an option.

5G will fundamentally change our lives for the better

The buzz surrounding the fifth generation of wireless technology, 5G, and the promises it holds seems to be getting louder by the day. With speed that’s 100 times faster than current 4G networks, tech companies around the globe declare that 5G will transform the world. And they’re right.

Deloitte Report: Tech Trends 2020

Last year’s Tech Trends report explored nine macro technology forces that form the backbone of business innovation and transformation. For a decade, we’ve been tracking the emergence and eventual ascent of digital experience, analytics, cloud, digital reality, cognitive, blockchain, the business of IT, risk, and core modernization.

Which technologies are hot (and which are not)?

While the demand for data science skills keeps rising, the nature of that demand has remained roughly constant, according to a Jeff Hale analysis. Given how fast technologies in the data science space seem to rise and fall (remember Hadoop?), even over the course of a year we might expect to see more variance in

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Social Media Marketing

Every time you open Instagram, there are some new ads for you. All these ads relate to what you search for. You move to the explore section and can find thousands of related posts that interest you. But, how is that possible?

How three wireless technologies will soon ignite the edge computing revolution

Nicole Raimundo envisions a day when streaming video will be as routine a part of emergency response as stretchers and defibrillators. Raimundo, who is the chief information officer for the town of Cary, North Carolina, believes high-quality live streams will redefine the way responders, caregivers and law enforcement authorities manage crises.

Why private micro-networks could be the future of how we connect

Forget amassing likes or cultivating your online persona. Apps like Cocoon are all about being your true self with just a select few people. One morning in her freshman year, Jasmine Sun got a text from her mom: “Don’t you have class right now? Why are you in your dorm?”

This is how a popular free antivirus program sells your data

One of the most popular antivirus companies in the world sells people’s sensitive data in a way that can put their privacy at risk, according to new reports. The culprit: Avast is a multibillion-dollar computer security company based in the Czech Republic. Its software is used by an estimated 400 million people around the world.

Major Swiss Banking Firm Julius Baer Launches Services for Cryptocurrencies

Major Swiss private banking and wealth management group Julius Baer has launched a digital assets trading and custodial service via a partnership with regulated crypto-specialist Seba. Julius Baer announced its new digital assets offering on Jan. 21, the result of its 2018 minority equity stake acquisition and later partnership with crypto startup Seba Bank AG

Big Banks Are Getting In The Way Of Innovation

Treasury Prime makes technology for banks. CEO Chris Dean watches the regulatory world closely.  “We keep an eye on who is getting in trouble with regulators, because normally we want to make sure that we never get in trouble with regulators and that we’re the bank’s best friends,” he told me.

Taiwan Is Opening A Giant AI-Focused Business Park

Officials in Taiwan make no secret about turning the island into a hub for artificial intelligence R&D. It’s an area that’s expected to grow into a $390.9 billion market by 2025, according to Grand View Research.

The US Army uses facial recognition to train AI. Now, it needs to protect it

The US Army has announced the development of software designed to prevent the compromise of facial recognition technology in military applications. A team from Duke University, led by electrical and computer engineering faculty members Dr. Helen Li and Dr. Yiran Chen, have created a system which, it is hoped, will be able to mitigate cyberattacks

Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ Gets One Key Thing Right About A.I.

Netflix’s The Circle largely imagines a world that already exists, where people sit in their rooms and judge each other on social media. But part of the show’s novelty comes in the form of an app called the Circle, a “voice-activated” social media platform displayed on TVs around contestants’ hotel rooms.

Telegram Attacks Apple, Musk on Crypto, WEF Debrief: Hodler’s Digest,

World Economic Forum debuts framework for central bank digital currencyIt was a c-c-c-cold week in Davos, but Cointelegraph’s reporters wrapped up warm to bring you all the news from the World Economic Forum. One particularly big announcement saw the WEF unveil a central bank digital currency policymaker toolkit.

AI, IoT, cloud, big data will help mankind pivot in next 10 years

The last decade witnessed the technology landscape change rapidly. As humans kept pace, it also birthed the need for extensive reskilling. The next decade will be about the democratisation of technology when it’s far more accessible (even to the under-privileged), immersive, personalised, and affordable.

Astonishing growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Radiation Dosing Market Growth with top key vendors like Bayer AG,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Radiation Dosing Markets 2019 Global Industry Research Report provides market size, industry growth, share, development trends, investment plans, business ideas and forecasts by 2025. Scenarios and useful business decisions. The report includes a first-hand study of subjective comprehensive research and quantitative perspectives of key family pioneers for an in-depth understanding of

How to invest in artificial intelligence

The first big investment wave in tech was the personal computer. Then came software, the internet, smartphones, social media and cloud computing. The next big thing is artificial intelligence, or AI, professional stock pickers say. AI is the science-fiction-like technology in which computers are programmed to think and perform the tasks ordinarily done by humans.

Pornhub Now Lets Models Get Paid With the Tether Stablecoin

The adult video giant announced on Thursday that it now allows its models to be paid in USDT and is recommending the TRONlink wallet. TRON became a partner of the site in June 2018, when Pornhub started accepting its TRX token for content.

Blockchain industry groups want a say in Telegram’s landmark SEC lawsuit

Telegram is being sued by the SEC over allegations that the $1.7 billion it raised in an ICO for its upcoming blockchain network, the Telegram Open Network, constituted an unregistered securities offering.

Ether Price Drop Slashed Valuation of Crypto Valley’s Top 50 Firms by 40%

The combined valuation of the top 50 blockchain-related firms in the Swiss canton of Zug — known as “Crypto Valley” within the industry — fell by nearly half in 2019. Swiss investment firm CV VC debuted a new report at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Jan. 22, giving an appraisal of the

The Finance Industry Travels To The Next Stage With Artificial Intelligence

Digital transformation is the buzzword today. Digital technology has created a new and modified ecosystem for a diverse set of industries. The business process has changed, including customer expectations. According to Forbes, 21% of business organizations have already implemented digital transformation.

