World’s First AI-Powered Elastic Blockchain!

The Decentralized SmartWeb 3.0, Business, Banking & Trading.

World’s First AI-Powered Elastic Blockchain and Decentralized SmartWeb 3.0. A new, smart, powerful and superfast Blockchain - and Internet platform that is built around the user which offers the highest speed and the highest grade of privacy and security. Users have full control over all incoming- and outgoing data, their own money and (financial) transactions with no middleman in between. Gone are the days of the internet monopolists, the middleman, the malicious intrusions, the piracy, censorship, unwanted advertorials, phishing attacks, fake news and many more.

Decentralized SmartWeb 3.0.

We create a tremendous amount of data but we are not the owners of it (!). It’s owned by a tiny handful of powerful companies or governments. They monetize that data or use it to undermine our privacy.

Lots of great things have happened, but overall the benefits of the digital age have been asymmetrical.

The Internet of Trust and Value.

With AIXEUS users are the real owners of all their own content and data! They control what they want to see, share and monetize.

Artificial Intelligence adds new layers of security, accelerates transactions and processes and it helps users to select and find the right and most relevant content or data. We give power back to the people.

Monetize Your Influence and Expertise.

With just a few clicks everyone on every continent, can create his own personal digital bank-accounts, digital wallets and vaults where they can transfer and store money. Share and monetize your influence and expertise with the highest security, privacy, speed and lowest costs. Everyone can do business now and with no middle man involved, this will create massive and new business opportunities.



Building Blocks For The New Internet, Banking and Trading.

Technology Stacks
Artificial Intelligence Core
Custom Made Cerebro AVA-DynaNNX Engine
Blockchain Platform
Hyperledger Fabric
Blockchain Protocol
Custom Made Elastic Blockchains, Consensus
SmartContracts & SmartDAppsPlug-and-Play Modules | Finance, Social Media, Entertainment, Marketing, Analytics, Robotics, IOT, IIOT, Legal, Space, Science, Business Intelligence, Insurance, HMR, Logistics, etc.

Privacy, Data Anonymization & Protection, GDPR: AIXEUS is built around the user. Users have full control over all their incoming – and outgoing data. AIXEUS is compliant with the GDPR-rules. All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is encrypted and can be removed by the users. Users will benefit from the highest privacy and data protection. And with Hyper-Personalization users will get their real-time and highly contextual data. To increase your privacy we use special encryption technologies that create a unique 3-dimensional holographic avatar. This avatar may represent your profile or data.

Cerebro & AVA: Artificial Intelligence Engine. We use cognitive technologies to protect all the critical assets of your business and life. AIXEUS adds new layers of security. It detects, prevents and destroys millions of hidden threats, sophisticated Cyberattacks and malicious intrusions. It continuously learns how to prevent and to destroy these threats. Only verified users have access to the platform. The Artificial Engine also accelerates transactions and mathematical / deep-learning processes.

Smart Data: AI-processed and categorized data.

Delphi Elastic Blockchains: GDPR-compliant. Users select which data he wants to see, share or store in Private, Public Blockchain or off-chain.

DApps Platform: second layer on top of AIXEUS. Gives users and developers the ability to create ‘plug-and-play’ open-source Applications.

Decentralized SmartWeb 3.0 & Intelligence Networks: The Hive Mind. The Internet of Trust and Value. Is the result of above. Promote Data and AI for the common good. Start monetizing your influence and expertise. Create new business- and career opportunities.

BlayXar Crypto Wallets and Vaults: Store all your Valuable Coins, Documents, Files, and many more in our Ultra Secured CryptoVaults or Wallets. Do high speed transactions with peers in full privacy, or buy services.


Decentralized Artificial Intelligence & Brain inspired Neural Networks. We use sophisticated AI-algorithms with the aim to imitate the way our brains make decisions, to accelerate computational- and transactional processes and to add extra security layers. This will result in an ultra-secured and ultra-fast AI-Powered Blockchain platform. By decentralizing AI services we could make Artificial Intelligence even more intelligent; it could form the world’s global AI brain that can reach human-level intelligence or even beyond that.



Morpheus | Quantum-Proof 3-D Dynamic Holographic Avatars

Military Grade Protection Of Privacy & Data

We take privacy and data protection very serious. They are at the heart of our business. We use sophisticated AI-algorithms and sensors to detect and destroy intruders. By using military grade encryption technologies, AIXEUS is able to create unique 3-Dimensional Holographic Avatars for every profile or transaction instead of numerical pseudonyms!



