Problems Blockchains


Millions of computers in the nodes that maintain the blockchain do all the same things: verifying, recording, storing and distributing the same transactions into the blockchain; instant, millionfold duplication.

Very Slow.

Every Bitcoin- and Ethereal network stores the entire transaction history, and the more transactions processed on the networks, the faster the record size grows. All these large chunk of data has to be stored and downloaded as well!


For the mining of bitcoins you need expensive equipment and computers that also consume lots of electricity to “shake” blocks to make them eligible to be added to a blockchain. They consume the same amount as a city of 200,000 people.


The blockchain is open; everybody can see all your transactions and history. They can see how much money you spent, what you bought and many more. It doesn’t offer you real anonymity but pseudonymity. This could be deadly for companies.


AIXEUS. Generation 4.0 Elastic Blockchain powered by Artificial Intelligence.


AIXEUS has found a way to resolve the above mentioned issues. AIXEUS is developing his own AI-powered Elastic Hybrid Blockchain platform for a better and faster performance, for more safety, privacy and lower costs. We use AIXEUS Artificial Intelligence Engine (Cerebro), Biometrical Identification and the Credentials Management Controller (CMC) which gives users the ability to control permissions and access to the users’ personal- and public data.
 A new Elastic Blockchain protocol which is fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) -compliant, where sensitive personal data are not in the hands of third-parties, but owned and controlled by users only.

Problems Social Network Platforms

Bad Performance, Marketing and Execution.

Nine out of ten startups will fail within 4 years; this is a hard and bleak truth. And there are many reasons for this: from lack of product-market fit, lack of knowledge and experience, poor marketing, running out of money to disharmony on the team.


With most centralized social media- and business platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn you give up your privacy. Platforms have insights into users’ behaviors, preferences, habits, connections, location, etc. They also own the rights for user content and do not compensate users for their contributions. Instead, they charge users for extra features or for running ads on the channels that users have built up.


Trust. Value. Collaboration. Connecting with the Right Experts.


We stimulate entrepreneurship and success by encouraging startups, companies and professionals to work smarter, by forming collaborations and partnerships with peers and experts and by rewarding them for their contributions.

Just create your own content, build your profiles and connections, help others, give advice and you will be rewarded by the crowd.

The rewarding system is powered by the crowd-controlled blockchain system and our cryptocoin.

Elastic Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence. SmartWeb 3.0.


Our Elastic Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Engine add extra layers of security and protections by encrypting all of your private data and content. Only you have access to all your private data. Only you decide what, when and with whom you want to share your data.

Our Artificial Intelligence Engine also helps users to find the right business-partner, the right experts for your specific problem, or even the right co-founder(s) for your new startup. This is based on trust, experience and intrinsic value (skills, personality and many more).

AIXEUS Elastic Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence help you gain better control of your own content and the acceleration of business processes like crowd-sourcing and marketing.

What makes our AI-Powered Blockchain platform so special?

Decentralized, Powerful, Superfast, Smart, Flexible, Highest Privacy and Security, Efficient

  • Our platform is very fast and very secure. We use state-of-the-art quantum-proof, biometrics- and encryption technology to give back your privacy.
  • Only you have access to your own account and data. Only you control what, when and with whom you would like to share your data.
  • Private information will be stored “off-chain” and is only visible for the user.
  • Monetize your content through collaboration and distribution in or outside the platform.
  • To ultimately eliminate the middle-men and to reduce transaction costs we have our own exchange.

Background Finance 3.0 | RayDex

Financial Crisis 2008.
The last financial crisis of 2008 was a wake-up call for the whole world. Powerful banks and insurers all over the world collapsed and millions of people suddenly lost all their money and savings. We began to realize that banks were the real owners of our money!

To date governments and regulators still fail to push through all the needed reforms to protect consumers and the system from this reckless behavior and are highlighted by the IMF as causes for concern. Change is needed!

Blockchain & The Cryptocurrency Economy. ICO, STO, IEO. Fraud.
The last 5 yrs we saw the rise of Blockchain and cryptocurrency-related ICO’s, STO’s and IEO’s as well as the explosive rise of fraud and digital heists, duping investors and project owners. Multiple studies found out that 80% of the ICO’s in 2018 were scams.

To date exchanges use automated bots to fake the hypes and funding and to lock out users from withdrawing their funds during ‘pump-and-dump’ schemes. This leads to price manipulations and big losses for investors and eventually the project owners. The exchanges are the big winners. Mass adoption by the crowd will never take place as long as this continues to happen….

Our Solution. Finance 3.0. RayDex.
AIXEUS found a solution to protect consumers, investors and project owners. A new financial framework and platform that is built around the user: RayDex. Here the user becomes the real owner of all his funds and assets. Only he decides what happens with his assets and no one else. RayDex uses the power of the AIXEUS-protocol (Artificial Intelligence and Elastic Blockchains) where consumers, startups and companies can borrow money from the bank and crowd, raise capital for the next ventures, send money (fiat or cryptocurrency) to peers, to businesses or to trade in stocks or crypto-currencies in a super fast, ultra-safe and private environment. RayDex gives users the opportunity to store their savings and pension funds in our BlayXar Digital Vaults. AIXEUS gives power back to the people. Now everbody is a private banker!

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