Healthcare Algorithms Are Biased, and the Results Can Be Deadly

In October 2019, a group of researchers from several universities published a damning revelation: A commercial algorithm widely used by health organizations was biased against black patients. The algorithm, later identified as being provided by health-services company Optum, helped providers determine which patients were eligible for extra care. According to the researchers’ findings, the algorithm

At Davos, Alphabet’s CEO Calls Healthcare the Major AI Opportunity

During a panel discussion today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) shared some upbeat thoughts on how AI and healthcare could intersect. “Cancer [is] often missed and the difference in outcome is profound,” he said, according to Reuters. “In lung cancer, for example, five experts agree

A.I. is “the most important project humanity will ever work on”

Good morning, Data Sheet readers. Fortune writer Aric Jenkins here, subbing in for Adam, and I have a question for you: What is the most important …

Artificial Swarm Intellgience In The Context Of Singularity

Technical singularity is defined as a hypothetical future of superhuman machines with a cognitive capability far beyond the capacity of human minds. In the journey toward this potential technology revolution is something that I have been focused on called artificial swarm intelligence. A starling murmuration, something that people have told me is awe-inspiring, is a

Gartner: Over two-thirds of management tasks will be automated

More than two-thirds of the work currently done by managers will be automated, says analyst Gartner. It has predicted that, by 2024, 69% of routine …

How AI is humanizing health care

For some time, leaders of technology-enabled health-care institutions—and today, that means practically all health-care institutions—have been anticipating the potential impact that artificial intelligence (AI) will have on the performance and efficiency of their operations and their talent. But in reality many, if not most, have already been reaping the benefits of AI tools, which are

This is the biggest risk we face with AI, by Google CEO Sundar Pichai

The combination of AI and quantum computing will help us tackle some of the biggest problems we see, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai said at Davos 2020. “When I look at the future and say – ‘how do we drive improvements?’ – quantum will be one of the tools in our arsenal,” he said.

MIT professors sound alarm on US falling behind on AI

The U.S. is locked in a race when it comes to advanced technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning – chiefly against China. Speaking about technological progress from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, MIT Sloan’s Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee pointed out how inextricably linked the AI race is with immigration policies and

The 5 Biggest Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Trends Everyone Should Be Watching In 2020

While it’s true that the media hype over blockchain, bitcoins, and distributed ledgers has died down, organizations continued to invest in research, development, and deployment of these technologies throughout 2019. This year will almost certainly be no different – Gartner analysts have once again highlighted blockchain as one of their top 10 technology trends for

5 ways business leaders can prepare for the future of cybersecurity

In a business environment where a company’s reputation increasingly depends on how well it acts as a steward of customer, client and partner information, boards of directors must be able to make informed decisions about cybersecurity.

There’s nowhere to hide anymore: This AI can see around corners, using powerful lasers

Hiding behind a wall might not be practical for much longer thanks to new technology that uses artificial intelligence to see and even read around corners. A team of researchers from Princeton, Stanford, Rice and Southern Methodist universities devised a system that uses powerful lasers similar to a laser pointer. The beam is bounced off

Jeff Bezos hack: Amazon boss’s phone ‘hacked by Saudi crown prince’

The Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos had his mobile phone “hacked” in 2018 after receiving a WhatsApp message that had apparently been sent from the personal account of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, sources have told the Guardian. The encrypted message from the number used by Mohammed bin Salman is believed to have included a

Sensei: A Beautifully-Designed Dashboard and Set of Utilities for Your Mac

Sensei is a brand new Mac app that monitors the status of various components of your Mac’s hardware and provides a set of utilities to optimize its performance. The app is certainly not the first to offer these features – there are tools built into macOS and third-party apps that can accomplish many of the

Catalyst Fund gets $15M from JP Morgan, UK Aid to back 30 EM fintech startups

The Catalyst Fund has gained $15 million in new support from JP Morgan and UK Aid and will back 30 fintech startups in Africa, Asia, and Latin America over the next three years. The Boston based accelerator provides mentorship and non-equity funding to early-stage tech ventures focused on driving financial inclusion in emerging and frontier

This free, AI-powered Lightroom plug-in will automatically tag your photos with keywords

Powered by artificial intelligence, Imagga’s Wordroom is a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom that ‘sees’ images and recommends a list of up to 30 keywords based on attributes including objects, colors, shapes, emotions, timeframes, and events. With one click, keywords can be added to an image’s metadata so that it’s easily searchable.

Protecting AI Startups With Strong Moats

Building strong economic moats appears to be a great challenge for a modern startup. Today’s full-scale shift to cloud and open source questions yesterday’s competitive advantages. The rise of artificial intelligence itself puts an entrepreneur in a difficult position: You can’t ignore it since so many use it, and yet you can’t get competitive advantages

An obscure app has scraped 3 billion photos to use for facial recognition and is selling its services to law enforcement

The photos you post on social media, the videos that you upload to sites like YouTube and Vimeo — it isn’t just your friends who are looking at them. According to a report from the New York Times, a largely unknown company called Clearview AI has been scraping every inch of the internet for photos

Using a DNA-Based ‘Computer,’ Scientists Get the Square Root of 900

Using a computer-like system made from engineered DNA, scientists have computed the square root of 900. Biologists have proposed using genetic material for performing computations since as early as 1994. Since then, they’ve found ways to store bits of information in DNA and manipulate those bits via the same rules of logic that computers use.

Physicists Finally Observe a Link Between Quantum Criticality And Entanglement

We know that the realm of quantum physics is science operating at a mind-bogglingly small scale, thus watching quantum interactions happen is always exciting. Now, physicists have managed to observe billions upon billions of entangled electrons passing through a metal film. The film is a mix of ytterbium, rhodium and silicon, and is what’s known

7 Strange Startup Ideas That Succeeded in a Big Way (One Raised $35M on Kickstarter)

If you’ve ever had a weird startup idea, you’re not alone. There’s precedent when it comes to the world of strange startups–and some have proven massively successful. Many of those on this list were founded by people who had a simple but compelling problem they needed solved. They couldn’t find a good solution, so they generated

The Top 5 Tech Trends That Will Disrupt Education In 2020 – The EdTech Innovations Everyone Should Watch

One solid indicator that EdTech is big business is the number of billionaires the sector created. According to Deloitte, the Chinese education market should reach $715 billion by 2025 and was responsible for creating seven new billionaires. The richest was Li Yongxin, who leads Offcn Education Technology that provides online and offline training for individuals

This Analysis Suggests Bitcoin’s Price May Plunge 50% to the $3,000s, Again

Over the past month, Bitcoin (BTC) has absolutely exploded higher. In fact, the cryptocurrency is up around 40% since the low of $6,400 put in during December of last year. While many analysts have said that this jaw-dropping rally constitutes a macro reversal that will thrust BTC back into a decisively bullish phase, an analysis

Bitcoin Price Drops Over $500 in 5 Minutes, Top Altcoin Also See Red

Bitcoin price is currently down by 3.08% on the day, trading at around $8,636 at press time, according to Coin360. Looking at its weekly chart, the coin is still up by about 6.42%. Bitcoin’s price movement has seen the price decrease by $514 in around 5 minutes.

