The Decentralized AI - Blockchain Network

Decentralized Private Banking & Exchange

Decentralized Web 3.0

World’s First AI-Powered Elastic Blockchain Network

Smart. Powerful. Superfast.


DARQ, 5G, Finance 3.0, Web 3.0., IoT, AR, VR, XR, Smart Cities, Ray Tracing and many more!


Is Your Business Ready for What's Next?

Private & Ultrasecure

AI-Powered Military-Grade Cybersecurity

AIXEUS will launch RAIDEX and PROXEUS, built on top of the AIXEUS protocol.

RAIDEX | Finance 3.0

Decentralized Private Banking and Trading. Finance 3.0.

The AIXEUS Digital Application (DApp) RAIDEX means speed, privacy and freedom. With just a few clicks everyone on every continent, can create his own personal digital bank-accounts, digital wallets and vaults in a private and secured environment. Users have full control over all their own funds and assets. They can send and receive money at incredible speed without third parties in between. This saves time and money.

All data and transactions are encrypted and anonymized and will be visible as unique dynamic holographic avatars for the public. Now everyone can start his own business and be his own private banker or asset manager!

PROXEUS | Web 3.0

P2P2B Collaboration- and Rewards Ecosystem. The Next Generation Internet (NGI). Web 3.0.

We create a tremendous amount of data but it’s owned by a handful of powerful companies. They monetize our own personal data or use it to undermine our privacy. With AIXEUS users are the real owners of all their own content and data! They control what they want to see, share and monetize.

AIXEUS has developed the PROXEUS DApp that runs on the AIXEUS protocol. It’s a P2P2B ecosystem for entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, etc., where they can share and monetize their influence and expertise for the common good. We give power back to the people.


We use sophisticated sensors, neural networks, deep-learning algorithms and military grade encryption technologies to protect all your data, assets, transactions and the whole ecosystem.

AIXEUS - AI-Powered Elastic Blockchain Network

Neural Networks

Monte Carlo Simulations
Predictive Analytics
AI - Encryption & Cybersecurity
Dynamic Holographic Avatars
Elastic Blockchains

Use Cases


Finance 3.0 - Decentralized Banking & Exchange

Cashless Trading of Assets


Web 3.0 - The Decentralized Web

The Next Generation Internet



The #1 Cashless Banking & Trading Platform!
Trade Assets In The Crypto- and Real Economy.


Decentralized Private Banking & Exchange

Faster Access to Local and Global Capital Markets

Ultrafast & Ultrasecure


Syncs in Real Time with the Real Economy


Private Banking

Anonymous. Ultrafast. Ultrasafe. Be your own private banker. Have full control over all your funds and assets.


Decentralized Exchange

Fiat and cryptocurrency. Stock- and crypto trading for beginners, seasoned investors and institutions.


Fund Raising

Raise capital for your home, car, or next venture(s). Borrow money from peers, friends or the crowd.


Military-grade Security

All Personal Data is encrypted, anonymized and visible as unique dynamic holographic avatars.



Trend-analysis financial markets, social media, detection and prediction of suspicious trading and intrusions.



Data-analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of SmartContracts. Pro-active protection of platform.



Developers may build SmartContracts on top of the AIXEUS-protocol for every industry.


BlayXar Wallets & Vaults

Store your assets, savings and documents in our ultrasecured Wallets and Vaults.

Under The Hood

Integration of the AIXEUS Protocol with RAIDEX Fin 3.0


Next Generation Internet. Trust and the Internet of Value.

The AIXEUS protocol is the building block for Finance 3.0 and the Decentralized SmartWeb 3.0. The Next Generation Internet. A new web experience that protects users against hacking, market manipulation, spam, unwanted advertorials, disinformation and fake news. Users are also the owners of their own assets and content. They control what they want to see, share and monetize. Gone are the days of censorship and internet monopolists.

Welcome back to Net Neutrality!


Powered by AIXEUS.

The Hive Mind. Share and Monetize your Influence and Expertise for the Common Good.

Get Authentic and Personalized Content.

Create new Business- and Career Opportunities.

Monetize Your Influence and Expertise

PROXEUS is the World’s First AI-Powered Elastic Blockchain and P2P2B Collaboration- and Rewards Ecosystem for entrepreneurs, startups, investors and professionals that runs on top of the AIXEUS platform. Join this powerful ecosystem that stimulates entrepreneurship and accelerates the growth of startup companies by offering tools and services that save time, money and resources. Contributors will be rewarded by the crowd by forming collaborations and partnerships with peers and by sharing knowledge.

Share and monetize your influence, knowledge and expertise for the common good!

Collaborate. Create new Business Opportunities.

Get rewarded by Experts and the Crowd.

Features of PROXEUS



Quantum-proof Encryption and Artificial Intelligence protects and gives you full control over your account and all your personal data.



Find the right professionals and businesspartners based on reputation, skills and your geolocation.



Create your own public and private groups. Get rewarded by collaborating and helping others.



Instant chat and messaging with your peers.



Start new public and private projects with selected peers and groups. Invite investors to showcase your projects.


Promote your Business

Promote your (new) business and startup. Buy ad spaces in exchange for XAI-coins.


Hire or Get Hired!

Hire the right professional for your business or get hired as a consultant or expert.



Find the right investors within the ecosystem.


BlayXar CryptoWallets - and Vaults

Store all your valuable coins, documents, files, etc. in your own ultrasecured vault.




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