Launch Smart DApps for the SmartWeb 3.0.


AIXEUS AI-Powered SmartWeb 3.0 is based on a brand new AI- and Blockchain protocol that gives developers a Hub to create powerful ‘plug-and-play’ DApps serving industries where data (especially Big Data), speed and security are crucial. The possibilities of AIXEUS SmartWeb 3.0 are endless.

As part of this SmartWeb 3.0, AIXEUS is developing the ProXeus DApp – a P2P2B Collaboration- and Rewards Ecosystem for entrepreneurs, startups, investors and professionals using the power of AI and our own developed Elastic Blockchain.


AIXEUS is built to analyze, process, store, encrypt and distribute huge amount of data at incredible speed.

Transaction Time (sec.)250-30065-704-50.005-0.08
Transaction Rate / sec30203,000250-300,000
Average Transaction Fees $2.5-4.00.65< 0.00001< 0.00001
ProtocolProof of WorkProof of WorkConsensusDecentralized AI + Consensus
Privacy / Data Protection
PseudonymPseudonymPseudonymAnonymous, Morpheus Holographic Avatars

AIXEUS | Hyperconnected SmartWeb 3.0.

Trust and the Internet of Value.

AIXEUS uses its own developed Cerebro Artificial Intelligence Engine and Elastic BlockChains to create a safe and reliable Decentralized SmartWeb. This is the new SmartWeb 3.0 that offers the highest privacy and security at an incredible speed. It protects you against any kind of intrusion, hacking, phishing attacks, spam, unwanted advertorials and fake news. AIXEUS creates a new web experience where you are the owner of your own content. Gone are the days of copies and piracy, of bots and cybercime, of censorship and internet monopolists. AIXEUS contributes to a fairer and transparent free world and the generation of wealth through data ownership, monetization and distribution of content. Welcome back to Net Neutrality!

ProXeus | The B2B2C Network DApp

The Hive Mind. Promote Data and AI for the common good. Start monetizing your Influence and Expertise. Create new Business- and Career Opportunities.

Monetize Your Influence and Expertise

We are the World’s First AI-Powered Elastic Blockchain and P2P2B Collaboration- and Rewards Ecosystem for entrepreneurs, startups, investors and professionals that is powered by Smart Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Join this powerful ecosystem that stimulates entrepreneurship and accelerates the growth of startup companies by offering tools and services that save time, money and resources.

Contributors will be rewarded by the crowd by forming collaborations and partnerships with peers and by sharing experiences and knowledge.

Create your own content and own all rights. Build your profiles and connections. Collaborate and get endorsed by experts. Expand your Career. Create more Business and get rewarded for your contributions by the crowd.

Features of ProXeus



Quantum-proof Encryption and Artificial Intelligence protects and gives you full control over your account and all your personal data.



Find the right professionals and businesspartners based on reputation, skills and your geolocation.



Create your own public and private groups. Get rewarded by collaborating and helping others.



Instant chat and messaging with your peers.



Start new public and private projects with selected peers and groups. Invite investors to showcase your projects.


Promote your Business

Promote your (new) business and startup. Buy ad spaces in exchange for XAI-coins.


Hire or Get Hired!

Hire the right professional for your business or get hired as a consultant or expert.



Find the right investors within the ecosystem.


BlayXar CryptoWallets - and Vaults

Store all your valuable coins, documents, files, etc. in your own ultra secured vault.

Market Size

Social Media

Social Media will hit $ 70 billion in 2020!
Source: Tractica.

Social Media will hit $ 170 billion in 2022!
Source: BIA / Kelsey


Projected Market Value Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:
$10 trillion in 2022!
Source: Wall Street Journal.

Projected Market Value Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:
$101 trillion in 2020!
Source: PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Artificial Intelligence

Projected Market Value in 2020: $ 70 billion.
Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Projected Market Value in 2022: $ 1.2 trillion.
Source: Forrester Research.

Projected Market Value in 2035: $ 8.3 trillion.
Source: Accenture.

Token Structure

Distributed to Community (Pre-ICO + ICO)
Founders and Team
Private Investors
Cost of 1 XAI token:0.006 ETH.
Term of token sale:Until completion of the project with the possibility of an automatic early completion. Estimated 12 months.
Technical limitation of tokens:Dual Tokens Offering. A total of 4,444,444,444 XAI Tokens will be sold for the pre-ICO and ICO. S-XAI Equity Tokens will be offered after the end of the ICO Crowdsale.
Adjustable emission:All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible.
Secured ways to purchase tokens:Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), fiat payments.
Hardcap:At “critical mass” (see Whitepaper chapter VI.1. Dynamic Batch Distribution). When approx. 40-50% of the max. allocated XAI tokens have been sold.