Why Google thinks we need to regulate AI

Growing up in India, I was fascinated by technology. Each new invention changed my family’s life in meaningful ways. The telephone saved us long trips to the hospital for test results. The refrigerator meant we could spend less time preparing meals, and television allowed us to see the world news …

Hacker leaks passwords for more than 500,000 servers, routers, and IoT devices

A hacker has published this week a massive list of Telnet credentials for more than 515,000 servers, home routers, and IoT (Internet of Things) “smart” devices. The list, which was published on a popular hacking forum, includes each device’s IP address, along with a username and password for the Telnet service, a remote access protocol

Ripple-backed crypto wallet BRD ventures into enterprise blockchain market, aiming to serve banks and others

BRD, a cryptocurrency wallet provider that is backed by Ripple and Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings, has ventured into the enterprise blockchain market.

Block.One Will Not Launch Its Social Network on EOS

In June when, the company behind the largest initial coin offering (ICO) in history, announced its Facebook-challenging social network, Voice, it promised the blockchain would run on the EOS mainnet. Plans have changed. Voice is meant to be a new kind of social network, one with crypto built in and one that defeats bots

How machine learning and automation can modernize the network edge

If you want to know the future of networking, follow the money — right to the edge. Applications are expected to move from data centers to edge facilities in record numbers, opening up a huge new market opportunity. The edge computing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 36.3 percent

Deepfakes are getting easier to make and the internet’s just not ready

One of the coolest videos I’ve seen in the past year is a YouTube clip from The Late Show with David Letterman featuring actor and comedian Bill Hader. Or… was that actually Tom Cruise? It’s hard to tell sometimes because they keep seamlessly switching back and forth. So, what exactly are you watching here? Well,

The big differences between 4G and 5G

The development of ridesharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, was made possible by 4G. With 5G, ridesharing cars could one day navigate themselves — no human driver required. Self-driving cars are just one of the many potential applications of 5G, the next generation wireless network that is steadily being rolled out across the United

IoT in 2020: It’s all Coming Together

Technology commentators are predicting that 2020 is going to see an acceleration of new tech entering the market including 5G wireless connectivity, blockchain technology (beyond cryptocurrency) and AI/ML. While each of these technologies has its own applications, what’s more, interesting is how they can work together, especially with IoT already moving out of the hype

Facebook Invented a New Language for Machines to Solve Complex Math Equations

Despite being built by calculus, linear algebra, and an army of statisticians around the world, neural networks have trouble understanding math. Or at least, they have trouble understanding how humanity writes math equations. Facebook’s AI research team, however, claims to have developed a new approach to turn complex math problems into machine-readable data. And using the same

How DeepMind is unlocking the secrets of dopamine and protein folding with AI

emis Hassabis founded DeepMind with the goal of unlocking answers to some of the world’s toughest questions by recreating intelligence itself. His ambition remains just that — an ambition — but Hassabis and colleagues inched closer to realizing it this week with the publication of papers in Nature addressing two formidable challenges in biomedicine.

An algorithm that learns through rewards may show how our brain does too

In 1951, Marvin Minsky, then a student at Harvard, borrowed observations from animal behavior to try to design an intelligent machine. Drawing on the work of physiologist Ivan Pavlov, who famously used dogs to show how animals learn through punishments and rewards, Minsky created a computer that could continuously learn through similar reinforcement to solve a virtual

Computers Are Learning to See in Higher Dimensions

Computers can now drive cars, beat world champions at board games like chess and Go, and even write prose. The revolution in artificial intelligence stems in large part from the power of one particular kind of artificial neural network, whose design is inspired by the connected layers of neurons in the mammalian visual cortex.

How AI, ML, and automation can improve cybersecurity protection

Traditional cybersecurity tools such as mere anti-malware software or login audits aren’t going to be sufficient in 2020–additional resources will be needed to protect organizations and their employees from cyberthreats. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are making productive inroads in the cybersecurity space.

Minds at War: China’s Pursuit of Military Advantage through Cognitive

The United States is starting to confront unprecedented challenges to the military and technological superiority that it has enjoyed in recent history. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is emerging as a powerhouse across a range of emerging technologies, and Chinese leaders recognize today’s technological revolution as a critical, even historic, opportunity to achieve strategic

Is There A Difference Between Assisted Intelligence Vs. Augmented Intelligence?

In the conversation around the application and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies, two recurring types of solutions usually come up: AI solutions meant to work in conjunction with people to help them accomplish their tasks better, and AI solutions meant to function entirely independent of human intervention.The sorts of solutions where AI

Op-Ed: Using artificial intelligence to diagnose cancer could mean unnecessary treatments

The new decade opened with some intriguing news: the journal Nature reported that artificial intelligence was better at identifying breast cancers on mammograms than radiologists. Researchers at Google Health teamed up with academic medical centers in the United States and Britain to train an AI system using tens of thousands of mammograms. But even the

Artificial intelligence: How to measure the ‘I’ in AI

Last week, Lee Se-dol, the South Korean Go champion who lost in a historical matchup against DeepMind’s artificial intelligence algorithm AlphaGo in 2016, declared his retirement from professional play. “With the debut of AI in Go games, I’ve realized that I’m not at the top even if I become the number one through frantic efforts,” Lee told

As Bitcoin Struggles, This Minor Cryptocurrency Is Up Almost 500% Over The Past 12 Months

Bitcoin has had a mixed start to the new year. The price has climbed, most likely for potentially controversial reasons—but, meanwhile, at least one minor cryptocurrency is going from strength to strength. The bitcoin price has climbed over the first few days of 2020 but has failed to make meaningful gains and breakout of its

AI trained to spot brain tumours faster than humans

Scientists at New York University have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) that can diagnose brain tumours faster and more accurately than human doctors. First, the researchers used an advanced form of imaging called stimulated Raman histology (SRH) that uses lasers to highlight areas of the brain that would not usually be visible in a scan.

5G is about to change the world in ways we can’t even imagine yet

We live in a time when words meant to represent significant or unique ideas are so overused they have been trivialized. “Revolutionary” is such a word, a victim of hyperbolic marketing that has rendered meaningless a term meant to evoke profound change to our world. When everything is “revolutionary,” nothing is.  

The Organisation of Tomorrow, How AI, blockchain and analytics turn your business into a data organisation, reviewed

The Organisation of Tomorrow presents a new model of doing business and explains how big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence force us to rethink existing business models and develop organisations that will be ready for human-machine interactions. It also asks us to consider the impacts of these emerging information technologies on people and society.

How AI is Transforming the Entertainment Industry

How AI is Transforming Nowadays, the entertainment industry is changing drastically because of the advent of artificial intelligence. AI technology has already penetrated our daily lives. And today AI technology companies not only offer outstanding solutions for the professional environment but are also actively altering the entertainment industry. We are all now on the edge

Bitcoin-gold: The uncanny relationship between the two assets

For a long time now, Bitcoin has been referred to as “digital gold” by many crypto enthusiasts, yet the topic of actual correlation remains a controversial one. Bitcoin’s price rose at the same time as events in Iran heated up, in line with other traditional assets, such as gold and oil, that saw similar price

Canada’s DMG Blockchain Installs 1,000 New Bitcoin Mining Rigs for US Client

Canadian tech company DMG Blockchain Solutions has installed 1,000 new Bitcoin (BTC) mining machines at its Christina Lake mining-as-a-service facility in British Columbia. Per a Jan. 6 press release, DMG has purchased the new miners from Chinese mining giant Bitmain, with the total power consumption of approximately 1.5 megawatts.

Crypto Tax Reporting Failures Can Be Expensive, Even Criminal By Coint

The Internal Revenue Service is aware that millions of cryptocurrency transactions may still remain unreported. Taxpayers may think they will not be caught, and many Coinbase users may have thought their information would be protected until the John Doe summons proved otherwise. The best way to avoid penalties is to disclose and report as accurately

How to Hire the Most-Qualified Person in the Future

Eighty-five percent of job seekers lie on their resume and during the hiring process. Forty-six percent of hires fail in their first 18 months costing companies $10,000 per entry-level workers and $40,000 per manager. And on top of that, 30 percent of job seekers’ references are fake. Hiring is highly flawed. What’s the fix? Blockchain.

North Korean Hackers Now Using Telegram to Steal Crypto: Kaspersky – CoinDesk

A cybersecurity firm has warned cryptocurrency users to expect more attacks from North Korea, as its hackers develop “enhanced capabilities” to deliver malware through popular messaging app Telegram. Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs has been analysing new attacks from the Lazarus Group, a cybercrime group with links to North Korea, to determine how its techniques have developed

Warner Bros. signs AI startup to help decide which films to back

Storied film studio Warner Bros. has signed a deal with Cinelytic, an LA startup that uses machine learning to predict film success. The studio will use Cinelytic’s algorithms “to guide decision-making at the greenlight stage,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, though Cinelytic’s CEO Tobias Queisser stressed that the software is only an assistant.

OrCam Unveils Wearable Personal Assistant, New Technologies for People With Disabilities

With new natural language processing abilities and other AI technologies, OrCam’s devices help vision and hearing impaired people navigate day-to-day life with greater ease. Humans have already trained artificial intelligence technologies to see, hear, speak, and think. Israeli company OrCam Technologies Ltd. is leveraging AI technologies to help vision and hearing impaired people navigate their

Warner Bros. Plans to Use AI Technology to Help Decide Which Movies You Watch

Warner Bros. has unveiled a wild new plan to use Cinelytic’s AI technology to streamline the process of getting movies greenlit, Engadget reports. The aim is to make the process quicker and easier for executives, but it could influence which films actually make it onto the big screen. While the AI system won’t have the final

Physicist Max Tegmark explains why AI will help humanity flourish

Max Tegmark warns us to think quickly and openly about the big problems we will face in the near future, when artificial intelligence may move us in directions we are unprepared for as a species. Tegmark is a cosmologist and currently a Professor of Physics at MIT in Cambridge MA.

Airbnb could soon scan your social media to detect if you’re a psychopath

It’s one of the most popular short-term rental sites, but a new patent suggests that Airbnb could soon start scanning its users’ social media to detect if they’re psychopaths. The patent details new ‘trait analyser’ technology that could let Airbnb vet guests before agreeing to let them rent properties.

As 5G, Edge Computing And Hybrid Multiclouds Converge, Industries Will Be Transformed

Each January, the world looks to CES in Las Vegas to see the next generation of consumer technologies that promise to transform how we live, work and play. One topic that will be a major focus this year is the fast-emerging wireless technology, 5G, and the rollout of 5G-enabled devices.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): Seeking AI and ML experts for data-driven drug discovery and development

GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK’s) data-first approach to drug discovery and development comes directly from chief executive officer (CEO) Emma Walmsley and chief scientific officer (CSO) Hal Barron. Their goal is doubling the chance of successful medicines being produced by using genetically validated targets. And that demands a strong team in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML).

How Will Artificial Intelligence Shape Up the Future of the Internet

The future where people can delegate mundane tasks to a machine is not far from happening. From starting the laundry down to cooking dinner after a long day is about to be over. Artificial Intelligence has really helped shape our internet today. After all, we can already communicate with virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and

Directors of Alleged Crypto Pyramid Scheme Dunamiscoins Stand Trial By

Two directors of Dunamiscoins, an alleged cryptocurrency pyramid scheme in Uganda, appeared before court on Monday to face 65 counts tied to obtaining money by false pretense. Local news site The Observer reported on Jan. 8 that state prosecutors had logged over 4,000 complaints against Dunamiscoins Resources Ltd., a suspected fraud that ran its course

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken sees 49% yearly increase in law enforcement information requests

If you’ve been following the world of cryptocurrency, it should come as no surprise that law enforcers are working hard to track down criminals that use digital assets. In its yearly compliance report, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken says that global data requests from law enforcement agencies in 2019 are up 49 percent over 2018.

20 Blockchain Predictions for 2020

As a Managing Partner at Digital Asset Risk Management Advisors (DARMA Capital), and former Head of Global Business Development at blockchain software powerhouse ConsenSys, I’ve had an inside look at the rapid development of blockchain technology, the extreme volatility of crypto markets, and the emerging ecosystem and culture of decentralization. And let me tell you:

US SEC Prioritizes Crypto Compliance in 2020, But Hints at Kinder Gent

The United States Securities Exchange Commission continues to scrutinize crypto as its compliance office adds fintech and digital assets to its annual priorities list. Per a Jan. 7 announcement from the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE), the agency has put new financial technologies including digital assets among major concerns in the coming

Google Assistant can read entire articles to you out loud

The Google Assistant just picked up some new reading skills. Google on Tuesday announced new technology for its digital helper software that lets it read long-form text out loud. For now, the feature is meant mainly for listening to articles, blog posts and short stories on the web.  