Dual Tokensale Offerings

The AIXEUS platform creates its own cryptocurrency XAI. You can use this utility token to pay for goods, services, to reward contributors or to get funding for your next venture! At the end of the ICO Crowdsale and when the project is completed, we give XAI-tokenholders the option to trade their XAI-tokens on our own or many other popular cryptocurrency exchanges, or to convert it into S-XAI Equity Tokens during a Security Token Offering (STO). Buyers of these Equity Tokens are essentially shareholders of the issuing company, complete with voting rights, which are exercised over the blockchain.

The S-XAI Equity Tokens will be backed by real commodities to give it a more stable and robust value.

XAI – Utility Coins | Stage 1


Fuel The B2B2C Ecosystem.
Get Paid for your Expertise.
Create More Business.
Get Your Business Funded.

S-XAI – Security Tokens | Stage 2


Invest In Your Future.
Trade XAI for S-XAI Security Tokens.
Backed by Commodities.
Become a Shareholder.

Private Pre-Sale
Q4, 2018 - Q1, 2019

1 ETH = up to 800 XAI

up to 40% bonus

Q1 2019

1 ETH = up to 600 XAI

up to 25% bonus

Q1 / Q2, 2019

1 ETH = up to 400 XAI

up to 10% bonus

Proceeds Allocation

  • 50% Research & Product Development
  • 25% Operations
  • 20% Marketing, acquisitions & partnerships
  • 5% Legal


October 2017
The Idea was born. AI-Conference, Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, CA.
March 2018
Whitepaper and Start PR & Marketing.
August 2018
Continue PR, Marketing.
December 2018
Start Airdrop and Bounty Campaigns. Growth Hacking (marketing campaigns + events).
November 2017
Start Development Blueprint and Framework AIXEUS Platform.
June 2018
Launch Landingpage AIXEUS. Release Whitepaper. Start Marketing Campaigns.
November 2018
Exploring Strategic Partnerships.
February 2019
Start ICO - XAI Utility Token Sale. Growth Hacking (marketing campaigns + events).
May 2019
Team 2 starts development own Exchange. Dev. SDK's. Growth Hacking (marketing campaigns + events).
August 2019
Beta-release AIXEUS Blockchain and AI platform. Integration ProXeus with AIXEUS. Growth Hacking (marketing campaigns + events).
December 2019
Official Release AIXEUS Blockchain and AI platform and ProXeus. Team 3 => Launch DAppstores.
March 2019
Team 1 starts Development Blockchain and AI Protocol. Growth Hacking (marketing campaigns + events).
June 2019
Team 3 starts development DApp Stores. Release SDK's. Growth Hacking (marketing campaigns + events).
September 2019
Beta-Release ProXeus. Team 2 beta-testing Exchange. Growth Hacking (marketing campaigns + events). Team 3 Beta-testing DAppstores.
January 2020
Evaluation Performance AIXEUS and ProXeus. Evaluation and testing Exchange and Tradingplatform.
April 2020
Launch New Cryptoexchange and Tradingplatform. Formation Expert and Development Teams.
October 2020
Launch and Incorporation Banking-, Investing-, and FundsPlatform; New York, Geneva, Singapore, Hong Kong. Strategic Partnerships. Acquisitions.
February 2020
End ICO. Start STO - S-XAI Security Token. List on Exchanges. Research Framework Funds (Investment, Pension, HedgeFunds, etc.) globally. Meetings globally.
May 2020
Start building Framework and Development Banking- ,Investing-, and Funds Platform. Growth Hacking (marketing campaigns + events).
January 2021
Research Institute Quantum Computing + AI + Augmented Reality + M2M Learning / Deep Neural Networks.
April 2021
Project BrainWaves. Development Artificial Intelligence Powered Healthcare- and Lifesciences Projects.
August 2021
Research & Development Healthcare / LifeSciences Genomics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Augmented Reality.
March 2021
Exploration Education, Healthcare- and Lifesciences. Preparation New Projects.
May 2021
Collaboration with Medical Research Institutes and Pharmacy.

Our Team and Advisors.

Our Partners & Tools



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