Achieving Paperless Operations and Document Automation with AI and ML

Paper is an essential commodity for office operations. Most conventional offices rely on paper for completing the simplest tasks. Even after digitization, the dream of a completely paperless office is far from reality. Humans are used to a standard form of note-taking and documentation. Here is how to achieve paperless operations and document automation with

23 Tech predictions for 2020

Forecasting the future can be tricky, but when you’re steeped in an industry it is possible to assess where things are likely headed. Here are nearly two dozen predictions about what will happen with tech this year, made by founders and executives who are experts in their spaces.

‘Make technology the backbone of Society 5.0’

To mark the start of 2020, Mint has been inviting policy makers, thought leaders and heads of corporate to share five ideas that will impact the decade ahead. Keshav Murugesh, chairman, NASSCOM, tells Nandita Mathur.

8 AI trends we’re watching in 2020

We see the AI space poised for an acceleration in adoption, driven by more sophisticated AI models being put in production, specialized hardware that increases AI’s capacity to provide quicker results based on larger datasets, simplified tools that democratize access to the entire AI stack, small tools that enables AI on nearly any device, and

The next era of digital disruption

The media landscape is always changing—and new technology has greatly accelerated the pace of that change. Now, some experts say this next wave of change will be even more disruptive than the rollout of the internet. Mobility with 5G and the increased use and effectiveness of artificial intelligence will have profound impacts on how digital

Chinese fintech firms flock to Singapore

Chinese financial services providers are flocking to Singapore to offer banking services for both retail and wholesale customers, as one of Asia’s major financial hubs opens up the sector. Singapore’s move to attract more online financial services platforms poses serious competition to another financial hub in Asia – the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)

Watch Adobe show off its impressive AI-powered vertical video tech

Intel has Jason Levine, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Cloud, and his fabulous head of hair to thank for the most entertaining part of its CES press event. The chipmaker’s executive VP, Gregory Bryant, said he often gets asked why AI and machine learning are important on PC. He then brought Levine on stage

Why nature is the most important stakeholder of the coming decade

As companies realign their purpose to serve all stakeholders ethically, it is essential that we are also inclusive of all non-human stakeholders; that economies prioritize our ecology, that rights take precedence over revenues, that our wellbeing is centered around improving the well-being of natural systems, and that our partnerships are regenerative for the planet.

Here are 3 ways AI will change healthcare by 2030

By 2030, AI will access multiple sources of data to reveal patterns in disease and aid treatment and care. Healthcare systems will be able to predict an individual’s risk of certain diseases and suggest preventative measures. AI will help reduce waiting times for patients and improve efficiency in hospitals and health systems.

Facebook Announces Plans to Ban Some Deepfake Videos

Facebook says it is banning “deepfake” videos, the false but realistic clips created with artificial intelligence and sophisticated tools, as it steps up efforts to fight online manipulation. The social network said late Monday that it’s beefing up its policies to remove videos edited or synthesized in ways that aren’t apparent to the average person,

LG shows off AI-powered ‘smart’ washer for dumb people

LG isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. The South Korean electronics company known for its TVs, smartphones, and home robots (that don’t really work) has a soon-to-be-released AI-powered washing machine that loudly and clearly sends one particular message: LG doesn’t think too highly of its customers.

The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends Everyone Should Be Watching In 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly been the technology story of the 2010s, and it doesn’t look like the excitement is going to wear off as a new decade dawns. The past decade will be remembered as the time when machines that can truly be thought of as “intelligent” – as in capable of thinking, and

Will AI take over? Quantum theory suggests otherwise

Will artificial intelligence one day surpass human thinking? The rapid progress of AI, coupled with our standard fear of machines, has raised concerns that its abilities will one day start to grow uncontrollably, eventually leading it to take over the world and wipe out humanity if it decides we are an obstacle to its goals.

You need to start making home cybersecurity a big priority

Individuals will have to become their own chief security officer – finding a way to manage and control access to all of their digital assets, cloud services, social media profiles, personal communications and private devices. As our personal digital universes expand exponentially, so will the necessity of controlling our data and digital identities.

10 More Extraordinary Gadgets We’ve Spotted at CES

Most people who have dealt with temporary or chronic exposure to air pollution are familiar with lightweight 3M 95 face masks. A Portland, Oregon-based startup called AO has built what it thinks is an even better solution: A plastic mask called the Atmos that goes over your mouth and nose and, with the help of

6 Industries Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize

In line with new evolving computer technologies, a lot of issues previously found complicated are now seen as an easygoing task, for example, e-commerce, contactless payment, secured online transactions, and ride-hailing. All thanks to blockchain, a new technology that massively revitalized all-around sectors, equipping the financial industry with enhanced solutions with less or no additional

Why Bitcoin Investors’ HODL Mentality Means a Price Surge Is Coming

If you’ve perused Crypto Twitter at all, you’ve likely heard the term “HODL” mentioned time and time again in relation to “Bitcoin.” A misspelling of the word “hold,” HODL is an industry joke used by cryptocurrency investors who believe that the price of BTC will appreciate with time, primarily due to adoption and the asset’s

Eerily Accurate Analyst Expects Bitcoin to Hit $25,000; Here’s Why

After Bitcoin briefly breached $20,000 in December of 2017, the cryptocurrency began a precipitous decline, with its price plummeting from the heights of five digits to $3,150 within 12 months’ time, representing an 80% decline. Since the decline began, crypto investors across the board have been wondering when Bitcoin will find itself above $20,000 again,

Bitcoin Selling for $24,000 in Iran Based on ‘Official’ Exchange Rate

Iran-based sellers on peer-to-peer trading platform LocalBitcoins are currently asking for around 1 billion Iranian rials or over $24,000 per Bitcoin (BTC), based on the official exchange rate from the country’s central bank.

South Korea Works to Bring Cryptocurrency Into the Mainstream

South Korea is considering legislation to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream and mulling whether to tax crypto assets. When Bitcoin was created in 2009, the idea of a cryptocurrency was new and a largely unregulated field. As more cryptocurrencies have been developed there has been a growing push to regulate the industry internationally and in

Inside The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Bitcoin’s emergence as a global digital currency has been as revolutionary as it has been erratic. But while fledgling investors obsess over every fluctuation in the cryptocurrency market, nation-states are more interested in the underlying blockchain technology and its ability to revolutionize how business is done on the internet and beyond.

With 2 New Unicorns, 49% Funding Growth, 2019 Was Really The Year For Enterprise Tech

By the end of the 2010-2019 decade, the Indian startup ecosystem had hit a series of milestones in its journey to global domination — the total capital inflow (2014-2019) in Indian startups crossed at $50 Bn in 2019, while the number of deals went over the 5K mark with approximately 2,984 unique startups funded.  

China Continues to Streamline Its Blockchain Patent Application Process

The National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA) in China continues to clarify the guidelines for blockchain patent applications, which are set to become effective as of Feb. 1. At the end of December 2019, the NIPA announced the revised guidelines to patent applications for new emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and business

Iran may launch “destructive” cyberattacks against the US, experts warn

The US killing of Iran’s top general, Qassim Suleimani, could have consequences that imminently spill over into cyberspace, experts and officials said after the deadly missile strike in Baghdad.  One senior cybersecurity official at the Department of Homeland Security, Christopher Krebs, warned American companies and government agencies to “pay close attention” to critical systems and

Here’s what AI experts think will happen in 2020

It’s been another great year for robots. We didn’t quite figure out how to imbue them with human-level intelligence, but we gave it the old college try and came up with GPT-2 (the text generator so scary it gives Freddy Krueger nightmares) and the AI magic responsible for these adorable robo-cheetahs…

How to Ensure Your Data is Providing Trustworthy Insights

For building owners and managers, data is the fuel behind their smart building operations. Leveraging the surplus of data that is readily available to them, owners and managers are making informed decisions for their facility that can create long-term performance enhancements and help them achieve goals such as improved efficiency and occupant comfort. Here is

Most firms are failing in the drive to become data-driven. Here’s why

In this era of data-driven business, way too few companies are walking the walk. That’s the gist of the 2020 Big Data and AI Executive Survey by NewVantage Partners LLC to be released Monday. In their introduction to the report, authors Tom Davenport and Randy Bean mince few words about their disappointment with the progress responding organizations are

How AI is transforming the way we collect market insights

Amazon’s digital voice assistant Alexa is much more than just a convenient tool for setting reminders, streaming music and controlling the lights in our homes. It is a very real application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that has fast become an integral part of our daily lives. With all of the hype surrounding the more

Automation and AI will launch a golden age of marketing

Marketers are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, both when it comes to user demands and the future of the marketing industry. At the moment, many of these conversations focus on automation and AI. While they’ve become the buzzwords of the year, their introduction to the marketing sphere has the potential to

U.S. government limits exports of AI software

The Trump administration took measures on Friday to crimp exports of artificial intelligence software as part of a bid to keep sensitive technologies out of the hands of rival powers like China. Under a new rule which goes into effect on Monday, companies that export certain types of geospatial imagery software from the United States

AI can now outperform doctors at detecting breast cancer. Here’s why it won’t replace them.

An AI system developed by Google Health, Google-owned DeepMind, and several medical centers is so good at detecting breast cancer that it can outperform actual doctors, according to a paper published this week in the journal Nature. The AI analyzes mammograms — the X-rays commonly used to check for breast cancer — to determine whether

AI Is Getting Better Than Humans at Catching Cancer

Artificial intelligence can diagnose breast cancer with greater accuracy than human radiologist, according to study published in Nature where Google Health programmers explained their findings and methods.  

What the hell is Samsung’s ‘artificial human’ project?

For the past few weeks, a Samsung subsidiary named STAR Labs has been teasing what it calls “Neon” — an “artificial human” that will be unveiled at CES 2020 next week. But what exactly is Neon, and what is an artificial human? So far, we have very few official details, but most signs point toward

Technology Trends That Will Disrupt The Future Of Work In 2020

There was a not-so-quiet revolution on the technology front in 2019. Software as a service (SaaS) came into its own. Artificial intelligence got smarter, and augmented reality became real. All of this not only changed the way we live, but how we work. And I believe the transformation will continue in 2020, driven by several

6 Predictions for the Future of Artificial Intelligence in 2020

The business world’s enthusiasm for artificial intelligence has been building towards a fever pitch in the past few years, but those feelings could get a bit more complicated in 2020. Despite investment, research publications and job demand in the field continuing to grow through 2019, technologists are starting to come to terms with potential limitations

Facebook’s Libra has failed in current form – Swiss president

Facebook’s (FB.O) Libra project has failed in its current form and needs reworking to be approved, said the president of Switzerland where the cryptocurrency is seeking regulatory consent.

Chinese Regulators Worry About Crypto Resurgence, Issue New Warning

China’s securities regulators has urged Beijing authorities to carry out relevant actions aimed at preventing the usage of cryptocurrencies by the public. In a Dec. 27 announcement on the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) website pointed out the risks of the resurgence of digital currencies, such as the escalation of crypto trading activities, digital currency

How AI will change medicine in the 2020s

For decades, there has been a steady erosion of the practice of medicine, with progressively less time between patients and doctors, a global epidemic of physician burnout that has now reached a crisis, a doubling of medical errors when doctors have symptoms of depression and most serious errors attributable to bad clinical judgment.  

These are the 5 most dystopian technologies of 2020 and beyond

Tech is always both good and bad. But we live in a time when everything gets weaponized—ideas, images, ancient texts, biases, and even people. And technology provides the tools to do it easier, faster, and with less resources.  

McKinsey Looks Ahead At Marketing

Year-end forecasts seem more grounded when accompanied by efforts to put the existing year in context. For a sense of where we stand at the close of 2019 and to help us better anticipate what could lie ahead for marketers in 2020, I reached out to Jason Heller, partner and global lead, digital marketing operations

Facebook has turned data against us. Here’s how we fight back

The more data the recommendation algorithms that power Facebook and Google have about us, the more disempowered we become. Data-driven personalisation has become central to our life online. Curated recommendations govern our online experiences: the search results we receive, the music we listen to, the content that fills our social media feeds.

As 2019 closes, a look back at what happened to the altcoin boom

Today we’re peeking at what’s gone on in the world of altcoins recently, the other cryptocurrencies aside from bitcoin. As 2016 came to a close, altcoins like ether and XRP saw their value soar. Toward the end of 2016 through early 2018, bitcoin’s relative share of the aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies fell to about

Chinese Police Seize Thousands of Miners, Arrest Dozens of Scammers

In the last couple of days, Chinese media have reported on police forces in one province of the vast Asian country seizing close to 7,000 mining rigs using stolen electricity and in another province arresting 72 multi-level marketing scheme operators for alleged fraud.

Ten Years Of Fintech Megatrends For The Next Decade

Tis the season for predictions as we close out the last ten years and head into 2020 and a new decade of bold technological innovation. I am not a huge fan of predictions, here are three of my favorite past predictions: 1.   “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” – Thomas Watson,

Four Creepy Applications That Will Change Your Business In 2020

If you want to stay ahead of where business technology is going it’s always best to follow the money. And – for someone like me who runs a technology business and also covers technology – one of the best places I go to see where the money is going is a boutique venture capital firm

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumored to have first-ever foldable glass display

2019 was the year foldable phones became more than a trade show demo, but only barely. The Galaxy Fold launched after a multi-month delay for $2,000, and it’s still troublingly fragile. The Galaxy Fold 2 might be a bit more robust. The latest round of leaks say this could be the first foldable with a

A Whole New World: How technology is driving the evolution of intelligent banking in Europe

In the short term, open banking presents practical challenges. Longerterm, it poses strategic questions about the future of Europe’s banking sector In Europe, as in the rest of the world, technology is setting the agenda for the banking sector. This year, European respondents to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s global retail banking survey identify new technologies

Artificial intelligence approaches to improve kidney care

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to improve diagnosis and prognostication for acute and chronic kidney diseases. Studies with this objective published in 2019 relied on a variety of available data sources, including electronic health records, intraoperative physiological signals, kidney ultrasound imaging, and digitized biopsy specimens.

Top 3 Most Funded AI Startups in Retail – An Overview

The retail industry could be losing nearly $1 trillion in sales annually due to business process errors that could be automated by AI, such as restocking in eCommerce. In this article, we discuss the top 3 most well-funded AI startups selling to the retail industry and how their solutions could help retailers and eCommerce sites save money lost to fraud

Jack Ma says this is the number one mistake that most startups make

What’s the biggest mistake new entrepreneurs make? They always say they don’t have money, according to Jack Ma, the charismatic co-founder of China’s largest e-commerce firm Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. “I think most of the startups the number one mistake they have that they always say I don’t have money. If I have money I

3 Ways Tech Startups are Using AI to Revolutionize Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is the latest trend in technology, and its application cutting across all fields. It’s all about technology mimicking biological intelligence. Here are three ways tech startups are using AI to revolutionize customer experience.  

Bitcoin Suddenly Soars In Surprise Pre-Christmas Boost

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have soared over the last 24-hour trading period with bitcoin adding around 6% and climbing as high as $7,600 on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange.

Israeli Fintech Investor: The Banks We Know and Loathe Will All Be Gone in 10 to 20 Years

The reason, says Dovi Frances, is the bad taste lingering from the 2008 financial crisis and the new smartphone-focused generation. Without anybody noticing, the Israeli financial technology sector has suddenly become fertile ground for unicorns startups valued at $1 billion or more. The fintech revolution has begun, says Dovi Frances,…

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Technology is Transforming the Financial Markets

Finding complex solutions to financial challenges has become achievable with advancements in technology. Practitioners are daily seeking ways to use computational applications to offer modeling, forecasting, and robust trading solutions in the financial sector. Here are five ways artificial intelligence technology is transforming the financial markets. Notably, the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology is mainly transforming

How The 22-Year-Old Founder Of Scale AI Built A Billion-Dollar Business

When we think of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates dropping out of college to start companies that have become household names, a couple of ideas come to mind: They Had Incredibly Early Interests: Most Computer Science students don’t necessarily know what sub-fields they like until much later in their careers; Zuckerberg and Gates capitalized on

Big Tech Is Coming for Banking: Experts Predict Fintech’s 2020

Financial technology startups will enter the next decade with a little more street cred than the last time around. Nearly 60 upstarts focusing on financial services — from Stripe Inc. to Chime Inc. to Plaid Inc. — have garnered valuations of more than $1 billion in recent years, according to CB Insights.

Ripple: XRP Price Lost 95% in 2 Years — Is It Time Now to Get Bullish?

Altcoins dropped severely during the recent retracement of Bitcoin (BTC) price to $6,400, which increased Bitcoin’s dominance above 70%. One of these coins is XRP, which took a hit of 20% and is currently valued at $0.19 per coin — or the lowest value in over two years — after hitting as low as $0.178.

China’s new digital currency ‘isn’t bitcoin and is not for speculation’

The Chinese central bank official in charge of a new sovereign digital currency said it would not be open to speculation like other cryptocurrencies, shedding some light on a plan that is still largely shrouded in secrecy.

China should step up regulation of artificial intelligence in finance, think tank says

China should introduce a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence in the finance industry, and enhance technology used by regulators to strengthen industry-wide supervision, policy advisers at a leading think tank said on Sunday.

AI has a privacy problem, but these techniques could fix it

Artificial intelligence promises to transform — and indeed, has already transformed — entire industries, from civic planning and health care to cybersecurity. But privacy remains an unsolved challenge in the industry, particularly where compliance and regulation are concerned.

Why Cognitive Technology May Be A Better Term Than Artificial Intelligence

One of the challenges for those tracking the artificial intelligence industry is that, surprisingly, there’s no accepted, standard definition of what artificial intelligence really is. AI luminaries all have slightly different definitions of what AI is. Rodney Brooks says that “artificial intelligence doesn’t mean one thing… it’s a collection of practices and pieces that people

A Whole New World: How technology is driving the evolution of intelligent banking in North America

New competitors pose an immediate threat to the North American banking order. Will banks be able to offer the level of customer experience needed to attract and retain clients? North American bankers sense danger more than most when new entrants join their market, according to a global retail banking survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence

Make edge computing a key investment for 2020

Traditional technologies are no longer addressing the growing needs of modern business; that’s why a massive quantity of tech and telecom vendors, and now a significant amount of enterprises and government agencies, are all expanding their investments in edge computing for 2020 — and why you should do the same.

XAI—Explainable artificial intelligence

Recent successes in machine learning (ML) have led to a new wave of artificial intelligence (AI) applications that offer extensive benefits to a diverse range of fields. However, many of these systems are not able to explain their autonomous decisions and actions to human users.

Scientists harness AI to reverse ageing in billion-dollar industry

Who wants to live forever? Until recently, the quest to slow ageing or even reverse it was the stuff of legends – or scams. But, today, an evidence-based race to delay or prevent ageing is energising scientists worldwide.

Scientists Develop ‘Absolutely Unbreakable’ Encryption Chip Using Chaos Theory

The trouble with encryption is that everyone needs it, and every threat actor wants to break it. Thankfully, current cryptographic techniques are still at least one step ahead of the cracking curve. That could, scientists say, all change in the not too distant future as quantum computers enter the encryption battlefield.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Totally Changing Everything

Back in Oct. 1950, British techno-visionary Alan Turing published an article called “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” in the journal MIND that raised what at the time must have seemed to many like a science-fiction fantasy. “May not machines carry out something which ought to be described as thinking but which is very different from what

This Surprising Cryptocurrency Could Spark the Next Market Wide Rally

The cryptocurrency markets have been caught in the throes of immense volatility over the past few days, with Bitcoin plummeting to lows of $6,400 earlier this morning before posting a strong rally back up towards $7,000.

That $2B Ponzi scheme caught dumping Bitcoin just moved its $105M Ether stash

Just days after cryptocurrency analysts suggested that a $2 billion Chinese Ponzi scheme was stifling Bitcoin‘s price, its enormous Ethereum stash is on the move. The transfer was detected by Twitter-based transaction monitor @whale_alert earlier today. In total, PlusToken goons shifted 789,525 ETH, worth more than $105 million at the time.

Is Cryptocurrency Coming Back or Going Away for Good? 6 Experts Weigh In.

Cryptocurrencies have kept a relatively low profile in 2019 following a record-breaking rise in 2017 and then a spectacular crash in 2018. Are they worth revisiting in 2020? We asked these experts and Advisors in The Oracles to share where they think crypto is headed next.

Is fintech overhyped or understated?

In the first three quarters of 2019, fintech startups received $24.6 billion in funding. The sector’s unicorns—58 companies including the likes of China’s Ant Financial, the US’s Stripe, and Germany’s N26—are valued at a combined $213.5 billion. Fintech went from being virtually unheard of a decade …  

Why Bitcoin is having an un-merry Christmas

In a trend that is fast becoming a pattern, Bitcoin price crashed suddenly yesterday, losing as much as $200 of its value in 30 minutes. The cryptocurrency is currently trading below $7,000, a price band it recovered from this past May. This is not the first time that Bitcoin price has shocked analysts this year.

Bitcoin price slump blamed on Ponzi scheme, miners selling, thin volume

Bitcoin has tumbled 7% in three days. A billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, miners cashing out, and a market correction could be responsible. The biggest cryptocurrency skyrocketed from about $4,000 at the start of this year to nearly $13,000 in June, but has almost halved to below $6,700 in the past six months. It now trades at

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnostics Systems Report 2020

AI is rocking medical diagnosis with its potential to incite drastic improvements to hospital processes. AI can process images and patient health records with more accuracy and expediency than humans are capable of, lessening physician workload, reducing misdiagnosis, and empowering clinical staff to provide more value.  

Latest AI That ‘Learns’ On-The-Fly Is Raising Serious Concerns, Including For Self-Driving Cars

Humans typically learn new things on-the-fly. Let’s use jigsaw puzzles to explore the learning process. Imagine that you are asked to solve a jigsaw puzzle and you’ve not previously had the time nor inclination to solve jigsaw puzzles (yes, there are some people that swear they will never do a jigsaw puzzle, as though it

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Medicine

The biomedical world is awash in data. We have terabytes of genomic information from mouse to human, troves of health metrics from clinical trials, and reams of so-called real-world data from insurance companies and pharmacies. Using powerful computers, scientists have scrutinized this bounty with some fine results, but it has become clear that we can

7 (Realistic) Predictions for How Banking Will Look in 2020

It’s that time of year again: experts from all industries are taking out their respective crystal balls to foresee what major shifts might befall their businesses in the year ahead. And the fintech world is no different.

AI startup Intel bought for $2 billion sparks questions on AI strategy

Intel just bought another AI chip startup, the Israel-based Habana Labs, for $2 billio — a move that the tech giant says “advances” and “turbo-charges” its AI strategy. But the purchase is a head scratcher for a Wall Street analyst who said the purchase send a puzzling signal and appears to muddle …

AI experts urge machine learning researchers to tackle climate change

At the Tackling Climate Change workshop at this year’s NeurIPS conference, some of the top minds in machine learning came together to discuss the effects of climate change on life on Earth, how AI can tackle the urgent problem, and why and how the machine learning community should join the fight.

Artificial intelligence may help scientists make spray-on solar cells

Artificial Intelligence may be just the thing to accelerate spray-on solar cell technology, which could revolutionize how consumers use energy. A research team at the University of Central Florida used Machine Learning, aka Artificial Intelligence to optimize the materials used to make perovskite solar cells (PSC). The Organic-Inorganic halide perovskites material used in PSC converts

Report: Facial Recognition Should Be Banned From Everyday Life

The artificial intelligence group AI Now released its annual report on the state of the field and — more importantly — how the technology is being used in society. The report came with a grim warning, MIT Technology Review reports. It argues that because AI tools like facial recognition, and especially emotion-detecting algorithms, can be

Can AI Help Develop and Execute a Competitive Business Strategy?

Every day we can read about the latest artificial-intelligence advances from research labs, startups and large companies. AI technologies are approaching or surpassing human levels of performance in vision, speech recognition, language translation, playing championship-level Go, and the early detection and diagnosis of various forms of cancer. But can AI help address broad, open-ended and

Highest in 2 Years: 65% of Bitcoin Hash Power Is in China, Report Finds

For all of bitcoin’s promise of being the world’s first decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, 65 percent of the total hash power resides in China. That’s the highest in at least two years according to a recent report by CoinShares Research. Skeptics like economist Nouriel Roubin often claim there is a massive centralization of power among miners

Why the ECB Is Getting in on the Stablecoin Game

Welcome to The Breakdown with Nathaniel Whittemore. Starting off this episode we discuss European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde’s comments on stablecoins that inflamed Crypto Twitter yesterday. She said projects in the space indicated clear demand even as she gave bitcoin a bit of a backhanded compliment.

Notorious dark web criminal makes $100k bitcoin price prediction from prison

Bitcoin is on the brink of another massive price surge that will take its value up to $100,000 (£75,000) in 2020, according to the founder of the world’s most famous dark web marketplace. Ross Ulbricht is currently serving a double life sentence in a US prison for creating the now defunct Silk Road, which was the

‘Questionable’ Death Prompts Call to Exhume Quadriga CEO’s Body

Skepticism around the demise of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange founder Gerald Cotten just won’t go away. The “questionable circumstances” behind the death of QuadrigaCX’s chief executive last year in India at 30 led lawyers representing customers of the collapsed trading platform to request his body be exhumed.

Everything you need to know about the $722 million crypto Ponzi scheme

Yet another report of a crypto Ponzi scheme. On Tuesday, prosecutors charged three men with running a massive fraud involving cryptocurrency. The latest deviants to allegedly besmirch the cryptocurrency industry did so under the guise of a bitcoin mining investment group, known as BitClub.

How to integrate robotic process automation in big data projects

Information Services Group (ISG) reported in 2018 that 92% of companies were aiming to adopt robotic process automation (RPA) by 2020 because they wanted to increase operational efficiencies. This large number reflects how eager companies are to automate routine business processes.

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